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Imperator Rome Guide

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Rome nation - how to play in Imperator Rome? Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Rome is one of the suggested nations to play Imperator: Rome. It is one of the most famous powers of ancient Europe, at the time of the development of this young state.

Rome is a small nation, which beyond your management may become the main military and economic power in ancient Italy - Rome nation - how to play in Imperator Rome? - Nations - Imperator Rome Guide

Rome is a small nation, which beyond your management may become the main military and economic power in ancient Italy. You start as a small Republic and are surrounded by small Nations. You have to gain the trust of your neighbors and build alliances to resist the Northern barbarian tribes and the expansion of Carthage or Epirus.

Although your territory is not large, you have quite populated areas. Because of this, you are able to quickly expand economic conditions. Focus on achieving stability and increase your army. It is necessary to quickly focus on the conquest of others, smaller nations. Surrounding nations tend to enter into alliances, which can greatly complicate further expansion.

Rome has a military advantage at the very start. Your legions will rely on heavy infantry. From the start, you have access to iron, and most of your neighbors will have archers and light infantry in their ranks. An army consisting of fewer cohorts is able to defeat a larger enemy. Thanks to the advantage of heavy infantry over these types of units, access to iron and bonuses of the military tradition - Rome can quickly conquer all territories of Italy.

The next action should be the conquest of Gaul or North Africa. Carthage will continually develop its own state and after the subjugation of surrounding nations it may take Rome as a main opponent. In turn, barbarian tribes tend to unify or conquer (or being conquered) by other tribes. However, the turbulent situation due to the barbarian invasions and internal problems may weaken this nations and lower the threat from the North. It is necessary to be ready - build a network of forts in the North and place additional legions in these areas. In some games, Macedonia or Epirus can increase their influence and become a serious player in the region. Monitor the situation in the East, so as not to find a new opponent.

Rome has a large population of citizens, making it easier to get new technologies. The only problem will be Rome's political system. Senators and various parties play an important role in the Republic. For most of your decisions such as declaring war or entering into alliances, you must have the consent of the majority in the Senate. With mixed support, you can push your decision, but then the level of tyranny increases - it's a very negative factor. So plan your strategy carefully.

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