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Table of Contents

Hokkaido | Achievements / Trophies Hitman Guide

A Long Time Coming

How to unlock: You need to complete Situs Inversus in Hokkaido.

Comment: You will unlock the achievement, regardless of the methods you choose to assassinate Yuki Yamazaki and Erich Soders.

Master of Old and New

Use the fugu fish and prepare a deadly dish for Yuki - Hokkaido | Achievements / Trophies - Achievements / Trophies - Hitman Game Guide
Use the fugu fish and prepare a deadly dish for Yuki
Sabotage AI and use the robot to kill Soders - Hokkaido | Achievements / Trophies - Achievements / Trophies - Hitman Game Guide
Sabotage AI and use the robot to kill Soders

How to unlock: You need to kill Yuki Yamazaki with the poisonous fugu fish and Erich Soders with a surgical robot.

Comment: This achievement is related to different ways of eliminating your main targets. To kill Yuki Yamazaki, use the poisonous fugu fish and prepare a deadly dish ("Thrill Seeker" opportunity). Erich Soders on the other hand, can be killed by sabotaging AI called KAI and using a panel on the upper floor to activate a surgical robot ("Ghost In The Machine" opportunity). You will find more details on both assassinations in the walkthrough chapter


How to unlock: Meet with an old friend - Hokkaido | Achievements / Trophies - Achievements / Trophies - Hitman Game Guide

How to unlock: Meet with an old friend.

Comment: You need to free Smith, who is kept hostage in one of the freezers of the morgue - see screenshot. There are two ways to open the freezer:

  • Use a cipher device - it's located in the main monitoring room or you can bring your own.
  • Use a magnetic card - it's in the manager's office at the top floor of the hospital.

The achievement will be unlocked as soon as you free Smith, and you should use the opportunity to take a RFID chip from the freezer - it will open all the doors in the clinic (without having to use specific disguise).

The Sensei

How to unlock: You need to use all the opportunities available in Hokkaido.

Comment: Use all the opportunities to eliminate your targets. You can go through their list by pausing your game and selecting the right tab. It is obvious that you cannot complete all of them in a single gameplay. You need to play Hokkaido several times and each time you should focus on one specific opportunity (maybe two if they are related to different targets and do not exclude one another). Tips on how to eliminate main targets were presented in the walkthrough.

Hokkaido Escalated

How to unlock: Complete the fifth level of escalation in Hokkaido.

Comment: With each escalation, Agent 47 will face more and more complex challenges related to assassinations. Hokkaido has only one escalation available.

Escalation in Hokkaido (The Meiko Incarnation):

  • Level 1 - Kill the manager - Akira Nakamura in any way you want, e.g. by adding deadly poison to his meal (cook disguise), or use a poison syringe.
  • Level 2 - Agent 47 needs to collect the content of the safe and kill Akira Nakamura in less than 60 seconds, starting from the moment of the theft. The safe is in the bedroom on level 0 (M9.11). You can use the door (the cipher device will come in handy), or use the gutter-pipe and go through the window. To open the safe with the diamonds, one can use a crowbar, a lockpick or a key from the guard, located in the room with the pills (M9.12). The timer will start once you take the diamonds. Use the poison syringe once again. If you are planning to poison the food, use the rat poison, wait for Nakamura to begin his meal, and finish him in the toilet once you obtain the diamonds.
  • Level 3 - You need to eliminate your targets with a katana, shurikens or in accidents. We highly recommend to take shurikens with you. Apart from Nakamura, you must kill Shoudaia Kurosawa, who is working in the morgue. He should be the first one to go. Drag away the other morgue worker by sabotaging the fuse box and kill Kurosawa. Akira can also be killed with a shuriken and it's best to do it, once you poison him and let him reach the toilet.
  • Level 4 - you will come across some additional difficulties. Try to strange and hide the body of the guard protecting the safe. Apart from that, you need to watch out the guard from the morgue and sabotage the fuse box when he leaves the room, or eliminate him when he moves to the room with the crematory furnace.
  • Level 5 - you need to use a ninja disguise (you can start the mission with this disguise) or a biker disguise that can be found in the morgue (M9.7). Regardless of the disguise you pick, assassinate Shoudaia Kurosawa first. Get rid of the guard protecting the safe and put on his uniform for a moment. Get to the kitchen, put on a cook disguise and poison Akira Nakamura's dish in the restaurant. Get back downstairs, put on the biker disguise and attack Akira on his way to the toilet on level 0 (so far, he was using the one on level 1).

Come Prepared

How to unlock: You need to select an alternative starting point in Hokkaido and use the Agency to help you smuggle something to the area.

Comment: Both options will become available once you reach higher ranks. Try to complete Hokkaido mission on "regular rules" at least once, before you decide to choose the starting point and use equipment delivery.


How to unlock: You need to reach the 20th rank in Hokkaido.

Comment: You can advance to higher ranks by completing different challenges related to Hokkaido mission. This includes eliminating main targets using various methods, finding unique items that may come in handy during assassinations, or beginning the mission in from different starting points. You don't have to complete all the available achievements to reach rank 20 (the game informs you on your progress after you complete a mission), so start with achievement that you find most interesting

Remember - one should try to reach the highest rank, not only for the sake of the very achievement. You will be able to bring Agent's 47 equipment to the mission (in case of lower levels, you need to obtain items during the mission, or deliver certain items by the Agency).

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