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Hitman Game Guide

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Mission summaries, challenges, mastery levels | Controls Hitman Guide

In the new installment of Hitman series, similarly as in previous games, at the end of each mission (excluding training ones) a summary is displayed. From it you can learn how well you managed. The highest possible rank that you can obtain for completing a mission is Silent Assassin. In order to get it, you must fulfill specific requirements:

  • You can't be noticed by anyone. If you are using disguise, no one can recognize Agent 47 - this relates to precautious people (dots above their heads when the hints system is active) and to situations when performing some actions (like activating fire alarm) will be noticed by other people.
  • You can't kill anyone except for the main mission targets.
  • You can't allow the bodies of stunned or killed people to be found. It includes both corpses of murdered mission targets and for example unconscious people who you stunned in order to get their clothes.

At the end of the mission you will also receive information about the number of accumulated points. If you want to obtain highest possible score, then in addition to fulfilling the above mentioned requirements you must also focus on:

  • Not leaving any security camera recordings behind. In case of Paris mission Agent 47 can be recorded while exploring second floor of the palace. If it happens, you can go to the monitoring room on floor 0 and destroy the recordings after luring the enemies from the room.
  • Completing challenges - for a single challenge you usually receive 1000, 2500 or 5000 points.
  • Completing the mission as fast as possible. Try learning each map very well, if possible start the mission already in a disguise and in a place that will allow you getting to the targets as fast as possible.
  • Murdering the targets with no witnesses. In general, it is same as one of the requirements for getting the Silent Assassin rank. Try to kill mission objectives only when they for example walk into the toilet or participate in a private meeting.
An example challenge - it is worth 5000 points - Mission summaries, challenges, mastery levels | Controls - Game Guide - Hitman Game Guide
An example challenge - it is worth 5000 points

An important feature of new Hitman is the possibility to complete challenges during each mission. You can check the challenge list after stopping the game (notepad menu). They are divided into challenges related to specific assassination methods and to map exploration (for example using unique passages or finding quest items). Below you will find some important information related to completing challenges:

  • Each challenge is worth a specific number of experience points - usually 1000, 2500 or 5000 (the most complicated ones).
  • Challenge is considered as completed AFTER you finish the mission, not when you fulfill all requirements. Don't count on completing many challenges by frequently loading previously saved progress. You must always survive till the end of the mission and only after that the challenge will be considered as completed.
  • Experience points that are obtained by completing challenges allow unlocking Mastery Levels described below.
  • You can unlock challenges ONLY in online mode. If you play in offline mode, then challenges won't be active and even if you complete all required actions they won't be marked as completed.
  • Many challenges exclude each other (for example killing the mission targets in various ways), so have in mind that you will have to repeat each large mission many times before you will complete all or most of the challenges.
The highest mastery level in Paris mission is twenty - Mission summaries, challenges, mastery levels | Controls - Game Guide - Hitman Game Guide
The highest mastery level in Paris mission is twenty

Mastery Levels are experience points that are separately counted for each large location. In case of Paris the highest mastery level available is twenty. You can progress to higher levels by completing challenges. The main profits of obtaining higher mastery levels are:

  • Unlocking access to new mission starting locations. This will allow you to get to the assassination targets faster. Very frequently you will also have a disguise since the start.
  • Unlocking new equipment. You can receive new gunfire or new explosives types.
  • Unlocking new stashes in which the Agency can place selected items for you to collect. The stashes can be large and small. In small stashes you can find for example pistols, in large ones a sniper rifle. You must personally reach each stash after the mission starts. Luckily, you don't need to worry that a stash will be discovered by someone else.
  • Reaching 20 Mastery Level in Paris is awarded with the City of Light achievement/gold trophy.
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