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Hex Commander Game Guide by

Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Guarg (hero) | Orcs Units Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

A powerful orc warrior who will join your army in Mission 9 - Guarg (hero) | Orcs Units - Greenskin (Orcs) - Hex Commander Game Guide

A powerful orc warrior who will join your army in Mission 9. Like a typical orc, he deals a lot of damage and has a lot of life points. At first he has very weak melee defenses, but he makes up for it with powerful protection against ranged attacks. He can move faster than an average orc - he can move as much as 3 fields. He's got two special features. The first is the ability to ignore 50% of the enemy armor. The second, very unique, is the possibility of attacking several that surround his current position. This enables him to destroy up to 6 enemy units if they are weak enough. Always try to get the most out of this ability and attack more than one unit. This is a very useful method, especially when you raise armor penetration 100%.

Guarg can gain the following additional skills:

  • Personal Training. Raises stats just like when upgrading other units. It increases mainly his health. defenses and damage, but the difference isn't staggering. It's good to leave this upgrade for later.
  • Regeneration. A very useful skill, which makes it significantly harder for the enemy to eliminate this hero. It's a very handy ability, so you'd best invest in more than one level of this skill. The Greenskins have no dedicated healers, which makes health regeneration an essential skill for your heroes.
  • Armor piercing. The base value of this ability is 50%, but you can upgrade it to ignore 100% of enemy armor, which is VERY useful, to say the least. Combining this skill with Guarg's ability to attack multiple enemies can be devastating.
  • Spell range. Increases the effective range of scrolls and potions in battle.
  • Spell number. Increases the number of spells and potions, which can be used during a single turn.
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