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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 11 - Wyvern Circle Battle | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

Another battle with Vivric. However, he is much more powerful now. He also brought more units.

1 - Mission 11 - Wyvern Circle Battle | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. You start the mission with Arcaena and Sylvius. There are Healers on the map - each of the units stands in one of the three opposite parts of the map. Vivric is surrounded by Wyverns and he summons new units every few turns. The mage is resistant to magic, can weaken enemies and he is protected by God's Shield scroll throughout almost the entire fight. This means that he is virtually untouchable. His weakness is that he can't move and attack in the same turn.
  2. There are three chests in the center of the map. Each chest contains a little bit of gold. Also, you can find Light Feet and Regeneration potions as well as Freeze scroll. They all can be useful but getting closer to them (and surviving) will be very difficult.
  3. The only way to defeat Vivric is to damage him when he isn't using God's Shield scroll. You can do that during a turn when he is summoning beasts. He becomes invisible again in the turn after that. Hide in the forest, place Healers near your other units (preferably behind that forest) and focus on the mage. Potions and scrolls that can increase your damage are very useful here.
  4. Usually, the enemy attacks the closest unit that is the most dangerous and most vulnerable to attacks. Because of that you should focus his attention on Arcaena. Sylvius has a greater reach so place him away from Vivric, somewhere where he will be well protected. You can also use the God's Shield scroll that you got during the previous mission. After that you will be able to attack the enemy even while you are standing in an open field. Another option is to use scrolls that summon creatures on the battlefield. This will force the enemy to spread out his forces and focus on more units. The only moment when you should attack the Wyverns is when you can't attack the enemy mage. The mission will end only when Vivric is dead.
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