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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 10 - Muzzled Gorge | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

This mission focuses on adventures of Arcaena and Sylvius. They stumble upon a secret Druids location. However, the unwanted guests are already there.

1 - Mission 10 - Muzzled Gorge | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. You start the mission with a small squad: two heroes and two Healers. The latter units are very important and useful in this mission. There are two Lava Golems located in front of you. They are active but they don't move. Select Arcaena, go between them and use the switch (1). The Golems won't hurt you anymore so select the entire party and pass them by.
  2. You encounter new enemies - Wyverns (2). They don't deal a lot of damage but they have a special ability that allows them to spit acid. This effect lasts 5 turns and deals 20 damage per turn. Luckily for you, these units have a small movement and attack reach. Thanks to that you will be able to defeat them fast. Keep your distance - they won't be able to hurt your units. Remember to start the fight by using Sylvius - he can immobilize enemies. Here, you can find the first chest (gold and a Regeneration potion). A few steps later you will come across two small valleys. You can notice chests guarded by Golems. They can be deactivated but if you do that, you won't be able to get the chests' contents. Select Arcaena and get closer to them so you can lure them out (simply stand a few hexes away from the Golems). After that you can deactivate them and get the loot (Weakening scroll, Spider Poison potion and gold).
  3. There is a small prisoners camp in the north (3). Start fighting with the guards - the prisoners will join you. You also get a full command over them. Together, attack the vanguards. The Goblin Battle Mage is the most dangerous enemy in this part of the map. He can defeat any of your units with one attack. Use the heroes or summon ranged units (e.g. a Mage or a Ballista). There is a chest behind the wall, it stands next to the tower's left ladder. Inside it you can find a Rage scroll. There are many enemies in the Orcs camp (4). Use Sylvius' abilities and attack squads that are closest to your army. By doing that you immobilize a given unit which lets your other units eliminate that enemy. Defeat the opponents and proceed forward.
  4. A great challenge awaits you (5). There are a few Wyverns here but the real threat comes from the 2 enemy Mages. Their combined attacks can kill one of your heroes. Because of that you will need a Ballista or a Scorpion. You can also try to summon quick units by using the teleport behind the Mages' backs. Defeat them and retreat before the Wyverns get closer to you.
  5. There is another chest. It is located above the teleport and it contains Raise Dead scroll. Use this scroll on the small island with the switch. Thanks to that you can open the chests and get God's Shield scroll. The last enemy group, located in the east (6), shouldn't be a problem if all of your units are still alive. Simply immobilize them with Sylvius' attacks.
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