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Hex Commander Game Guide by

Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 4 - Rocky Path | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

Arcaena reaches her destination but she encounters Goblins instead of Elves. Defeat them to learn about the Druids' fate.

1 - Mission 4 - Rocky Path | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. The map is full of Goblin Archers and Warriors. However, the biggest threat comes from Battle Mages. They deal a lot of damage and are very dangerous to all your units. Battle Mages have two weaknesses: unlike the Human Mages, they can't ignore environment obstacles; they are also more numerous (3 soldiers in one unit) than the Mages of other races (1 soldier per unit). Kill at least one person in a unit and you will lower their damage. Try to defeat them first. Goblin Battle Mages deal more damage, they don't have any special effects (freezing or weakening).
  2. There are 4 groups of enemies that fight separately from the rest of the groups. You can notice that by the way the enemy armies move. The first group (1) will attack you in the first turn. That army consists of a few Goblin units and one Battle Mage unit. Try to hold your ground or charge at them but don't get closer to enemies who doesn't move. The other two groups (2, 3) will start attacking you when you get closer or attack them. You can, e.g. place your units in a forest and send one squad that will attract enemies' attention. If you do that, the enemy will start chasing you (the red arrows). The camp on the hill (3) doesn't have any Archers. Instead, you will find Warriors and Battle Mages. Their position is the biggest challenge because the ranged units get an even better range for their attacks.
  3. The small squad on the north consists only of Mages (4). These units become active once you get closer to their positions. Thanks to that you can eliminate each of the groups one after another without any problems. The solution here is to attack only those units that are moving towards you. After that you can move north.
  4. You start the mission in the bottom left corner with a small squad (1). Wait for the Goblin units to get closer to you. Start shooting at them and send Shadow Warriors only when the enemies are practically next to you. Observe their moves and watch out for enemy Mages. They are a dangerous unit that can cause you a lot of problems. If you need, you can use the teleport near your position (2) and summon a fast unit (e.g. an Unicorn) or another Scout/Archer/Warrior.
  5. Now it is time for a small ruse. The game informs you about a few siege equipment machines that were left behind (3). Order at least one squad to go along the forest in the east (the arrows that go from point 2 to 3). Thanks to that you will get a huge advantage in firepower. You still have to watch out for enemy Mages but eliminating the rest of the enemies should be much easier now. Wait for the last group to get closer to your army (4) and attack them with all your units to minimize loses.
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