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Hex Commander Game Guide by

Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 1 - The Beginning | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

The first Elves mission. You have to help villagers who are attacked by wild animals.

1 - Mission 1 - The Beginning | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. You start the mission with a small squad that consists of a few units and your new heroine - Arcaena. She is an archer who can move a long distance and has a special ability that lets her penetrate armor (it can be further upgraded). The available units, Elf Scouts, use ranged attacks. They don't deal a lot of damage and they lack armor. However, they are fast and can move swiftly in forests (4 hexes). Your heroine can do that as well. During this mission you are accompanied by an allied Elven hero. Additional ally forces await you in the village.
  2. Your goal is to defend villagers (they have 90 health points and they can't deal any damage) and defeat all enemies.
  3. You start in a small forest. There you can come across a chest (40 gold). A pack of Wolves is located north-east (1). You can start shooting at them but don't stop moving. Both packs must be stopped right next to the village (1). By doing that you won't alarm other squads that are on the map. Stay close to the allied hero and remember that your units are very vulnerable. Your heroine deals the biggest amount of damage - this information is very important.
  4. After defeating the animals in the north and getting closer to the village you notice that the rest of the squads have started their assault. Two packs attack from the east (2) and the bigger pack will attack from the west (3). Besides Wolves you will also have to face a new unit - Bears. Their armor is very resistant and they can deal a lot of damage. They also have a special ability that slows down a unit for a few turns.
  5. Eliminate them one group after another. Keep your units close to each other and start by attacking the nearest squad (2). Then, you have to attack another group (3). Inside the village you can find barricades and wooden towers that you can use to strengthen your units. Place your archers/Arcaena inside of them. From now on you can also use the teleporters but the only unit that you can summon are Shadow Warriors. These units are rather resistant, they are the equivalent of the Infantry. They have great armor that protects them from both melee and ranged attacks. Try to attack single units and use villagers/allies as a bait. Thanks to that you will be able to coordinate attacks of your units. You can also use allies as a shield and place your archers behind their back.
  6. Playing the mission on a higher difficulty - you have to deal with the same number of squads but they have more units and are more advanced. On normal, a Wolves unit consists of 3 animals while on the highest difficulty it has 7 animals. The tactic stays the same but you will probably need to summon additional units.
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