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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide by

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Table of Contents

Auror - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide, tips

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite you can choose between three professions: Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Each of these professions has different skills. On this page of our guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite you will find a description of all the skills you can acquire as Auror. In addition, we have also created a list of the most important skills that you should invest in from the start of the game.

List of skills and spells

1 - Auror - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Professions - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide
  1. The Auror Advantage - increases power against enemies with low stamina;
  2. Protego Practice - increases the power of the Protego spell by a few percent;
  3. The Flitwick Method - enhances strength;
  4. Third Position - increases hero's power;
  5. The Weakening Hex - decreases enemy's power level;
  6. Field Training - the hero's precision increases by a few percent;
  7. Resilience Training - increased stamina;
  8. Auror's Handbook - increased stamina;
  9. The Bat-Bogey Hex - reduces the opponent's stamina level;
  10. Steel Conviction - increased focus;
  11. Method in the Mad-Eye - increased stamina;
  12. Playing Dirty - increased defense against enemies;
  13. Mind the Gaps - increased precision;
  14. Gaining Experience - increased stamina;
  15. Ferocious Bat-Bogey Hex - reduces enemy's stamina;
  16. Self-Reflection - increases critical power;
  17. Improved Weakness Hex - takes more of the enemy's power;
  18. The Focus Charm - moves the enemy's focus on another team member;
  19. The Duelists - increased power;
  20. Dueling in the Dark - increased focus;
  21. Somatic Casting - increased power;
  22. Full Body Fitness - increased stamina;
  23. Punishment Principle - enhances strength;
  24. Dueling Dummy - increased power;
  25. An Unforgivable - increased stamina;
  26. Walden Macnair - increased strength;
  27. Constant Vigilance - increased focus;
  28. To Protect and Serve - increases power of proficiency;
  29. Dancing with Dummies - increased precision;
  30. Hidden Gem - increases defense;
  31. Practice Range - increases accuracy;
  32. Weakness Hex Maxima - decreases enemy's power;
  33. The Confusion Hex - weakens the enemy, their defense, their ability to evade and their ability to break through defense;
  34. Diggles' Discriminating Discourse - breaks defense;
  35. The Confusion Hex II - increases spell's power by 10%;
  36. The Criminal Mind - increases power of proficiency;
  37. Battle Instinct - increased precision;
  38. Creatures Elective - defense in case of weakness;
  39. Advanced Guard - increases the power of the Protego spell;
  40. History of the Dark Arts - increases proficiency;
  41. Thieves' Survival Guide - increased precision;
  42. Knowledge and Understanding - defense in case of weakness;
  43. Into the Fire - increased stamina;
  44. Best-Laid Plans - increased focus;
  45. Accelerating Blast - increased critical power;
  46. Light and Shadow Room - increased critical power;
  47. Expanding Repertoire - increased strength;
  48. Fashion Forward - increased defense;
  49. Confusion Hex Mastery - weakens the enemy by another 10%;
  50. Perfect form - increased power;
  51. The Trick with death eaters - increased precision against death eaters;
  52. First Strike - increase force and strength during first impact;
  53. Mondungus among us - the power of the Protego spell is greater against sorcerers.

Best skills and spells

The Focus Charm its something you need to have - Auror - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Professions - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

The Focus Charm it's something you need to have. It weakens the enemy, reduces their ability to defend themselves, their ability to evade and their ability to break through your defense and that of your allies. This spell gives you a huge advantage over your enemies and greatly increases your odds.

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