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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Avada kedavra! The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide is handful of tips for every aspiring wizard. You will find out if your phone will start the game, what professions are the best and whether it is worth becoming an auror. We cast every spells and magical items.

Last update: Thursday, January 9, 2020

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a free mobile game that resembles Pokemon GO. In our guide to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you'll find all the information required to fully understand the overall mechanics of this game. We have prepared a comprehensive set of practical tips regarding all the mechanics available in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite such as learning spells, capturing monsters, or moving around the world map.

In addition, we have prepared starting tips which will help beginners with the first few hours of fun. Also, we have described all professions. These you choose at the beginning of your adventure. You can become an Aurora, a Magizoologist or a Professor. Each of the professions has unique abilities. In addition, each class has its own separate skill tree. This way you'll be able to customize your character and make him your best companion during your journey in the world of Foundables. The variety of heroes available in the game will allow you to use different strategies while completing various challenges. Feel free to check them all as you can change your profession in any time.

In addition, for removing a certain number of Foundables you will receive an entry in the register in one of ten categories: Care of Magical Animals, Black magic, Legends of Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, Magizoology, Games and sports, Artifacts, Miracles and Features. We have described each of these categories so you can quickly check how they affect your character.

In addition to Foundables in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you can find resources that allow you to cook magic potions. You may also find special points located near real-world locations like points of interest, local attractions, parks, etc. It works similar to the mechanics of Pokemon GO. A description of these actions can be found in our guide. Thanks to this you can check how to prepare specified potion, check some information about certain spells and quickly get new skills and abilities.

As Harry Potter Wizards Unite is not available on all phones, we have prepared a page where you can find two lists - one with phones that can easily handle the game (list of supported devices), and the other with devices that won't be able to run this magnificent title. Thanks to this page you will get to know whether the game may work on your phone, and if not - which model you should buy or borrow in order to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

In our guide you will also find the FAQ section. There are mainly answers to basic questions such as how to choose a magical house or how to change the color of a wand. The pages in this section will help you to create the perfect hero, with whom you may travel around the game world.

The world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a lot of interesting locations such as fortresses and taverns. In "Locations" section we will describe each location in detail. Thanks to this you will know what to do in a given place and how it looks like. Grab your phone and our guide in order to begin a long walk in search of magical creatures. We assure you that with our set of tips you will not die at the hands of dark creatures lurking somewhere in the world of muggles.

What devices are supported to play?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on both Android and iOS devices. This game will not be available on devices that use Windows Phone.

The exact system requirements and a list of supported devices of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be found on a separate page of our guide with hardware requirements.

Do I need a permanent network connection?

Yes. To play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you must have a permanent Internet connection. Although, you don't need a GPS connection cause your location can be maintained through a Wi-Fi.

Will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite be available for free?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available for free, so you can download and test it for free. However, if you plan on developing your character quickly, you can use the micro-payment options available in the game.

Are there any micropayments in the game?

Yes - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Yes. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you can spend your hard-earned money on a variety of micropayments. These greatly accelerate the development and progress of your hero.

Virtual currency, which is issued in packages worth from 1.49 Australian dollars for 80 gold up to 160 AUD for 10 thousand gold pieces. For virtual currency, you can buy anti-cataclysmic sets, in which in addition to gold you will find potions, energy required for casting spells, and keys. For gold you buy boosters that allow you to find more items in the area, solve new problems, treat wounds or restore magical energy.

Will I meet characters from movies / books?

Of course - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Of course! During your journey through the world you will be accompanied by the heroes of this universe. For example, your task is to free Harry Potter from the hands of dangerous Foundables.

Will I see locations from movies/books?

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you will meet Portmanteaus. With their aid you will reveal the Portkey. Also, you will be transported to the most recognizable places in the Harry Potter universe thanks to Portmanteaus. To get to the selected location you have to travel a certain distance on your own to freely explore the area.

Does the level of energy limit you in any way?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, like most mobile games, has a limited amount of playing time (energy). This affects the amount of interaction your character can perform. Energy in the game can be regenerated in many ways, one of them is food in taverns. Also, you can simply put the phone down and let the hero recover.

Does Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have a special story?

When it comes to the storyline of the game, your task is to embody the wizard who belongs to the Special Forces of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. Your task is to find and remove magical objects and creatures from the Muggle world. These objects and items appeared in the world as a result of a mysterious Cataclysm.

About Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

last update : June 7, 2019

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Niantic
  • publisher: Portkey Games
  • platform: iOS, AND

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