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Halo Infinite: Death - how to die less? Halo Infinite guide, walkthrough

This guide page for Halo Infinite contains universal tips on how to die less often in campaign mode. We help keep Master Chief alive.

On this page of the guide to Halo Infinite you'll find some universal tips regarding how to avoid dying during the campaign. Our tips should help you keep Master Chief alive, as he can fall easily even on Normal difficulty.

More useful hints and tips can be found on the Beginner's guide page - Halo Infinite: Death - how to die less? - FAQ - Halo Infinite Guide
  1. Respond to low shield level and shield loss warnings. You don't need to constantly look at your shield and health bars, as an alarm is always triggered when your shield gets low. Once this happens you should find cover and gain distance from the enemies with your grappleshot. Wait in a safe place for your shields to recover (watch out, the enemies can still throw grenades at you!).
  2. Regularly upgrade the shield core. You can and should spend development points gained by finding Spartan Cores to do so. Each purchased upgrade increases your shield's durability, letting it survive more attacks.
  3. Use the Drop Wall frequently. This is one of the best gadgets in the game, as the Drop Wall can block enemy fire for a long time and can be upgraded further. It's very helpful in areas where enemies put you under heavy fire. Remember that it doesn't work like a solid wall and enemies can still run through it to attack you in melee.
  4. Move as much as possible. Master Chief is a much more difficult target when moving than standing still. This is especially important when facing enemies using Ravagers or other AoE weapons. Master Chief doesn't get tired by sprinting but using the Grappleshot forces you to wait for it to recharge.
  5. Ranged combat is much safer. Fighting at short range or in melee carries a high risk of injury, even if you're using a gravity hammer, a shotgun or other damaging weapons. Avoiding enemy fire is more difficult and some enemies also have powerful melee attacks. You should rely on long-range weapons as much as possible, especially since the game features many scoped guns that shoot precisely from a long distance.
  6. Be careful when around pits which you can recognize by a lack of platform Master Chief could land on after dropping down one. Stay away from pits and use the Grappleshot - aim carefully at the places you want to grapple to and always fire it when you're falling down a pit. There is a chance you can still grapple yourself back on solid land.
  7. Do not underestimate the Hunters. They're the most powerful standard opponents, with only the bosses providing a bigger challenge. We've described the battles against Hunters in more detail on a page Hunters - how to defeat?. As a reminder, avoid their ranged and melee attacks as well as aim at the orange fragments on their bodies to weaken and defeat them.

More useful hints and tips can be found on the Beginner's guide page.

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