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Expeditions | Basics Frostpunk Guide

Time to explore the world. You want to learn more about expeditions? Below advice will tell you all you need to know about them.

The workshop provides you with option to unlock beacons, a home for recon teams. You need five workers and 40 units of wood to create a recon team. It is a very important part of your colony. It enables you to organize expeditions outside the city. At first you can create only one recon team. After performing some research the number increases. Once you have a group, you gain access to a map with points of interest marked on it.

You can manage the expeditions by using the map. - Expeditions | Basics - Basics - Frostpunk Game Guide
You can manage the expeditions by using the map.

By clicking on a point you can learn details about it and the estimated time for your scouts to reach it. You can decide where they should go. At first you should select places where there are people. This will enable you to bring new citizens and to increase the number of workers. Once you reach a place, you must decide how to transport the new people to your city. It is better to let the scouts escort the group. This will reduce the risk of complications. In next order the recon team should go to abandoned settlements. There you will find resources and food that can be brought back to the city. The food is especially important. It enables you to gather supplies and reduce the risk of hunger.

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