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Here you can find other questions which will help You in Frostpunk:

Why there are hungry people in the town when I have enough food?

You don't need to worry. If you have enough food, then sooner or later the hungry people will get it. Situation like the mentioned one can happen if a hungry person is in work. There are no breaks during the work, meaning that a person like that must wait until her shift ends. Make sure that you really have food and your distribution lines are working correctly.

Is it worth it to invest in expeditions?

Of course. Once you discover mining buildings, you should focus on beacons. The scouts are discovering the areas around your city. This enables you to find other survivors and bring them to your city. This also enables you to gather large quantities of resources and food.

Expedition loot is quite large, especially for smaller cities. - Other questions | FAQ - FAQ - Frostpunk Game Guide
Expedition loot is quite large, especially for smaller cities.

Issuing which laws should you avoid?

There are two laws you should avoid. The first one is the one related to public lynches. It enables the citizens to bring justice to the society on their own. This will cause them to kill each other. Since every member of the society is very important, this can greatly reduce the effectiveness of buildings.

The second law is the one related to the alternative source of food. It enables the citizens to take radical measures while in hunger, including cannibalism. This will greatly lower the hope indicator and it will make some of the potential new members your city to go somewhere else. It is a law that you should use only if you are sure there is no other way of stopping hunger.

How to quickly reduce dissatisfaction?

The best way to reduce the dissatisfaction of citizens is to issue laws related to amusement and to construct buildings related to them. You can for example construct fighting arena and public house. Additionally, if you can afford not using organ transplantation, you should unlock cemetery and introduce related ceremonies. This will also reduce dissatisfaction.

Which living houses it is better to construct?

Both types of houses have their advantages and disadvantages. The tents are cheaper but they must be placed in the heated zone. The barracks require metal and wood to be built. However, they are resistant to cold. Early in the game it is better to construct tents and use barracks as a bonus buildings. You can fill almost the whole original heating zone with tents. Leave only some space for the medical post, kitchen and a building unlocked with laws, for example a shelter for children. Once mining of metal and wood becomes more stabilized thanks to buildings, you can focus entirely on constructing barracks.

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