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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

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Table of Contents

One handed weapons | Bazaar Final Fantasy XII Guide


What's this?

Made of?


Iron-forged Blade

Iron Sword

/ sword

Earth Stone x3,

Foul Flesh x2,

Iron Scraps x3


1080 gil

Crimson Blade

Blood Sword

/ sword

Dark Stone x5,

Glass Jewel x2,

Solid Stone x2


4500 gil

Burning Blade


/ sword

Fire Stone x6,

Lumber x2,

Malboro Vine x2


4680 gil

War Axe


/ axe

Malboro Fruit x4,

Pointed Horn x2,

Wind Magicite x6


10350 gil

Warped Blade

Diamond Sword

/ sword

Bundle of Feathers x6,

Fire Magicite x6,

Maggoty Flesh x4


11250 gil

Double-bladed Knife

Zwill Crossblade

/ dagger

Malboro Flower x7,

Wind Crystal x9,

Windslicer Pinion x5


13800 gil

The Leering Blade


/ sword

Dark Crystal x10,

Demon Tail x7,

Solid Horn x4


14800 gil

Golden Battle Axe

Golden Axe

/ axe

Broken Greataxe x2,

Electrum x2,

Mardu Halcyon


16200 gil

Darksteel Blade


/ sword

Chimera Head x2,

Orichalcum x2,

Taurus Gem x3


17800 gil

Well-forged Blade


/ sword

Emperor Scale x2,

Leshach Halcyon,

Lifewick x3


21600 gil

The Scorpion

Scorpion Tail

/ hammer

Charged Gizzard x3,

Scorpio Gem x4,

Wyrm Bone x3

60000 gil

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