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Far Cry 5 Game Guide

Far Cry 5 Game Guide

Holy Cow! This guide to Far Cry 5 contains tips and tricks that will help you learn the most important elements of the gameplay (like fishing). We've included complete walkthrough as well as tips to hunting, crafting and trophy guide.

Last update: 10 April 2018

This unofficial guide for Far Cry 5 contains a full set of information that will help you learn the most important elements of the gameplay and to complete the game. The guide is divided into a few bigger sections. The first part is a guidebook that has tips and hints for the most important gameplay mechanics.

Far Cry 5 Starting tips

This part opens with starting tips where you can find numerous descriptions or solutions for problems that you may come across. The next few pages contain information about weapons and equipment, crafting, hunting wild animals, recruiting specialists (companions), character progression and fishing.

  1. Starting tips to Far Cry 5
  2. Specialists - list of all companions in Far Cry 5 and related quests. Here you can learn how to unlock all the companions in the game.
  3. Hunting wild animals - hints for begginers
  4. Capturing cult outposts - capture the cult outposts to decrease their impacts
  5. Fishing - is an optional activity in the game, but if you want Cheesburger to join you'll need something to bribe him : )

Questions and answers

The FAQ section is an important part of this guide. There, you can learn, e.g. how to get rich fast, how to get better weapons and vehicles with ease, how to unlock skill points easier and which skills are worth purchasing, how to increase your inventory, how to capture cult outposts or how to install weapon modifications. The achievement guide is another important part. It contains a full list of Far Cry 5 achievements. Each one of them has detailed a description about their respective requirements as well as commentaries on how to get them faster.

  1. Why I Was captured by the cultists?
  2. How to open safes and locked doors?
  3. Is there a hidden ending?
  4. How to obtain perk points?
  5. Which perks to unlock in the first place?
  6. How to upgrade your weapon? - Weapon Guide to Far Cry 5, including modifications upgrade.
  7. How to get the grenade launcher? - grenade launcher is a an OP weapon!
  8. How to defeat John Seed? - Boss tactics.
  9. How to defeat Faith Seed? - Pretty boss tactics!
  10. How to defeat Jacob Seed? - Boss tactics.
  11. Who are the lieutenants? - The Seed's family members: John, Faith and Jacob. How to eliminate them?
  12. How to act during random encounters? - what to do when you meet cultists while you exploring the area?
  13. How to get & use grapple tool? - you want to reach unavailable places? You definitely need to read this solution.
  14. Different main endings - how to see all endings in Far Cry 5?
  15. How to kill a turkey? - defeat those nasty fowl and cherish your own thanksgiving.
  16. How to kill bunny? - hunt and skin those little fury bastards : )
  17. How to get money? - if you need cash, you should definitely check this out!
  18. How to increase my inventory? - increase your inventory to pack more and more and...
  19. How to reach the bunker in Armstrong Residence? - is an optional mission, but you can scoop some treasures, don't ya?
  20. How to get inside Lansdowne Airstrip? - unlock the airstip.
  21. How to get better weapons? - get rid with better gear boy to make your way easier.
  22. How to get better vehicles? - check this out & you'll get something for traveling & process cultists to be a part of tarmac.

Far Cry 5 Walkthrough

We couldn't forget about adding the complete walkthrough. The descriptions are divided by regions. Each of the three main areas of the game's world has descriptions of the main missions (the main storyline) and the side missions. The descriptions are supplemented by high-quality maps representing all regions of the world with cult outposts, cult properties that can be destroyed and prepper stashes all marked on said maps. The aforementioned stashes also have separate descriptions with pictures that will make the process of finding them easier for you.

Prologue and Dutch's Island

On Dutch's Island you can find 5 main quests, cult locations and prepper stashes.

Main quests on Dutch Island:

  1. The Warrant; No Way Out
  2. A Glimmer of Hope; The Resistance; Guns for Hire

Collectibles and secrets on Dutch Island:

  1. Cult locations and prepper stashes

Holland Valley

In Holland Valley you can find 6 main quests, may side quests and cult locations as well as prepper stashes.

Main quests in Holland Valley:

  1. Man's Best Friend - how to get Boomer companion?
  2. Wingman - how to get Nick Rye companion?
  3. Grace Under Fire - how to get Grace Armstrong companion?
  4. Death Wish - in this quest you will rescue Merl Briggs.
  5. Fall's End - by completing this quest you can unlock new vendors in Fall's End.
  6. The Cleansing - quest in Holland Valley that starts automatically after reducing the cult's influence.
  7. The Confession - try to escape from the cultists again
  8. The Widowmaker - get this superduper armored truck!
  9. Hit the gas - kidnap cult's fuel tankers.
  10. The Revelator - destroy the titular truck.
  11. The Good Samaritan - help the inhabitants of a pig farm.
  12. Razing the Steaks - Help Zip Kupka to get rid with Bliss-blazed animals.
  13. Blow Their Mine - destroy the gold mine overtaken by cultists.
  14. The Atonement - release your friends and get new companions (specialists)
  15. Wrath - kill John Seed and reach to the bunker.
  16. The Quality of Mercy - infiltrate cultists bunker and release Hudson's deputy.
  17. Air Raid - attack cultists from the air, filfull Kim Rye's wish.
  18. Jumping Ship - protect cultists traitor from his very ex-comrades!

Side quests in Holland Valley:

In Holland Valley you can find 6 side-quests: Bear Necessities, Batpism of Fire, Uncrate, Valley Armed Convoy and Exodus. You can find walkthrough for each quest here.

Collectibles and secrets in Holland Valley:

  1. Cult locations and Prepper stashes in Holland Valley.

Henbane River

In Henbane River region in Far Cry 5 you can find 5 main quests as well as many companions (or specialists) to recruit and prepper stashes to find.

Main quests in Henbane River:

  1. Here Kitty, Kitty - (Peaches companion)
  2. Friendly Skies - (Adelaide Drubman companion)
  3. Burn, Baby, Burn! - (Sharky Boshaw companion)
  4. Leap of Faith; Ignorance is Bliss -
  5. Hope County Jail -you need to support allies from prison.
  6. War on Drugs - feel free, but...concern on destroying drug transports.
  7. False Prophet - destroy Joseph Seed's statue.
  8. Clean Water Act - stop pumping Bliss to drinking water intakes.
  9. Sins of the father - and it burns, burns, burns a field of flowers...a field of flowers
  10. Salvation - rescue hostages and kill cult Priestess.
  11. Eco-Warriors - feel like the "real" snowflake ; )
  12. Doctor's Orders - in this mission you must among others hunt bear and two pronghorns.
  13. The lesson - liberate the Henbane River region!
  14. Paradise Lost - this mission goal is to defeat Faith Seed.
  15. Walk the Path - the last mission where your goal is to liberate Henbane River region and rescu Sheriff Whitehorse.
  16. Clinical study - hunt down a few little furry skunky fella' & teddy bears. This mission is linked to dr Charles Lindsey.

Side quests in Henbane River:

  1. River Armed Convoy - destroy culitsts boats.

Collectibles and secrets in Henbane River:

  1. Cult locations and Prepper stashes

Whitetail Mountains

  1. Baron Lumber Mill - hit to the titular location and find Jess Black
  2. A Dish Served Cold - Jess Black - get your new specialist
  3. A Right to Bear Arms - get your new companion, Cheesburger the bear
  4. The Prodigal Son - you have a chance to get new companion Hurk Drubman Jr
  5. The World is Weak - don't protect yourself from preachers of good novel
  6. Missing in Action - escape from Jacob Seed's trap & rescue hostages
  7. Search and Rescue - it doesn't have any specific guidelines but it's fulfill of goods
  8. We must be strong - reach level 2 out 3 to unlock this quest.
  9. Radio Silence - sabotage radio towers used by Jacob Seed to jam transmission.
  10. Eviction Notice - destroy those nasty cultists training center.
  11. Get free - reach the new "recruit" and play the special tape that will undo cult brainwash.
  12. Gearing Up - help Wheaty to find prepper stashes.
  13. Make Hope Great Again - Help Hurk Drubman Sr to eliminate group of people that wont vote on him during election.
  14. Only You - get out of the Jacob's trap!
  15. Casualties of War - this mission starts after Jacob Seed's death. Infiltrate his bunker and rescue Deputy Pratt.
  16. Dinner Time - capture unique wolf that is stoned by Bliss.

Side quests in Whitetail Mountains:

  1. Mountain Armed Convoy - attack and destroy Jacob's helicopters.

Collectibles and secrets in Whitetail Mountains:

  1. Cult locations and prepper stashes

The Finale

  1. Where it all Began - the game's ending - the final story mission that leads to one of the two available endings.


  1. Hunting map
  2. Silos in the Holland Valley
  3. Shrines in the Henbane River region
  4. Wolf lures in Whitetail Mountains

Fishing spots:

  1. Holland Valley
  2. Henbane River
  3. Whitetail Mountains

Trophy Guide to Far Cry 5

Our guide contains list off all trophies and steam achievements in Far Cry 5, as well as complete trophy walkthrough. Here you can learn how to get platinum trophy and some of the hardest achievements like Been There, Done That, Explosive Surprise, Fertilizing the Land, Ignoble Beast, Where's the Beef and many more. See also our video guides dedicated to trophies.

  1. Trophies list;
  2. Where's the Beef? - who said that you can't bring your fists to a bull fight?!
  3. Ignoble Beasts - learn how to kill a bison with a melee weapon.
  4. Death from Above - destroy (or stop) 4 vehicles by single bomb dropped from plane.


  1. Controls
  2. System requirements

Far Cry 5 is another installment of a very popular action series. This time the action takes place in a fictional Hope county, Montana USA. The main goal of the game is to stop a fanatic religious cult led by Joseph Seed. Our character needs to help the local resistance movement and gradually weaken the cult. As always, Far Cry 5 offers a huge open world with a tremendous amount of additional activities that can be completed in-between the story missions.

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About Far Cry 5 Game Guide

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Far Cry 5 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Ubisoft
  • publisher: Ubisoft
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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