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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

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I.S.S. Crash Site - Expeditions in Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry New Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

I.S.S. Crash Site is the second-to-last Expedition in Far Cry: New Dawn. This time, you go to Nevada. The goal is to get supplies from Highwaymen who made a base among the wreckage of a space station.

Drop and pick up locations

There are three places that can serve as a landing spot for the helicopter. These places are:

  1. The small hill above the main part of the wreckage. There, you will find a sniper tower and a stationary MMG.
  2. The training ground east of the wreckage. A road leads to that place. Be careful when you decide to use this spot to evacuate. The enemy reinforcements will drive on that road.
  3. The glade opposite of the hill with the space station's wreckage.

Package locations

The packages are in the following locations:

Difficulty level




This package is in the main part of the wreckage - in the corridor closest to the mountainside.

The corridor is patrolled by three Highwaymen. Eliminate them with a silenced weapon.


The contraband is at the bottom of the canyon, near broken solar panels.

The area is guarded by two Highwaymen. One of them stands right next to the package - you have to kill this enemy.


The location is the same as on Medium.

The defense is the same as on Medium.

1 - I.S.S. Crash Site - Expeditions in Far Cry New Dawn - Expeditions - Far Cry New Dawn Guide

General tips

  1. The space station's wreckage has the best defense. That area is full of Highwaymen. Always move while crouching and use covers.
  2. The canyon is patrolled by fewer enemies. However, due to the topography, you will have to use the grappling hook to move around that place - this puts you at risk of getting detected. Pay attention to enemy movements to avoid detection.
2 - I.S.S. Crash Site - Expeditions in Far Cry New Dawn - Expeditions - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
  1. This terrain is full of military equipment. You will find a lot of stationary machine guns. Use them against the enemies. Remember, these stationary weapons have no covers, making you an easy target.
  2. Highwaymen using these stationary machine guns should be eliminated immediately. Otherwise, your character will be under heavy fire.
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