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F1 22 Guide

F1 22 Guide

Ziuuum F1 22 guide is the best Begginer's Guide, tips to race, list of all cars, races, mechanics and game elements. We describe all trophies, microtransactions, game modes, My Team, online, F1 Life, supercars, controls, hardware requirements.

Last update: Monday, July 18, 2022

The F1 22 game guide will help you with the initial parts of the game, thanks to which you will become better virtual Formula 1 drivers and learn the most important rules of this sport. It also describes in detail the most important new features and changes of the F1' 2022 season, which were taken into account by Codemasters when developing the game.

F1 22: Contents of the guide

The first chapter of the guide focuses on the basic mechanics and elements of the game. Our guide mainly includes starting tips such as: adapting the game to your preferences and skills, preparing for the race and avoiding the most common mistakes while driving. On separate pages, we discussed the main game modes - career, My Team, online, F1 Life and the supercar driving mode (the last two were added to the 2022 edition).

The guide also includes a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions. It explains, e.g. whether the games has microtransactions and premium currency, how to change the appearance and clothes of the main character, can you get rid of the halo from the cockpit, and which career research projects are the best.

We've devoted a lot of space to the trophy guide. It should help you unlock 100% of the achievements and get the platinum trophy in F1 22. We have also prepared a number of smaller pages for, e.g. controls, PC system requirements, accessibility options, and photo mode.

F1 22: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Adjust the difficulty level to your skills. Selecting one of the general difficulty levels proposed by the game is, in our opinion, insufficient. The selected difficulty may contain settings that do not suit you or make the game too easy or difficult. We recommend that you test all the options and choose the ones that are right for you.
  2. Use time trials to learn the tracks. The only new thing for the 2022 season is the Miami GP, but there are other race tracks in the calendar that you may or may not know at all. Time trials are a great place to learn the track and improve your performance by racing against other players' ghosts.
  3. Avoid aggressive starts. F1 cars are very susceptible to damage by default, and even if you have disabled or limited the damage, you can still, for example, go off the track. Try to smoothly complete at least the first few corners before you start fighting for higher positions.
  4. Pay attention to car mirrors or arrows. This is another way to avoid unnecessary collisions, but they can also help you defend your position from other drivers. The option to look behind is also very useful. Use it primarily on straight segments of the track with DRS, where it's easy to get caught.
  5. Play career training sessions - they offer, e.g. racing pace simulation, tire management or fuel saving scenario. Thanks to them, you can earn development points, which can then be spent on research and improvement of the car over the course of the season. We do not advise you to completely skip training. However, if you really want to, at least choose their simplified version.
  6. Be more careful when driving in the rain. There are of course intermediate and rain tires available in the game, but even with them you have to expect the car to behave differently. First and foremost, try to spot corners correctly in poor visibility, brake ahead and ride more smoothly to avoid sliding.

For more hints and tips on driving cars and progressing through the game, see a separate page: Beginner's guide.

F1 22: Basics

In the chapter focusing on the basics of F1 22, you will find pages about various elements of the game, as well as changes and new features added in the 2022 season:

  1. F1 Life - We explain what the F1 Life section is and describe its main features (changing the appearance of characters, supercars, furniture and cups in your own space etc.).
  2. Supercars and challenges - Here you will find a list of supercars available in the game. We also explain what modes are available and how to complete their challenges (Pirelli Hot Laps).
  3. Game modes - We have prepared an overview of the basic game modes, which include 3 career variants, time trials, challenges and online races.
  4. 2022 Season - The page lists the most important news and changes to the Formula 1 2022 season: new car specifications, 22 races in the season (including the completely new Miami GP), changes to selected old tracks. We also inform about sprints debuting in the game.
  5. Career - advice and management - On the page, you will find a description of the most important menus and career features, as well as numerous tips, e.g. developing your team, taking care of your finances and hiring better drivers.

F1 22: FAQ

The FAQ section of our guide answers some frequently asked questions:

  1. Microtransactions - are they in the game? - We explain the importance of Pit Coins and the Podium Pass, as well as the rules for buying and unlocking new content.
  2. Character appearance - how to change? - We inform you where you can change the gender and appearance of the main character, as well as how to unlock casual and racing clothes.
  3. Halo - how to remove? - Learn whether the game allows you to completely or partially get rid of the halo shield, which may obstruct visibility while driving with a camera from the cockpit.
  4. Research projects - which are the best? - We have included our car research recommendations in Career Mode, which can significantly improve its reliability and performance.

F1 22: Setups

In F1 22 , a good car setup has a significant impact on performance. In the chapter devoted to setups, you will find descriptions of the most important configuration elements of machines, as well as ready-made optimal setups for selected tracks.

  1. Setup change - you will find out where you can make setup changes, what are the main categories of car settings and how they can affect the performance and behavior of the machine, as well as how to save and load setups.
  2. Setup example: Australia - you will find recommended car settings for the Albert Park circuit.
  3. Setup example: Bahrain - a recommended setup for the Sakhir track.

F1 22: Trophies and platinum

Our F1 22 trophy guide includes a list of all available achievements, as well as detailed information about the platinum trophy and the requirements for more complex achievements:

  1. Trophies list - This page contains information on descriptions of 51 F1 22 trophies and how to unlock them.
  2. Slotting In - We explain how to easily slot in the starting position 10 times in total.
  3. Classic Photographer - We inform you how to correctly use the photo mode on the Silverstone, Spa, Monaco and Monza tracks.
  4. Pit Perfection - We advise you how to easily perform 25 perfect pits.

F1 22: Game's length

Due to the genre it represents, F1 22 is hard to specify the exact amount of time you need to spend to learn its content. It is also influenced by the fact that you can freely adjust the length of the racing weekend sessions.

In general, it can be assumed that if you want to play all the available modes thoroughly, you will spend at least several dozen hours with the game. For more information, see the Game's length page.

F1 22: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i3-2130 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-4300 3.8 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB/Radeon RX 470
  5. Disk space: around 80 GB

For more information about the minimum and recommended requirements, as well as graphics modes and the game's performance on PS5, see the System requirements page.

F1 22: Language versions

F1 22 uses English as the default language. The dubbing is also available in other languages.

For a full list of the available language versions, go to the Language versions page.

About F1 22 Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : July 1, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

F1 22 Video Game

  • genre: Racing

  • developer: Codemasters
  • publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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