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ESO: Calendar - regular and recurring events ESO guide, tips

On this page we have posted a calendar of regular and recurring events in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can find out what are the regular events in TESO and what attractions are usually associated with joining them.

Calendar of regular holidays, events and celebrations in Tamriel

  1. Celebrations associated with the release of a new expansion set. The upcoming events of this type will be connected with the launch of a new major add-on - Greymoor.
  2. Anniversary celebrations associated with already released expansion sets. The next such event is scheduled for June 2020 - it is the anniversary of the Elsweyr add-on that was released in 2019.
  3. New Life Festival - This holiday takes place every year in December / January. Players can earn more experience points, acquire unique themed items, and receive a New Life Festival Box Box. Every year there is also an opportunity to take part in the unique The New Life Festival quest.
  4. Jester's Festival - this celebration takes place every year in March / April. In addition to the opportunity to earn more XP, players can also acquire Jester's Festival Boxes with unique themed rewards. A special The Jester's Festival quest is also available during each event.
  5. Anniversary Jubilee - this event takes place every year and celebrates the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. It occurs in April / May and offer, among others, the ability to earn more xp and obtain a unique gift box - Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box. Players can also taste a birthday cake.
  6. Midyear Mayhem - this event takes place every year in July . It concerns PvP battles and activities. The celebration includes the unique Midyear Mayhem quest, which is rewarded with a scroll that doubles the amount of received Alliance Points. Players can also acquire Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box with unique treasures.
  7. Witches Festival - this festival occurs annually in October. In addition to the possibility of acquiring larger amounts of XP, there is an opportunity to acquire Skeletal Polymorph and thematic items from Plunder Skulls chests. Players can also complete a recurring special The Witchmother's Bargain quest.
  8. Undaunted Celebration - this celebration takes place every year in November and focuses on the faction of Undaunted, which is mainly for adventurers who want to fight against undead. Players can visit group dungeons and win Undaunted Reward Boxes that contain unique loot.

Most popular attractions during events - list

  1. Crown Store Price Discounts - There are opportunities to buy DLCs and cosmetic items at lower prices.
  2. Bonuses to earned XP - All characters you have can earn more experience points during holidays.
  3. Return of selected collector's items to the Crown Store - During holidays, rare items related to previous events that cannot be purchased on a daily basis may reappear in the game store.
  4. Unique sales related to real holidays - There are opportunities to buy unique items related to holidays such as Valentine's Day, Black Friday or Halloween.
  5. Opportunity to acquire Event Tickets - These allow you to buy unique items from Impresario merchants. You can have a maximum of 12 such tickets in your inventory at any one time.
  6. Opportunity to gain earn achievements - New achievements can be related to specific events or celebrations and the chance to gain them appears only during the particular event. Awards for special achievement may be, among others, unique furniture.
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