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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Other players are waiting! ESO Greymoor guide compiles descriptions and tips for game activities, guilds, skills, playing alone, combat, fractions, races, transportation, crafting and DLCs. Useful starting tips, controls, keybinds, system requirements and trophy guide.

Our guide to The Elder Scrolls Online is an extensive guidebook to this huge game by Bethesda Studios. The main idea behind our guide is that we intend it to be friendly and understandable for beginners starting their adventure with ESO, as well as for MMORPG veterans who are interested in more advanced tips and advice.

Due to its size, the guide has been divided into several large chapters. We recommend starting with the Basics chapter. You will find various information and tips useful when starting a new game for the first time - you will find out, e.g. how to create an ESO account, which version of TESO to buy, how to create the first character, and whether you can play alone. In that chapter, we also included several pages with useful starting tips - we suggest, e.g. how to get a horse, how to buy your own house, how to get XP faster, how to avoid dying, how to increase the character's inventory, how to use fast travel, or which class is best for a less experienced player.

An alternative to our guidebook is the 10 Easy Steps chapter, where we discussed some of the game's most important mechanics and features. We recommend this chapter if you care about condensed knowledge without going into details. This chapter deals with topics such as character creation and development, combat and using skills, world exploration, PvP (fights between players), or reaching level 50.

Our guide to The Elder Scrolls Online does not focus solely on describing the game's base content. We have also dedicated smaller chapters to selected large DLCs. You will find information on the latest Greymoor expansion, as well as older DLCs - Morrowind and Summerset. Read the descriptions of individual expansions to learn, e.g. how to start a new adventure, or check the most important unique features of a given DLC.

Character Classes is another important chapter. It should be useful for players who want to create a new character and develop it properly. The Dragonknight, Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer, and Warden classes are discussed in separate subsections (requires Morrowind DLC). Learn their main purpose as well as basic active and passive skills. We have also prepared recommended character builds for these classes, e.g. a tank or a DPS.

Crafting is one of the more interesting professions in The Elder Scrolls - we have dedicated a separate chapter to this mechanic. There we explain how to start increasing your crafting skills. We dedicated separate subsections to all main types of crafting - blacksmithing, tailoring, woodworking, enchanting, alchemy, and provisioning. You will find out what types of items you can make and what materials are necessary for crafting.

Adventurers should be interested in our World atlas - it will help you reach unique locations and find the most valuable secrets, such as Skyshards (collectibles), Wayshrines (fast travel points), Public Dungeons, Mundus Stones (passive stat bonuses), and World Bosses. Use our high-quality maps of the world to find specific types of activities.

I want to start a new game and I'm looking for help

Our Elder Scrolls Online guide has pages dedicated to new players, i.e. those who are starting their adventure with this production for the first time. They can help you join the game, take your first steps in its world and avoid making frequent mistakes.

  1. How to create an account in The Elder Scrolls Online? - You need it to log into servers and run the game. It can be created before you buy the game.
  2. Which version of the game should I get? - You can buy the basic version or choose one of the newer ones with all the expansions. You can also buy DLC add-ons separately.
  3. How to create the first character? - A complex character creator appears when you start the game for the first time. Some of its steps are very important because you have to define, e.g. the character's race, alliance and class. These choices cannot be easily changed later.
  4. Is ESO similar to Skyrim? - Despite representing different genres, the two games show a lot of similarities. If you like Skyrim, there's a good chance you will like ESO.
  5. Can I play Elder Scrolls Online alone? - You can perform many activities while playing alone like completing quests and exploring the world. However, by interacting and cooperating with other players you can gain a lot - we have compiled the main advantages.

I have a question and I'm looking for an answer

Our TESO guide solves many of the potential problems you may encounter during the game. It also explains some particularly interesting features like having your own mount or home. Here are the most important FAQ topics from our guide:

  1. Is the ESO Plus subscription mandatory? - It is a very good choice if you are going to spend more time with the game and try to pay close attention to crafting. We have listed all its advantages.
  2. How to earn skill points? - Leveling up is not the only method of acquiring them. You need them to develop the character faster.
  3. How to permanently increase the hero's inventory? - Its capacity is very limited by default. However, there are various methods of buying or unlocking new inventory slots.
  4. How does level scaling work in ESO? - With this mechanic, the level of challenge offered by quests and battles with ordinary monsters never exceeds the actual capabilities of the character.
  5. How to level up faster? - In TESO, experience points can be gained not only by completing quests but also by performing other activities. The page also describes how to unlock and use XP boosters.
  6. Which class is best for a beginner? - We presented our recommended "starting" classes. By reading that page, you can also find out what specializations are best for specific classes (e.g. tank).
  7. How does fast travel work? - Fast travel in ESO works primarily through the use of special shrines, although you can also travel around the game world in other ways.
  8. How to get the first horse? - In ESO, you can use horses and other types of mounts. We have described, e.g. how to unlock the first horse, how to get other horses, and how and why you should train the riding skill.
  9. How to buy a house? - Having your own place in the game is quite important because you can leave unused equipment at home. We explain how to unlock the first house, how to buy more homes, and how to get furniture.
  10. How to join players guild? - This is very helpful not only in making it easier to travel together but also, for example, to exchange goods with other players. Read this page to learn how to join the guild and what are its profits.
  11. What happens after a hero dies? - It's pretty easy to die in ESO, although you don't have to worry about losing a huge amount of progress. We have explained the consequences of death in detail and posted tips on how to make dying less "tedious".
  12. How to behave after breaking the law? - It's easy to get into conflict with local law enforcement. The page has a list of minor and serious crimes. You will also find out how to behave after someone catches you red-handed.

Greymoor DLC expansion

Greymoor is the latest DLC expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online. We have created separated pages including the most important information about this add-on:

  1. Game versions and release dates - Greymoor DLC is offered in several different versions, e.g. standard and collector's, which includes rare bonus items such as a unique mount or pet.
  2. General information - FAQ - You will find information about what the Greymoor expansion is, what are its main new attractions, when you can move to Western Skyrim, and how long it takes to complete all the main quests of the expansion.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Our 10 Easy Steps chapter is the perfect choice for players who care about gaining knowledge fast. Some of the topics discussed there are described in more detail on separate pages of the guide.

  1. Hero - You will find out information about, e.g. creating and developing a character, inventory management, and the consequences of the character's death.
  2. Group and guilds - Learn, for example, how to join players guild, explore the game world in groups, and trade with other players.
  3. Combat - Learn about the fundamentals of the combat system or the active and passive skills.
  4. Factions and races - Learn about the available alliances and races, as well as the advantages of selecting them during the character creation process.
  5. Transportation - Read about the fast travel mechanic, or exploring the world on a mount.
  6. World exploration - Learn about, e.g. the most important locations on the world map, loot, and the consequences of breaking the law.
  7. Crafting - Check out the main types of crafting, as well as how their processes go.
  8. Player vs. Player - You will learn about the most important rules of PvP where you fight other players.
  9. Classes and skills - Learn about the general characteristics and specializations of the default character classes.
  10. Level 50 - Check out what will happen after you level 50 and the general assumptions of the Champion System.

World atlas maps - regions in ESO

Our world atlas contains high-quality maps of regions found in the basic version of the game. Each map has numerous markings for things like the locations related to quests, collectibles, or entrances to dungeons. This can help you explore each region in 100%.

Daggerfall Covenant locations:

  1. Alik'r Desert
  2. Bangkorai
  3. Betnikh
  4. Glenumbra
  5. Rivenspire
  6. Stormhaven
  7. Stros M'Kai

Ebonheart Pact locations:

  1. Bal Foyen
  2. Bleakrock Isle
  3. Deshaan
  4. Eastmarch
  5. Shadowfen
  6. Stonefalls
  7. The Rift

Aldmeri Dominion locations:

  1. Auridon
  2. Grahtwood
  3. Greenshade
  4. Khenarthi's Roost
  5. Malabal Tor
  6. Reaper's March

Character classes - descriptions and recommended builds

Choosing a character class in TESO is an important step, as it will affect the available active and passive skills. Some classes are more versatile, others are specialization-oriented. All the major topics are described in the Character classes chapter.

  1. Best starting class - Here are our recommended classes for your first character. You will also find information about their specializations.
  2. Dragonknight class - Our builds will show you how to turn this class into a Tank or a Melee DPS.
  3. Nightblade class - Our builds will show you how to turn this class into a Ranged DPS or a Melee DPS.
  4. Sorcerer class - Our builds will show you how to turn this class into a DPS character or Healer/Support.
  5. Templar class - Our builds will show you how to turn this class into a Healer/DPS or a Ranged DPS.
  6. Warden class- We have prepared tips on how to play this class solo and as a support for the party.

Crafting - basics, types

Crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online is a great way to produce new items that can be used by us or sold. The Crafting chapter has general tips and information about this field, as well as descriptions of the main types of crafting.

  1. General tips for crafting
  2. Giving traits to crafted items
  3. Gaining experience for crafting
  4. Blacksmithing - learn about this type and find out how to obtain the right materials
  5. Tailoring - learn what it is about and how to acquire the right materials
  6. Woodworking - you will learn what it is and how to obtain the right materials
  7. Enchanting - you will learn how to enchant items, how to obtain materials and what are the available runes combinations
  8. Alchemy - you will learn what it is about and how to acquire alchemy ingredients
  9. Provisioning - learn how to produce food and how to get ingredients

About The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

Guide contains : 72 pages, 532 images, 23 maps and annotated illustrations.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor DLC

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind DLC

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset DLC

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