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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide by

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO: Classes and abilities ESO guide, tips

Classes and abilities: Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Templar - development paths, tips, advice

Elder Scrolls Online offers you to follow your own part of hero development. Still, the class pattern, which you can select depending on the playing style, remains From this chapter of the guide, you will learn about the abilities of each, and differences between them. We have described their abilities and the differences between the classes.

If this is your first time playing ESO, we recommend checking out Best class for a novice player page in the Basics chapter. We have listed the differences between the classes and gave our recommendations based on various playstyles (e.g. playing as a tank or healer).


Dragonknight is one of the classes available in the game. The abilities of this class are versatile and it can be played under any form. Not only does Dragonknight rely on his ability to deal damage at close range (close range fighter), but also the game offers you magical skills. Since this class's task is to take on large amounts of damage, it is a good decision to wear heavy armor. Dragonknight has three paths of development which can be mixed in order to determine the best combinations of abilities:

  1. Ardent Flame - The Ardent Flame tree allows this class to deal fire damage and it is the most offensive choice here. This ability has a vast array of uses. After it is used, you can control the surroundings, by dealing fire damage to everyone within range, or pull opponents to deal fire damage to them.
  2. Draconic Power - These abilities are, predominantly, centered around defense. They offer reflecting of damage, back to the enemy, resistance to magic, and regeneration of your health. This tree is very useful, if you want to create a character that takes on damage (Tank).
  3. Earthen Heart - this tree offers support to the entire group. It allows you to develop the ability to cast curses on enemies and buffs on allies.


The Nightblade class is offered to every player that prefers quick elimination of single enemies and sneaking. This is a typical rogue class, which is perfect for this kind of tasks. The preferred equipment are dual weapons (daggers) and medium armor. During silent elimination of opponents, this class receives a bonus to the dealt damage. He has a greater chance to score a critical hit and the damage, from this kind of attack, is far greater than in the case of the other classes. Nightblade has three development paths, which can be combined freely:

  1. Assassination - This tree focuses on quick elimination of opponents. It has abilities centered, predominantly, around dealing tremendous damage at close range and elimination of the opponents with magic.
  2. Shadow - the abilities from this tree are centered around sneaking and invisibility. The abilities from Assassination and Shadow trees go hand in hand, due to which combining them may prove lethal.
  3. Siphoning - a tree that focuses on casting curses and DoT (Damage over Time) spells


Sorcerer is a typical mage class in Elder Scrolls Online. His abilities focus mainly on casting buffs on allies and healing them. Sorcerer, as a magical class, uses staves and robes (light armors). While plying solo, you can focus mainly on dealing damage and casting curses on enemies, and while playing in a group, on the abilities to heal the allies. The healer class is the one that is the most needed class in a group and, without this, any expedition into the dungeons ends tragically. The Sorcerer has three main development paths:

  1. Dark Magic - the first one on the ability tree, focuses mainly on dealing damage from magic and the environment control. By using it, you can also cast curses on opponents which, after they die, move over to the next opponent within range.
  2. Daedric Summoning - this tree focuses on summoning minions, which will be fighting for you. With this tree, you can also cast curses on opponents and buffs that protect you from damage from magic.
  3. Storm Calling - these abilities focus on dealing damage with lightning magic. You can use it to cast powerful spells that shock the enemy, or to stun them temporarily.


Templar in Elder Scrolls Online is a knight that uses holy magic, which both deals damage and heals you during battle. Templar is an irreplaceable class, as regards dealing damage to groups of opponents. Its ultimate abilities can be reinforced by the other players in the group, which deals even more damage to the opponents. As a templar, you can play in a variety of ways. His array of abilities can focus on dealing, or on taking damage. Templar has three main ability trees:

  1. Aedric Spear - this tree focuses on dealing both magical and physical damage. Its attribute id the holy magic, which allows you to knock enemies off balance and deal damage to the surrounding opponents.
  2. Dawn's Wrath - A tree focused on dealing magic damage from light and curses. It is excellent while playing solo, and also in a group, thanks to the AoE (Area of Effect) abilities
  3. Restoring Light - abilities that offer you to decrease the damage that your allies take, as well as to heal and lift debuffs.
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