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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide by

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO: Transportation ESO guide, tips

Transportation: Teleporters - fast travel, Mounts

The world of Elder Scrolls Online is vast, so every player needs a means of transport. In this chapter of the guide, you will learn about their types and find out about their characteristics. The information that you find here will help you travel between the individual locations (e.g. using fast travel) and avoid consequences connected with that.

All information about fast travel and other ways of traveling the world can be found on Fast travel - how does it work? page in the Basics chapter.

Teleporters - fast travel

Fast travel - ESO: Transportation - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Fast travel

The main means of fast-traveling between locations is using Wayshrines. After you find one, it will be marked on your faction's general map, from which you can teleport straight to it, from any spot within that area. Depending the price to use one gets higher and higher, as you level up. If you want to teleport more than once, within a short period of time, the cost of each consecutive use will be several-fold higher. If, during your exploration, you do not find such a wayshrine and die, you will respawn next to the nearest one and the game reveals it on your map. If you play in a group and one of the party members is near the spot, where you want to go, you can use the Move To Player, which is free of charge.


Horses- one of the means of transport - ESO: Transportation - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Horses- one of the means of transport

Another way to fast-travel is to ride a horse. Horses are very expensive and, to a certain point in the game, exclusive. There are two ways in which to obtain a horse. One of them is buying it for gold, from a local trader (the prices of good horses are sky-high). This is not it, because it does not suffice to only buy the horse, after which you can use it to travel around the world. Your horse also needs feeding, which imposes additional cost on you. Another way is to buy Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition.

You mount the horse by accessing the specific tab in your menu. You can summon it in any location of the game world. Such a horse's stamina, in gallop (in sprint), is higher than that of your character, and it regenerates faster. The more expensive horses come with faster traveling.

The process of upgrading the steed - ESO: Transportation - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
The process of upgrading the steed
  1. To make your horse more able, you need to take a proper car of it. In each stable, where you can buy a horse, you can find a tab that you need to access to upgrade your mount. There are three upgrades to choose from:
  2. Speed - governs the general speed at which the horse travels, while galloping (sprinting). The more points, the faster the horse.
  3. Stamina - the statistic that governs the horse's stamina, i.e. for how long you can keep sprinting before regeneration is necessary. The higher the stamina level, the longer you can sprint.
  4. Carry Capacity - governs how much you can carry when you have the selected horse in the main tab. The higher the carry capacity, the more you can carry.
  5. Each upgrade is 250 gold and you can obtain them at the stable. You can buy an upgrade once per 24 hours.
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