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Dota Auto Chess Guide

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How to build your army in Dota Auto Chess? Dota Auto Chess Guide and Tips

Every round in Dota Auto Chess we can buy five random heroes - How to build your army in Dota Auto Chess? - Beginners Guide - Dota Auto Chess Guide

Every round in Dota Auto Chess we can buy five random heroes. Each of them has their name, price, class and race. After purchasing, the hero goes to the homestead on our map, where we can keep them or put them to fight in the next round. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying:

  1. Creating an army, we always try to build class or racial synergy between heroes. Full list of synergies can be found here.
  2. Each hero bought starts with one of the three possible stars, which determine their power.
  3. If we put three same heroes on the map with the same number of stars, they will merge to form a hero with one star more. For example, playing three Axes with two stars will create one Axe with three stars.
  4. Druids are an exception to this rule. To create a druid with two stars it is necessary to have on the map two identical druids with one star and one other type, e.g. 2x Enchantress and 1x Treant Protector. Then, the two same ones will merge into one unit with two stars. To create a druid with three stars, you need to have all four druid heroes and two copies with two stars of the type you want to reinforce, e.g. 1x Treant Protector, 1x Nature's Prophet, 1x Enchantress and 2x Lone Druid (two stars)
  5. The pool from which the heroes are drawn is common for all players, so when deciding on a particular class, it is worth checking if there aren't' too many players, who also want to base their army on that class.
  6. Heroes also have different levels. The higher the level of our courier, the greater the chance that we will draw a stronger type of hero.
  7. The number of the same heroes that players can draw is limited to 20 for normal heroes and 25 for legendary heroes (those costing 5 gold).
  8. By increasing the level of the courier, you increase the chance to draw stronger pawns. In order to see your chances, just move the cursor over the pawn icon above the panel of the courier.
  9. It is worth experimenting and not to being afraid to sell units. First, you can buy a few pawns for the early rounds, and during this time, you can hunt for stronger heroes, who match the planned set.
  10. In the initial rounds, it is not advisable to refresh the available pool of heroes. It's better to wait until you collect approx. 40-50 gold.
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