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Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Space, the final frontier Deep Rock Galactic guide and walkthrough is a set of the best tips and tricks for this cooperative fps game. You will learn about missions and crafting here. We also described the PC hardware requirements and controls on Xbox One.

Last update: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Our guide to Deep Rock Galactic is a large compendium of knowledge about this unusual FPS created by the Danish studio Ghost Ship Games. Its detailed information and tips will help you learn all the most important game mechanics, understand its basics, and level up faster.

The guide's first chapter focuses on the basics of Deep Rock Galactic. Outside the beginner's guide, which will be especially useful for new players, we have also prepared pages focused on other important topics, e.g. APD-B317 combat drone (Bosco), mutations, weekly missions, character progression, Machine Events, or Best perks. You will also see the layout of the rooms on the space station, what are the Deep Dives and how to complete them, as well as how to get hidden achievements in Deep Rock Galactic.

The second extensive chapter of our guide to Deep Rock Galactic is FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions, e.g. how to unlock alternative weapons, how to unlock Hazard 5 (Lethal) difficulty level, who is Karl, how to quickly earn XP and resources, how to get and change weapon skins, how to unlock and use Overclocks, how much time you need to spend to reach the end game phase.

Our guide to Deep Rock Galactic ends with the appendix section, where you will find system requirements, controls for all platforms, as well as information about the language versions of Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic: Quick beginner's guide

Before you start your adventure with Deep Rock Galactic, you should check out the main tips that will increase your chance of survival in the extremely unfavorable conditions on the planet Hoxxes IV. The tips are primarily for new players.

  1. Flares: flares are the primary source of light in Deep Rock Galactic and it is worth using them during the exploration of dark cave systems. Flares restore over time, so use them whenever they are available;
  2. Bosco Drone: if you are playing solo, you can use the help of a special drone named Bosco, which is not only able to extract ore, but also create light, revive miners, and fight aliens;
  3. Backpack capacity: the backpack capacity of each dwarf is limited, so you will often have to use the help of the M.U.L.E. robot to deposit the acquired resources or use the chutes in the refinery platforms;
  4. Ammunition: you start every mission in Deep Rock Galactic with a certain amount of ammo, which can later be replenished, but first you will need to collect a certain amount of a resource called Nitra. Each supply call costs 80 Nitra and has 4 charges that replenish 50% of the hero's health and 50% of ammo;
  5. Health: there are three ways of restoring health in Deep Rock Galactic. The first is to collect a resource called Red Sugar. The second way to restore the dwarf's health is to call the aforementioned supplies; the last way is to have a perk called Vampire;
  6. Fall damage: Deep Rock Galactic has fall damage, meaning you have to be careful when exploring the caves;
  7. Grabblers: while exploring the caves, pay special attention to enemies called Grabber. As the name suggests, they will try to grab your hero and throw into the abyss. If you play in a group, immediately shoot at the creature that kidnapped one of the miners to free them. If you are playing solo, you can free yourself with Bosco or use a special perk;
  8. Evacuation: after completing the mission, players can call a capsule that will evacuate them from the cave system. An escape pod can appear roughly 40 to even 200m from where players initiated the evacuation process. Evacuation is essential to finishing a mission successfully, so if you don't make it in time, all your efforts will be in vain. If you have not planned your descent well and have not taken care of the escape route, you will need help from the Driller who can quickly carve the tunnel to the evacuation site;
  9. Alien Eggs: search missions, unlike mining missions, are about finding alien eggs. They can be extracted from places where the walls are inlaid with strange red organic matter. However, be careful, because if you start digging in such a place, you can alert a swarm of aliens;
  10. Friendly-fire: Deep Rock Galactic has friendly-fire, meaning you can hurt your allies. This is especially important when fighting a swarm of aliens in a small area.

More tips for Deep Rock Galactic can be found on the Beginner's guide page.

Deep Rock Galactic: Basics

On separate pages of this guide to Deep Rock Galactic, you will find information about the game's most important mechanics, character progression, mutations, perks, and Deep Dives.

  1. APD-B317 (Bosco): this page contains important information about an extremely useful combat drone that will accompany your miners when playing alone. You will learn how to control Bosco, as well as how to modify it;
  2. Mutations: on this page of the guide to Deep Rock Galactic, you will learn what mutations are and what to pay attention to when choosing a mission;
  3. Character progression: here we explain the character progression system, what you gain from it, and what Honor Badges are;
  4. Weekly missions: this guide page contains information about the weekly missions in Deep Rock Galactic. After reading this content, you will learn what are the types of these activities and what you can get for doing these challenges;
  5. Machine Events: this page explains what Machine Events are, how to activate them, and what you can gain from them;
  6. Space station: on this page of the guide to Deep Rock Galactic, you will find a detailed map of the space station and a description of all the most important places that are located on it;
  7. Perks: learn what perks are, as well as how to unlock them. In addition, we have also included a list of all the best perks in Deep Rock Galactic;
  8. Loot Bugs: this page of the guide contains information about the neutral creatures that you may encounter on your way during the exploration of the caves on planet Hexxos IV;
  9. Deep Dives: after reading this page, you will learn what Deep Dives are, as well as what are the rules and types of this activity. In addition, we inform what rewards you can get for completing these activities;
  10. Armor Rig: on this page, we explain what Armor Rig is, as well as what modifications are best for strengthening your miner;
  11. Hidden achievements - list: on this page, we list all the hidden achievements available in Deep Rock Galactic and suggest how to get them.

Deep Rock Galactic: FAQ - I have a problem and I'm looking for answers

If you want to learn more about Deep Rock Galactic, check out the following questions that answer the key issues associated with this game. You can find answers to other important questions on separate pages of our guide in the FAQ section.

  1. Alternative weapon - how to unlock?: before you can use the alternative main and side weapons in Deep Rock Galactic, you will have to unlock them first. This page will tell you how to do it;
  2. Hazard 5 (Lethal) - how to unlock?: learn how to unlock the highest difficulty level in Deep Rock Galactic;
  3. Karl - who is he?: find out who the mysterious Karl is, whom the miners so often mention when saluting or making toasts;
  4. XP, resources - how to earn fast?: gaining experience points and resources fast will greatly speed up the progression of your characters. On this page, we suggest how to gain XP fast and what to pay attention to so you will be able to return from each mission with as many resources as possible;
  5. Weapon skins - how to get, change?: this page tells how to get additional skins for weapons, as well as how to use them;
  6. Overclocks - how to use, unlock?: after reading this page, you will learn what Overclocks are, as well as how to use them;
  7. End game - how much time do you need to spend?: on this page, we answer how much time you need to spend to reach the end game phase in Deep Rock Galactic. We also suggest how to speed up this process.

Deep Rock Galactic: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 64-bits;
  2. Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz;
  3. Graphics card: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460/Radeon HD 5770 or better;
  4. RAM: 6 GB;
  5. Disk space: 10 GB HDD.

More information about, e.g. the recommended system requirements of Deep Rock Galactic on PC as well as its graphic options can be found on the System requirements page.

Deep Rock Galactic: Language versions

Deep Rock Galactic offers subtitles in a dozen different languages.

More about the language versions of Deep Rock Galactic can be found on the Language versions page.

About Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Author : Lukasz "Qwert" Telesinski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : January 11, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Deep Rock Galactic Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Ghost Ship Games
  • publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
  • platform: PC, XONE

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