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Crysis Game Guide

Crysis Game Guide

The Future is in your Hands. Detailed walkthrough, hints.

Last update: Sunday, June 5, 2022

This guide to the first part of Crysis contains a set of information and tips necessary to learn the basic gameplay mechanics, as well as an extensive walkthrough, which will allow you to smoothly complete the entire main storyline of the game.

The biggest part of the guide is the detailed walkthrough of the entire singleplayer campaign. The campaign in the game consists of 11 extensive main missions, and each of them has been broken down into smaller factors - the walkthrough contains maps of locations related to mission objectives, as well as detailed descriptions, which explain how to complete said objectives, how to deal with the encountered enemies and aliens or how to avoid unwanted confrontations. The guide also covers the last two boss fights of the main storyline and explains how to win the game and see the ending.

The walkthrough chapters feature a page with Beginner's guide where you can learn about e.g. how to properly use the nanosuit and what are its main modes, as well as which weapons in the game are the best. Other pages contain information about PC system requirements, features of the remaster from 2020, and also about how long it takes to beat the game.

Crysis: Beginner's guide

  1. Use the nanosuit's unique powers. Usually, the camouflage is the most useful of its features, as it makes sneaking a lot easier, but depending on the situation, you can also strengthen the character or speed up your movements.
  2. Remember that the nanosuit's power bar needs to renew. This happens automatically, but only when the suit remains idle for some time. You should take frequent breaks between fights or sneaking sequences.
  3. Save your progress as often as possible. The game allows you to save at any moment, so you don't have to rely solely on checkpoints. You can avoid repeating a large fragment of the game even if you suddenly die.
  4. We recommend that you use the FY71 rifle regularly. This is, in our opinion, the most versatile and useful weapon in the game, which you can additionally equip with e.g. an optical sight and silencer. You can also find a lot of ammo for this gun.
  5. Plan your route on the tactical map. Taking the main path won't always be a good idea, because you can risk more enemy encounters. Use binoculars to spot enemies from greater distances, too.
  6. Be careful during confrontations with Aliens. In most cases, they are more dangerous than the soldiers in the early chapters of the game. Use good equipment and rely on the nanosuit's powers even more frequently.

More hints and tips about e.g. exploring the game world, using various weapons and the available nanosuit powers are on a separate page - Beginner's guide.

Crysis: Walkthrough

Crysis consists of 11 missions to complete, and the guide has been divided into subsections that focus on each one. Our walkthrough features maps with recommended routes, fight descriptions and tips on how to complete the mission objectives correctly.

Mission 1 - Contact

  1. Landing
  2. Teaming up with Jester
  3. Finding Aztec
  4. Approaching the landing zone
  5. Disabling the jamming device
  6. Reaching an enemy outpost
  7. Exploring the staff
  8. Accessing enemy network
  9. Breaking through the enemy outpost
  10. Inspecting a distress signal
  11. Finding Jester

Mission 2 - Recovery

  1. Capturing communications vehicle
  2. Approaching the village area
  3. Accessing the army data network
  4. Reaching the school
  5. Destroying the tanks
  6. Reaching the meeting point
  7. Meeting up with Prophet
  8. Approaching the cave entrance

Mission 3 - Relic

  1. Disabling the jamming station
  2. Reaching an enemy base
  3. Reaching the excavation site
  4. Reaching the research facility
  5. Reaching the extraction zone
  6. Securing the extraction zone
  7. Boarding the aircraft

Mission 4 - Assault

  1. Meeting Lieutenant Bradley
  2. Destroying the anti-aircraft guns
  3. Gathering intel
  4. Sabotage on an enemy cruiser
  5. Marking the target for an airstrike
  6. Securing the harbor
  7. Joining Major Strickland's forces

Mission 5 - Onslaught

  1. Getting to the train station
  2. Destroying the freight wagon
  3. Reaching the tank depot
  4. Destroying the anti-aircraft guns
  5. Marking the target for an airstrike
  6. Finding the Gauss Rifle
  7. Reaching the mine

Mission 6 - Awakening

  1. Reaching the landing zone
  2. Gathering intel
  3. Securing the landing zone
  4. Reaching the mine entrance
  5. Finding the hostages
  6. Killing general Kyong
  7. Extraction

Mission 7 - Core

  1. Finding an extraction zone

Mission 8 - Paradise Lost

  1. Finding the soldiers
  2. Protecting Prophet
  3. Escorting Prophet

Mission 9 - Exodus

  1. Reaching the pointmen
  2. Talking to Keegan
  3. Supporting the pointmen
  4. Using the vehicle
  5. Reaching the crash site
  6. Defending the crash site
  7. Reaching major Strickland's troops
  8. Defending the extraction zone
  9. Getting to the plane

Mission 10 - Ascension

  1. Reaching the aircraft carrier
  2. Protecting the plateau
  3. Investigating the camp
  4. Protecting the allied aircraft

Mission 11 - Reckoning

  1. Reaching the command center
  2. Reaching the armory
  3. Reaching the captain's bridge
  4. Defending the aircraft carrier
  5. Finding the chief engineer
  6. Disabling circuit breakers
  7. Shutting down the reactor
  8. Lowering the rods
  9. Reaching the flight deck
  10. Defeating the Alien exosuit in a boss fight
  11. Destroying the Alien mothership - final boss
  12. Escaping from the aircraft carrier

Crysis: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Windows Vista) or better, Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Windows Vista) or better, AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Windows Vista) or better
  2. RAM: 1 GB (Windows XP) or 1.5 GB (Windows Vista)
  3. GPU: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or better; 256 MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Windows Vista) or better
  4. Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
  5. Disk space: 12 GB

The above requirements apply to the original 2007 release of Crysis . On the Hardware requirements page in our guide you will also find complete information about the requirements of the 2020 Crysis Remastered.

Crysis: Game length

Crysis it is not particularly long and completing all 11 single-player missions should take you about 10 hours. It may take longer if you play at a high difficulty level or do some optional exploration of partially open maps, although the game does not feature any typical collectibles and secrets. You can read more about how long it takes to beat Crysis on a separate page - Game length.

Crysis: Trophies and platinum

Trophies exist in both editions of the game, i.e. in the original 2007 version and in the 2020 Crysis Remastered. Both editions feature identical achievements. There are 41 trophies in total - 1 platinum trophy (only available on PlayStation), 3 gold, 10 silver and 27 bronze.

Unlocking 100% of the achievements is not difficult. Platinum forces you to play at the Delta difficulty level (the equivalent of a high difficulty level), but thanks to using nanosuits you can avoid or surprise many enemies by using camouflage. You can get all the trophies within a single playthrough, but you need to be careful, because some trophy requirements are easy to miss.

Crysis has no multiplayer trophies. All available achievements are in the singleplayer mode. You should get the platinum trophy within about 15 hours.

Crysis Remastered: Basic information

Our guide to Crysis can also be helpful if you have the new version - Crysis Remastered - released in 2020, which is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Crysis Remastered does not differ in gameplay or story - it features identical missions and mechanics as the original. Changes in the remaster are technical - for istance, may new graphics features were added, like ray tracing, DLSS support and the ability to play in 4K and 60 fps on next-generation consoles. All the most important improvements of the refreshed edition of the game have been compiled on a separate page of Crysis Remastered in the Appendix section.

Crysis: Language versions

Crysis features many available subtitles and UI languages - English, French, Italian, Polish, German, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Turkish. The dubbing, however, is in English by default. Other available dubbing languages are French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Turkish. More information about languages in Crysis are on the Available languages page.

About Crysis Game Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains : 76 pages, 501 images.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Crysis Video Game

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  • publisher: Electronic Arts
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  • rated: PEGI: 18+ / ESRB: Mature

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