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Cooking Simulator Guide by

Cooking Simulator Guide

Table of Contents

Kitchen utensils and tools in Cooking Simulator Cooking Simulator guide, tips

Cooking Simulator puts into our hands an impressive range of real items and kitchen tools, so we give you below a small sheet showing what they're used for and tips on how to use them. (for more tips, see the section "How to work effectively?")

1 - Kitchen utensils and tools in Cooking Simulator - Tips for beginners - Cooking Simulator Guide

Kitchen equipment (moving from the fridge side):

  1. Baking pan for low heat - everything that we do not fry in oil, is baked here, using a kitchen scrapers to turn the meat (be sure to fry the meat on both sides).
  2. Gas stove - a universal tool where we will fry, cook and simmer.
  3. Oven(i) - we have 3; two main, in the corner, near the sink, and one called a "spare," under the gas stove. It is necessary to heat them up briefly before use.
  4. Deep fryer - for proper use requires a deep fryer basket (buy in the same place as the other tools). The left button fills the fryer with oil, the right one drains the oil, the button at the bottom turns on and off the frying process. Heats up faster
  5. Grill - obvious; while the game suggests that "a real pastry chef uses only pliers," the kitchen scrapers "does the job" much faster and more efficiently (less risk that the meat will end up on the floor)
  6. Food processor - used for making sauces, puree, etc.; rather inconvenient - the portable blender (described below), seems much more convenient to use.
  7. Microwave - although in the tutorial we can learn that "a real chef will never disgrace him or herself by using a microwave oven," this is the only piece of equipment that allows "non-invasive" heating of food that has cooled down; more about this below, in the section "How to work effectively?"
  8. Counter (the isle in the center of the kitchen) - a place where at least half the work is done (slicing, spicing, buying, arranging meals), it needs to be well organized (more about that in the next section)
2 - Kitchen utensils and tools in Cooking Simulator - Tips for beginners - Cooking Simulator Guide

Kitchen tools

  1. Radio - you can play a few songs from the game, or feed your own songs or radio broadcasts from the Internet;
  2. Laptop - you can check the stats of our activities, unlock new recipes, new skills and abilities (more about them below), and items to change the kitchen interior;
  3. Phone - used to order repair of damaged kitchen equipment. Lost your phone? Press once the stand of the phone, and give it time to return to the place;
  4. LCD display - displays information about the recipes (on the left - ingredients, on the right - things we do with them; the list with instructions can be scrolled by looking at the screen and using the mouse wheel);
  5. Boxes are just a portable shop. Place one near the place where you work;
  6. Knives - their use is obvious; with subtle movements in "precise manipulation," we can use them to fine-tune the position of the individual foods on the plate.
  7. Frying pan is one of our main working tools. Don't forget to use oils.
  8. The paella pan is one of the best "containers," as well as a frying pan that allows you to fry several more extensive dishes at once (which is usually not recommended, see the chapter [link me] "How to work effectively?"), originally used for rice and saffron-based dishes of the Spanish cuisine.
  9. Grill pan - on a conventional stove, it allows you to fry without oil (a pseudo-grill), at the expense of a fairly long time needed to cook the meat. In the real world, these pans need some oil (which we can actually add here), and the meat prepared this way is much healthier than the one fried on a regular pan.
  10. The kitchen scrapers is one of the best and most versatile tools: simple and easy to use, and in context mode virtually preventing painful mistakes; use also with the grill!
  11. Tongs - a tool for turning meat on the grill. Uncomfortable and problematic.
  12. Stopwatch - or a timer; you can set the alarm on it, to tell you that, for example, it's time to remove the dish from the fire; precision within 10 seconds;
  13. Sieve - to drain the water from pasta.
  14. Plates are the main dish for serving dishes. Dishes are best served on the big plates.
  15. Baking trays - used for baking, but because of the size are also convenient to use as a "container" of ingredients and as cutting boards (because of the shape and size)
  16. Sponges are the only way to clean anything that doesn't lie on the floor. Do not require liquid (impregnated by default), do not need to be cleaned and washed.
  17. Mop - similar to the sponges, only for the floor.
  18. The heat gun - theoretically it should be used for coloring meat - but at least in early game, there is no use for it but to facilitate destruction in our beautiful kitchen.
  19. The bucket is a much less convenient version of the mop, as well as a tool that we can combine with it. We could not find a practical application for it.
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