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Control Guide

Table of Contents

Control: Character development Control guide, walkthrough

Last update: Friday, February 5, 2021

As the game progresses, you will receive an experience that you will be able to use to purchase new skills. Thanks to this, you will gain new abilities that may facilitate your gameplay. Next section explains how character development works in Control.

You will not receive skill points for every level advancement of your character. Various gameplay activities, such as taking over checkpoints, add a certain amount of skill points to your account, which you can use at the skill panel.

Each ability on the panel is costs a certain number of skill points - Control: Character development - Basics - Control Guide

Each ability on the panel is costs a certain number of skill points. You may buy them if you have the required amount at your disposal. Of course, skills work on the principle of a skill tree.

Below you can find the list of all unique skills. We didn't include stronger versions of the same ability (e.g. extending the health bar by 30% instead of 10%). If the base skill seems useful to you, get it as quick as possible.




Extends Jesse's health bar.


Extends Energy bar. You need it to use powers.


Increases melee damage. Useful when, e.g. you are right next to an enemy.


Increases the damage dealt by objects launched with telekinesis. This is the most universal ability so upgrading it is important.

Launch Explosives

You can send rockets and grenades back using telekinesis. This ability will save your life multiple times.

Launch Light Enemies

You can use telekinesis on light enemies. However, you need to weaken them first.

Launch Heavy Enemies

You can use telekinesis on heavy enemies. However, you need to weaken them first. Use this ability to eliminate problematic enemies.


Increases the resistance of the shield. You will need a durable shield to survive fights with elite enemies.

Shield Barrage

Throw the shield at enemies when you deactivate it. Works only on enemies standing close to you.

Shield Rush

You can charge at an enemy and knock them down after perfoming a dodge. Requires Evade.

Shield Energy Recovery

You can recover Energy when the Shield is active.


Extends the duration of Seize which works like mind control.

Seize additional enemy

You can use Seize on an additional enemy to gain another ally.

Seize heavy enemies

You can use Seize on heavy enemies. You will need to weaken them first.


Extends Levitate duration. Longer flight time can be helpful in larger battles and going over chasms.

Ground Slam

Hit the ground with great force while levitating. Can deal massive damage but the attack requires precision. Its upgrades increase the force with which you hit the ground.

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