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Control Game Guide

Control Game Guide

Control Things The Control guide is a compendium of knowledge about this third-person action game. You will learn how to use telekinesis and what the Hiss is and how to defeat it. There is also a walkthrough with the locations of all recordings, files and tests.

Control is a third-person sci-fi action game. The title definitely does not apply to typical representatives of the genre, cause the main protagonist, apart from various weapons, also uses power of telekinesis. It's published by the Remedy studio. The following guide is a collection of comprehensive information related to Control.

The guide is based on press materials provided by authors and distributors. Its contents are subject to change.

What are the realities of Control?

The main character of Control is Jesse Faden. When she was young, she had a traumatic event - her brother went missing. Trying to deal with the demons of the past, the woman goes to New York where Federal Bureau of Control has their headquarters. This institution is responsible for the traumatic events that took place in Jesse's past.

However, the woman won't be able to search for truth in peace. During Jesse's visit to the Federal Bureau of Control, the Hiss decide to invade the world. During this invasion, the director of the institution dies. It is now up to Jesse to defend this place. Due to the unusual rituals, she is elected the next director.

Control takes place entirely in one building - The Oldest House. After entering it, you will spend the entire game in that place.

Will the game receive a boxed retail edition?

Console version of the game will be available in box retail version. If you want to purchase a PC version, you can only obtain a digital copy from Epic Games Store.

Does Control support ray-tracing?

Yes, the title has support for ray-tracing technology.

Are there any collectibles in the game?

As you go progress the main campaign in Control, you will be able to collect a number of different collectibles. These were divided into six categories:

  1. Case files
  2. Research and recordings
  3. Correspondence
  4. Multimedia
  5. Hotline

Is it possible to customize your character?

Yes, it will. Jessie's appearance can be modified, but these changes are limited only to clothes.

Will Control receive DLC and expansion sets?

Yes, it will. At the moment, two expansion sets are being planned - The Foundation and AWE. They are going to offer new stories, locations, game modes and quests.

Does Control feature multiplayer?

No. Control offers only a single-player mode. The game also doesn't have a New Game Plus mode.

Control - Game Editions

Control can be purchased as a pre-order and is being offered in various editions. Interestingly, the content of these packages depends on your gaming platform. Below you will find description of every edition and its content.

Standard Edition

When released

PS 4

Xbox One and PC

Before the release

Tactical response gear (outfit) and crafting resources pack, control avatar (Digital version only), The Shifting Place dynamic theme (Digital version only)

Tactical response gear and crafting resources pack

Launch day release

Rare service weapon mod, rare player mod, astral dive suit (outfit), "The Explorer" static theme, "The Black Rock Quarry" static theme


Deluxe Edition

When released

PS 4

Xbox One and PC

Before the release

Content of Standard Edition

Content of Standard Edition

Launch day release

Content of standard edition and a side mission called "Isolation" (digital version only), urban response gear (outfit, digital version only), 2 add-ons - The Foundation and AWE (digital version only), Futureart exclusive metal packaging (retail exclusive physical only), 5x artcards (retail exclusive physical only)

Future-art exclusive metal packaging (retail exclusive physical only), 5x artcards (retail exclusive physical only)

Coming Soon Control Game Guide

This is upcoming Game Guide and Walkthrough for Control Video Game.

We are working on it now. We want to publish this Game Guide close to Control Release Date.

Control Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • publisher: 505 Games
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

Control for PlayStation 4 is a science-fiction third-person action game developed by Remedy, known for creating such games as Alan Wake, Quantum Break and the first two installments in the Max Payne series.

Players assume the role of a woman named Jesse Faden who is trying an attempt to cope with her past goes to the Federal Bureau of Control located in New York. As she is visiting its HQ the concrete skyscraper known as the Oldest House becomes the target of an invasion of forces out of this world.

The director of the agency dies during the attack, and Jesse takes over as a result of strange rituals ruling the bureau. This is how she became responsible for neutralizing the aggressors.

Control for PlayStation 4 is a shooter, in which players observe the action from the third-person perspective. Nonetheless, the game is much different from typical TPP games – Jesse is equipped with a futuristic pistol that does not only shoot bullets but features certain telekinetic features allowing the main protagonist to e.g. shoot objects and opponents. Moreover, the weapon can change its shape giving the players access to different functionalities.

The gameplay revolves around dynamic combat, during which players can use a number of special abilities that can be modified with pieces of gear and interactive surroundings.

The game gains additional colors thanks to the unusual locations inspired by the architectonic style called brutalism. Buildings’ shapes regularly change before the players’ eyes providing a surrealistic experience. This also affects the gameplay, as the maps are not preset, and the inserts of the Oldest House is much bigger than it might seem on the outside. In Control, the gameplay mechanics might resemble those features in metroidvania games, as players get much freedom to explore and they often have to backtrack to previously visited location and use new abilities to reach previously inaccessible places.

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