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Biomutant Guide

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Biomutant: Statistics Biomutant guide, walkthrough

This page of the Biomutant game guide describes which stats and character attributes can be improved, as well as how they affect gameplay and your character's development.

There are 6 main character attributes in Biomutant: Vitality, Strength, Intellect, Charisma, Agility, and Luck. Specific statistics were also assigned to each of these attributes.


The Vitality in Biomutant determines hero's health, as well as the cost of evasion. Two statistics can be distinguished here:

  1. Health: determines how much health the hero has, and therefore how much damage he can take. Outside of combat, the character's health regenerates slowly, but can be replenished with various consumables;
  2. Armor: determines the amount of damage a character receives from enemy attacks. The number of Armor points is affected by the character's equipment.


Strength in Biomutant determines how much damage your melee weapons deal - the higher the Strength value, the higher the damage.

  1. Melee Damage: the higher the melee weapon damage stat, the more damage your character deals. This value increases with the Strength attribute.


In Biomutant Intellect determines how much ki energy your character has, how quickly it regenerates, and also affects the damage your psionic powers and mutations can deal. It is important to note here the fact that Intellect determines the number of moves you have at your disposal while solving puzzles. Three statistics can be distinguished here:

  1. Power: determines how much damage the character deals with various psionic powers and mutations;
  2. Ki Energy: is used during combat to perform dodges, special attacks, use psionic powers, and mutations. Ki energy regenerates over time, but can be quickly replenished with various consumables;
  3. Energy Regen: affects the rate of regeneration of ki energy.


Charisma in Biomutant is the attribute responsible for the value of barter and determines how easy it will be for you to convince others of your point of view.

  1. Barter: determines how much you earn for selling items, and lowers the price of items you wish to buy.


Agility in Biomutant is an attribute responsible for a character's overall speed.

  1. Move Speed: determines the character's movement speed and therefore affects the exploration speed and the character's agility during combat.


Luck in Biomutant determines the chance to deal a critical blow and find better loot from defeated enemies. Two statistics can be distinguished here:

  1. Critical chance: determines the chance of critical hits, which significantly increases attack damage;
  2. Loot chance: determines the chance of finding more items of higher quality and rarity.
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