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Biomutant Guide

Biomutant Guide

1) Be cute 2) Save the world Biomutant guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, best tips for crafting, exploration and combat. We describe all locations, secrets and collectibles, trophies and system requirements.

Last update: Thursday, May 20, 2021

Our guide and walkthrough to Biomutant is a great compendium of knowledge about this RPG. Detailed information and tips contained in our guide will allow you to learn all the most important game mechanics, complete all main and side quests, how to defeat all World Eaters (bosses), properly develop your character and earn all achievements.

The first major chapter of this guide focuses on the basics of Biomutant. This chapter opens with the Beginners Guide recommended for players new to this original RPG. There, we cover such important topics as character stats and attributes, abilities, combat, statuses and resistances to elements, mounts and vehicles.

The second very extensive section of this Biomutant guide is a FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions. We explain in detail how to use fast travel, how to regain health, which perks are best, whether you can mute the narrator, how to unlock Mecha Mekton, how to get rich, how to earn Bio-Points and psionic points, whether you can win a duel with Lupa-Lupin.

In a separate chapter, you will find a detailed walkthrough for Biomutant. On separate pages of this chapter, we describe all the main quests that are necessary to complete the main storyline. Our walkthrough also includes all endings and boss battles, as well as a description of all side quests in Biomutant you can complete during the various stages of the game.

Biomutant can be completed in two ways - we have devoted a separate chapter to this topic. There, we described all possible endings - both good and bad. The guide ends with the Appendix, where you will find, among other things, a trophy guide, as well as the system requirements for Biomutant on PC and a detailed list of controls.

Biomutant: Beginner's tips

  1. Creating a new character: take some time to create a character that fits your play style. You will be able to determine, e.g. the attributes, resistances, appearance, and class of your hero;
  2. Healing: in Biomutant, you can heal yourself in several ways - over time, at bonfires, using medkits, or by leveling up;
  3. Green: the main currency in Biomutant is Green, which can be obtained by e.g. selling unwanted items or finding Greenleaf Plants;
  4. Mount and fast travel: the world of Biomutant is huge, but luckily you will unlock your first mount and fast travel early in the game;
  5. Contaminated zones: at the beginning of the game, your character will take damage if they stay too long in a contaminated area. Later, you will acquire special suits thanks to which you will be able to freely explore previously inaccessible areas;
  6. Ki energy: necessary for dodging and using skills. Ki Energy restores over time, even during combat. If you need to replenish your Ki energy fast, use Energy Packs;
  7. Parrying and dodging: start practicing parrying early to be able to stun opponents and unleash powerful combos. You should also use dodges to receive less damage;
  8. Crafting: throughout the game, you will collect a large number of raw materials. You will be able to use them to create new items or upgrade your weapons and armor.

For more Biomutant tips, check out the Beginner's Guide page.

Biomutant: All main quests

  1. Prologue
  2. Bunker 101
  3. Another World
  4. An Alliance
  5. The Tribe War Begins
  6. The Tribe War
  7. The Chugyard
  8. Gizmo
  9. The Western Worldeater
  10. Out-of-Date
  11. Goop
  12. Eastern World Eater
  13. The Meat Eater
  14. Noko
  15. The Northeastern Worldeater
  16. Whiz
  17. The Northwestern Worldeater
  18. The Tree of Life
  19. The Ark
  20. End of the World

Biomutant: All side quests

World exploration

  1. Old World Knowledge
  2. Find the Flush-Stools
  3. Find The Fry-Sparkers
  4. Find The Clothes-Soakers
  5. Googlide Wreckboxes
  6. Captives
  7. Lumen Shrines
  8. Old World Vaults
  9. Old World Storage
  10. The Muscle-Squeezer
  11. Cleaning up
  12. The Klawbar
  13. Find Twing-Twangs
  14. Find Terra Globuses
  15. Aurora Totem
  16. Find Stornkboxes
  17. The Lumentower
  18. The Gunsflexers
  19. The Runboard
  20. Mekton Wrekboxes
  21. Tunes of Fnackyleaves

Related to main missions

  1. Back to the Roots
  2. Klonkfist
  3. The Open World
  4. Pulloff

NPC quests

  1. It takes a village
  2. Klick Klack
  3. The Stringplonk
  4. Gulp
  5. Moog Munsterhonter
  6. The Spiral Groover
  7. Find the Radionic
  8. The Bandit Attack
  9. The Wakeup Call
  10. The Brogg Friend
  11. A Bleep-bleep Pursuit
  12. Pebble Dabble
  13. The Sludgetrucks
  14. Trim Furfur
  15. Moth Infestation
  16. The Raylighter Rendezvous
  17. Mapping out the Mindmonitor
  18. The Solar Mirror Sight
  19. The Bomba-Ball Friend
  20. Find the Ring-dinger
  21. Pinpointtin the Pling-Plong-Booth
  22. Lump Muffin
  23. The Shellhorn Friend
  24. Spying the Eye Box
  25. Boom Sploder
  26. Greasy Queasy
  27. The Sundial
  28. The Monsterous Fluff Hulk
  29. Maya
  30. Nova
  31. The Lotus Captain
  32. Chubsa the Tortler
  33. The Signal Fire
  34. Sol
  35. Lobo
  36. Flameflies for Nighttime
  37. Mito
  38. Gill
  39. Jumble
  40. Find the Ring-dinger


  1. The Oxygen Pingdish
  2. Radioactivity Pingdish
  3. The Cold Zone Pingdish
  4. The Heat Zone Pingdish
  5. The Oxygen Pingdish
  6. Biohazard Suit

Biomutant: All bosses

  1. Jumbo Puff
  2. Porky Puff
  3. Hoof Puff
  4. Murk Puff
  5. Lupa-Lupin
  6. Final boss

Biomutant: All secrets and collectibles

  1. Ultimate weapons
  2. Psionic Shrines
  3. Skillpoints Codex

Biomutant: All endings

  1. The Good Ending
  2. The Bad Ending

Biomutant: PC system requirements

  1. Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bits;
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz;
  3. Graphics Card: 4 GB GeForce GTX 960 / Radeon R9 380 or better;
  4. RAM: 8 GB;
  5. Disk space: 25 GB.

More information about the recommended system requirements for Biomutant for PC can be found on the System requirements page.

Biomutant: FAQ - I have a problem and am looking for answers

If you want to learn more about Biomutant, check out the following questions about this production. Answers to other important questions can be found in the FAQ section.

  1. Healing - how to restore health? - fights in Biomutant are not the easiest, especially at higher difficulty levels, so it is worth knowing how to heal the hero and regain lost health;
  2. Parrying strikes - how does it work? - parrying attacks in Biomutant reduces the amount of damage you take. On this page, we tell you how parrying works and how to use it;
  3. Resources - how to get them? - resources are crafting materials from which you can create new weapons and other items. On this page, you will learn what resources are for and how to get them;
  4. Green - how to get rich? - the main currency in Biomutant is Green and is used during every transaction. Read this page to learn the best ways to earn cash, and what you can buy with money;
  5. Persuasion - how to pass the check? - not every battle in Biomutant has to end in bloodshed. We suggest how to pass persuasion tests and what are the consequences of failing them.

Biomutant: Basics

On separate pages of this Biomutant guide, you will find information about the most important mechanics, combat system, exploration, character development, and crafting.

  1. Combat - this page contains basic information about the combat in Biomutant. We cover such important topics as dodging and parrying attacks, Wung-Fu, mutations, and abilities;
  2. Exploration of the world - this page will tell you how the open world of Biomutant is constructed, what dangers you may encounter while exploring, and how to use fast travel;
  3. Tribes - tribes play an important role in Biomutant. After reading this page, you will learn what tribes inhabit this post-apocalyptic world, as well as whether it is possible to change allies;
  4. Crafting - we explain how crafting works in Biomutant. After reading this page, you will learn how to create new weapons, as well as how to modify and upgrade found items;
  5. Mutations - mutations play a very important role in Biomutant. Changing the hero's DNA allows you to learn new skills.

Biomutant: Trophies and platinum

In Biomutant, you can get 47 trophies: 1 platinum trophy, 3 gold trophies, 6 silver, and 37 bronze trophies. The easiest trophies are those associated with the game's main storyline. The most time-consuming ones are those associated with exploring and completing side quests.

More detailed information on all of Biomutant's trophies, as well as tips on how to unlock them, can be found on the Trophies/Achievements page.

Biomutant: Language versions

Biomutant has voice-overs in ten different languages. You can read more about the language versions of Biomutant on the Language versions page.

About Biomutant Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Biomutant Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Experiment 101
  • publisher: THQ Nordic / Nordic Games
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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