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ATLAS Guide and Tips

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How to upgrade the ship in ATLAS? ATLAS Tips

The ship in the Atlas game is one of the most important aspects of the game that needs to be taken care off. The ship will allow you to safely move between islands and explore the world of the game. Each ship owned by the player receives experience points, allowing you to regularly upgrade it. How does that gameplay mechanic work?

To learn the level of the ship, you just need to get on board of it. A second "XP" icon, similar to the one representing the experience gain of the character, will appear on the screen. When the ship is sailing through the seas or is used to combat enemies, it will receive experience points - represented by the mentioned progress bar. Once the bar is completely filled, the ship will advance to a higher level and the player will be able to unlock one upgrade for the ship.

The ship will accumulate experience automatically for the most basic activities, such as sailing. - How to upgrade the ship in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
The ship will accumulate experience automatically for the most basic activities, such as sailing.

To upgrade your ship, you need to press and hold the "E" button until a circle with different dialogue options appear on the screen. Select the "[Options](Ship)" and after that "Access Ship Properties (Ship)". You will be presented with four different upgrade options to perform on the ship. Those are as follows:

  1. Additional Weight - increases the maximum carry weight of the ship and the impact of encumbrance on the ship.
  2. Additional Crew - it allows you to increase the amount of crewmembers, both player-controlled and computer-controlled, that will be able to stay on the ship.
  3. Sturdiness - decreases the chances of sinking, as well as decreases the speed of item deterioration.
  4. Accommodations - increases the amount of beds on the ship.

Selection of those parameters depends solely on the style of gameplay. For instance, there is no point investing in Additional Crew if you are planning on playing alone, not hiring any crew. You should not worry much about carrying capacity, at least during the first several hours, as even the basic ships offer plenty in this field.

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