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ATLAS Guide and Tips

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Equipment and carry weight in ATLAS Game ATLAS Tips

Equipment management in the Atlas game is a simple, yet extremely important task, as it is the equipment (aside from the proper character development) that makes the character effective. The carry weight is inseparably connected with the equipment - both of those topics were described in the following chapter.


The equipment screen. - Equipment and carry weight in ATLAS Game - Game basics - ATLAS Guide and Tips
The equipment screen.

After opening the equipment screen (with the "I" key), several windows will appear on the screen. The most important for now are the INVENTORY, CRAFTING and the character tab where you can see all the items equipped on your character. In the INVENTORY tab you will find all of the items you managed to find so far. Additionally, you will find a decreasing condition bar next to any type of food - this determines the process of rotting. Once the bar is emptied, a single unit of a given type of food will rot, disappearing from the inventory and the whole process will start from the beginning.

Items other than food, such as tools and containers, also have their own condition bars. In the case of tools and weapons, the bar represents their durability - the bar shows how long can they be used before they are damaged/broken. Tools can easily be repaired by clicking with the RMB on an item and selecting the "Repair" option. This method costs significantly lower amount of resources than when you decide to create the tool from the scratch. In the case of containers, such as a Waterskin, the bar represents the filling level of the container.

The CRAFTING window shows all of the items that you know how to create. If the item icons are blank, it means that you do not have enough resources to craft them. If, however, you can clearly see what item is on the icon, you can freely start creating the said item. Creating items is trivial - you just need to click with the LMB twice on the item you want to create and it will appear in your inventory several seconds later. You can also issue the production of items one after another or several units of a given item (like, for instance, the spear) - in the latter case you need to click the item with the RMB and select the amount you want to create.

Carry weight

One thing is associated with the inventory system in Atlas - maximum carry weight. Even though the inventory of the character has an unlimited space and you can pick any amount of items, the character is still limited by the carry weight. It determines how many items the character can carry and still move freely by running and jumping. If the maximum amount of pounds is exceeded, the character will move very slowly and will be unable to jump, but he/she will not gain any additional penalties from it, nor will it damage the character. This means that you can basically exceed the carry weight of the character by 2-3 times to, for instance, collect resources required to construct a ship.

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