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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

Taming and training creatures in ATLAS Game ATLAS Tips

One of the more interesting mechanics of the Atlas is the creature taming and training system. Tamed creatures can be used as a means of transportation, allowing you to move quicker, as well as companions in battle. From this chapter you will learn how to tame creatures and train them to become more powerful.

Taming - information and requirements

It is worth knowing a few additional things about taming, such as:

  1. Required abilities. To tame a creature you need to unlock the Tools of the Trade, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Beastmastery Unlock from the Survivalism skill tree, as well as Taming from the Beastmastery tree.
  2. You need to use the favorite food type of the creature you want to tame. In most cases you will be using Berries or Fruits, the only exceptions to this rule are predators like Lion, Bear, Wolf and Tiger which eat Animal Meat, Seagulls and Razorteeth which eat Fish Meat and Vultures preferring Rotten Meat.
  3. Passive taming requires the necessary food type to tame a creature, for the second method, active (described in the next paragraph) you will also need to use a Bola, an item unlocked with the Taming ability.
  4. Each tamed creature will offer different benefits to the player. While a Sheep will be rather useless, a Horse or a Bear will be very useful - both can be used as mounts to move quicker and the bear performs well in a fight.
  5. Tamed creatures will advance to higher levels, along with the activities they perform.

Passive taming

Passive taming is a method that does not require player's physical intervention, which basically relies on "bribery" of the creature with its favorite food. In order to do it, you need to place the specific food type on the action bar, approach the creature you want to tame and press the action key once an option to feed the creature appears on the screen. By doing this you will gradually fill the progress bar under the name of the creature - once it reaches 100%, the creature will be tamed and you will be able to name it.

Note - passive taming does not work on some of the creatures. In their case the message to feed the creature will not appear on the screen.

Bola taming

The second method involves using the Bola to tame the creature. This method is used for the creatures that cannot be tamed with the passive approach, such as:

  1. Parrot;
  2. Bear;
  3. Bull;
  4. Crow;
  5. Horse;
  6. Seagull;
  7. Vulture;
  8. Wolf;
  9. Penguin;
  10. Elephant;
  11. Giraffe;
  12. Lion;
  13. Rhino;
  14. Tiger;
  15. Razortooth;
  16. Shieldhorn;

First things first, you need to create the required item, Bola, unlocked with the Taming skill. Afterwards you must drop the health of your target to about 10% and use the mentioned item. Once the creature is down on the ground, you need to rush towards it and feed it with its favorite food, like in the passive taming. Now the whole process must be repeated several times, until the progress bar beneath the creature's name is completely filled. Once the bar reaches 100%, the creature will be tamed and you will be able to name it.

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