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Apex Legends Guide

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Shooting and ballistics in Apex Legends Apex Legends Guide and Tips

In Apex Legends, each weapon acts differently when shooting, which can lead to various outcomes during the battle. Some weapons are controlled easily, while others require a lot of practice. In Battle Royale games, you can use various tactics that facilitate the gameplay and can improve your accuracy and reflexes. Below you can find essential information that can improve your skills and increase your chances of surviving in the arena.

Controlling the weapon - ballistics

In Apex Legends, every available weapon is subjected to recoil, which can be mitigated by utilizing special weapon add-ons, or by assuming a certain manner of shooting. If you engage in a close quarters battle with the enemy, and you'll be forced to fire longer bursts, try to mitigate the recoil by correcting your aim and keeping the crosshair close to the center of the screen.


Assuming the right stance is also important - Shooting and ballistics in Apex Legends - Starting tips - Apex Legends Guide

Assuming the right stance is also important. Fire when immobile - avoid running and gunning at the same time. Crouching increases your accuracy, but you'll limit your mobility.

Study the weapon's effective range

To use any weapon effectively, you need to study its effective range. Some weapons are only viable in close combat, such as shotguns. Others, such as rifles, are effective both at a distance and in close quarters. Sniper rifles are only useful in the open terrain.

Use the sights

Every weapon found in Apex Legends has an attached sight that influences its accuracy - Shooting and ballistics in Apex Legends - Starting tips - Apex Legends Guide

Every weapon found in Apex Legends has an attached sight that influences its accuracy. To use the weapon to its fullest potential, you need to learn to use it. Some of the weapons, such as sniper rifles, have sights that offer additional zoom.

Shooting techniques

During the game, you can use various methods of firing that will surely improve your accuracy and battle effectiveness. As time progresses, you'll start to use them intuitively, but this requires a bit of practice.

  • Single shots - A technique that works well on medium and long distances. Offers good accuracy without unnecessary recoil. This technique involves firing single or two shots in a single break, followed by a short break to reset the recoil. During that time, you can step back and start firing again.
  • Short bursts - The most popular technique, involving firing short bursts of 3 to 7 bullets. Short bursts can be fired using almost any weapon, while this technique works best on medium and close ranges.
  • Full auto - A technique that involves firing long bursts that deplete the clip, with constant correcting of your aim. Following low accuracy and effectiveness of the tactic, full auto is used on very short ranges.
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