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Amnesia Rebirth Guide by

Amnesia Rebirth Guide

Table of Contents

List of all chapters Amnesia Rebirth guide, walkthrough

This page of the guide contains a summary of all chapters of the Amnesia Rebirth walkthrough description, as well as the secrets/findings and endings to unlock.

Last update: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

On this page of the guide, you will find a list of all stages in Amnesia Rebirth included in our walkthrough, which are required to complete the game. We also inform you what secrets and collectibles can be found in each chapter and on which guide page three endings of the game are described.

List of all stages

Each main chapter is described on a separate page of the walkthrough. The walkthroughs include the locations of secretes and collectibles and all available endings.

  1. The Cassandra - 4 secrets
  2. The Caves - 24 secrets
  3. The Dark World - 9 secrets
  4. The Deeper Caves - 8 secrets
  5. The Desert Path - 7 secrets
  6. The Fortress - 36 secrets
  7. The Arsenal - 12 secrets
  8. The Cistern - 22 secrets
  9. The Oasis - 5 secrets
  10. The Alchemist's Chambers - 8 secrets
  11. The Tomb of Tin Hinan - 8 secrets
  12. The Portal Chamber (1 visit) - 16 secrets
  13. The Chamber of Pillars - 12 secrets
  14. The Portal Chamber (2nd visit)
  15. The Hunting Grounds - 21 secrets
  16. The Portal Chamber (3rd visit)
  17. The Catacombs 15 secrets
  18. The Portal Chamber (4th visit)
  19. The Theater - 6 secrets
  20. The Laboratory - 20 secrets
  21. The Factory - 1 secret
  22. The Lower Factory - 3 secrets
  23. The Town
  24. The Mines
  25. The Tower - 9 secrets
  26. The Throne Room - 3 game endings

Chapter Select - is it possible?

Amnesia Rebirth does not have the option to repeat chapters, so-called Chapter Select - List of all chapters - Walkthrough - Amnesia Rebirth Guide

Amnesia Rebirth does not have the option to repeat chapters, so-called Chapter Select. You can select the Load Game option from the main menu, and it will be the latest saves automatically created by the game. Using this may be a good way to go back to the previous chapter, e.g. if you had skipped a collectible. Apart from a few exceptions, the game does not allow you to return to previous locations freely, and you should try to get all the secrets and unique trophies regularly.

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