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Find Hoko / Find Hoko's Sister

Quest from: Yorun Togawa

This quest is given to you as soon as you enter the city - Ashos - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This quest is given to you as soon as you enter the city. Hoko will be immediately marked on your map. Talk to her and you'll find out that her sister is missing. Go to a local blacksmith, Uchinao Sakomoto. He can give you the key to the temple, but first he wants you to get rid of her greedy sister Hidee. Visit her in her house and agree to carry her father's will to the mayor, Masakore Murata. You now have to finish his side-quest in order to advance this questline.

Find the healer

Quest from: Masakore Murata

Masakore needs a cure from a healer who lives outside the city. Pay her a visit (follow the map marker). She also has a request for you: you are to eliminate a group of insects who spawned on her field (they're at the end of the path leading to the South from her house). Kill them all, then collect the cure and take it back to the mayor.

Go to the back of the mayor's house and pick up the red dress that you see there - Ashos - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Go to the back of the mayor's house and pick up the red dress that you see there. Take it to Hoko as a proof, that her sister has been killed by the mayor, who is actually a werewolf. Go to Yorun (the city guard by the gates) and you'll know that Hoko killed the mayor and ran away. Go to the teleport outside the city and talk to her, then go back and talk to Yorun once more.

HINT: The unfinished plot of a blacksmith and his sister can be dealt with by killing Hidee. If you don't want to do that, you can obtain the temple key by following Hajime Masaware's quests (shown below). Just remember to collect your reward for carrying the will to the mayor.

Get back my letters

Quest from: Kouji Hisakawa

This quest can be found in a house in northern part of the city (look at the map to the left) - Ashos - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This quest can be found in a house in northern part of the city (look at the map to the left). Kouji wants you to retrieve his father's letters, which he sold when he needed money. Go to Kimura's house. She'll tell you that she might be willing to negotiate if you clear her new mansion of the undead. Do so - the house will me marked on your map.

When you're back, it turns out that Kimura doesn't mean to sell the letters at all. Visit her in her new house (the one that you've cleared) and propose a deal. You can either pay 500 Gold for the letter of fight her. Remember that choosing the former will let you to loosing 100 Gold (you only get paid 400 for doing this quest). Once you get the letters either way, take them back to Kouji.

*Contacting the magic dust dealer

Quest from: Hajime Masaware

Hajime wants you to help the city guard in catching a local drug dealer. Go to the inn and talk to the proprietor, Kenji Sahi. He'll tell you to go to Takumi Kajiura. That man will pay you 500 Gold and tell you to go to Arai Kurhara. You'll get another 500 Gold. Go back to Hajime and tell him about your findings.

*Find the scholar / Look in the temple

Quest from: Hajime Masaware

This time Hajime sends you to Kano Mizoguchi - Ashos - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This time Hajime sends you to Kano Mizoguchi. You'll get a key to the temple from him. Enter the temple using the side door (to the right of the main gates). Pass through the labyrinth to reach the central hall. In there, you'll see the Water Stone. Grab it and go back outside. It'll turn out that the city has been attacked by orcs! You can't do anything about it, Ashos has been lost. (Well, that's the official version anyway. You can always use your resurrect spell to bring everyone to life, but it won't change anything in the storyline).

O - Water Stone - Ashos - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough
O - Water Stone

HINT: If you know the Resurrection spell, visit Kano once more and bring him back to life in order to get rewarded for your quest. In theory, you could give him the report by leaving the ruins before grabbing the Water Stone. In theory, because a game bug causes everyone to get killed either way - it doesn't matter if you actually take the stone.

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Comments and responses

Kyleco9189 09/06/2009 02:56

When i grabbed the Stone and came out everyone was still alive and well so i killed them all

Firmest Dump 14/12/2008 11:11

For another way to complete the Find a Relic Water Stone quest in Ashos, see my thread under Cathalon about the Orc Camouflage Armor. In short, do all the Ashos' quests, but DONT claim the water stone. when you do, orcs kill everyone in town. i get the Orc Camouflage Armor, I dont use it. I kill all the orcs in Gor Gammar, complete every other quest in the game, kill every human being in Ashos, don't loot, get the Relic Water Stone, kill all the orcs in Ashos, ressurect all orcs and humans, put on the Orc Camouflage Armor, go to every human town and city, killing everyone because everyone is now hostile when you look like an orc. I loot everyone and resurrect who I please (everyone for me, item sellers, ofcourse) I call this quest In The Guise of Aziraal and I do it so that I can face every being in the game in combat, defeat and rob them. That's what total domination is all about.

unclebob151 18/10/2008 04:45

after i completed all the quests in ashos i came out with the stone then the orcs came after me i ran to the portal sold what junk i had bought a bunch of bombs went back and cleared out the whole city everything went back and forth from ashos full of equipment to cathalon and sold everything in about an hour and a half i kept the best stuff for my self and sold everything made just under half a million gold could made more if i sold everything but like i said i kept all the permanant stones upgrades and those other stones that upgrade your weapons now i use a dual weapons a kick@ss hammer and a sweet sword one hit on anything and there dead pretty much except for like dragons and big stuff like that but all i do is use a trap let them walk on it and go to town on the them and there dead quick

Mongo1 24/06/2008 21:15

As usual he is hiding in plain sight. You should have bumped into him shortly after entering Ashos. He stands outside on the corner ahead to your left as you enter the Ashos front gate. He may be alone or there may be a group of people near him depending on time of day.

little ben 2 24/06/2008 15:27

Where on earth do you find Hajime Masaware i can't find him anywhere in ashos! Please HELP!

G_Ranger 20/03/2008 06:42

hey guys, i walked outta the temple so i could finish the quest and get the exp, now all i need to do is find hoko's sister then i'll go collect the water stone. so walking in then out does not activate the fall of ashos, but ive only been playing it since the update came out so this is something they have probably fixed. i still have no idea about where hoko's sister is though even though ive completed all the other quests in the city (says in the guide ive gotta do the smithy quest first which has been done and i have the key), any ideas?? *edit* after a bit of aimless running about i finally found what i needed, in the mayors house you can find a red dress on the floor, return this to hakos and the quest will be complete.this post has been modified by its author [2008-03-20 07:47:16]

IceMan PJN 10/11/2007 08:01

I had simply warped out of the temple before picking up the Water Stone and thusly completing my quest before returning to pick up the stone. I did this without previously having been aware of any fate befalling Ashos. This means that the option of doing so isn't "in theory", but confirmed as a viable option.

Mr. Progamer 06/11/2007 20:29


Nordness 06/11/2007 00:54

As i cam out of the temple at ashos and i had the water stone, i found the entire city destroyed by orcs and them lingering around. It was funny i thought but i would like some input