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Imperial City Market District

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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1 - Green Emperor Way - Imperial City Market District - City maps - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1 - Green Emperor Way

2 - The Main Ingredient

3 - First Edition

4 - The Merchants Inn

5 - A Fighting Chance

6 - Red Diamond Jewelry

7 - The Market Sewers

8 - The Copious Coinpurse

9 - Stonewall Shields

10 - Edgar's Discount Spells

11 - Rindir's Staffs

12 - Black Horse Courier

13 - Three Brothers Trade Goods

14 - Jensine's 'Good as new' Merchandise

15 - Warehouse

16 - The Feed Bag

17 - Divine Elegance

18 - Mystic Emporium

19 - Slash 'N Smash

20 - The Gilded Carafe

21 - The Best Defense

22 - Office of Imperial Commerce

23 - North Watch Tower

24 - City Isle

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Imperial_Legion 22/10/2008 13:31

Guys plz tell me where i can get the black and burgandy outfit plz tell THANXS FOR ALL REPLYS THANXS!

BigT#99 12/03/2008 22:48

its a bunch of crap that u can get an item worth some really big number but u can only sell them for a fraction of that price even with full mercantile

Vorenus 23/02/2008 23:33

when you buy something expensive and still have a lot of money lol

Oblivion Nerd 23/02/2008 21:39

I know this is irrelavant but how much money do you think classifies you as being rich???

Vorenus 20/02/2008 02:17

sweet thanks

Oblivion93 19/02/2008 08:38

Acually you can't buy Ebony or Daedric from vendors (shops), it only goes up to elven. I suggest to fight bandits, vampires etc., best place is Barren Cave, it's just west of Cheydinhal, North of the Blue Road, it's only one level, full of vampires, with 2 boss-level ones, and alot of daedric.

Rose4 13/12/2007 09:31

Very Nice, this FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO NEED BUY A HOUSE GO TO: 22 Office of Imperial Commerce!

Mr. Progamer 11/12/2007 22:51

yeah a weapon shop,but u have to be at least lvl 20

Oblivion93 11/12/2007 11:28

Is there an NPC or a shop where you can buy Ebony or Daedric Blunt weapons from, I'm desprite for one?

Mr. Progamer 31/05/2007 20:18

u can sell mostly any freakin item in the right store aka its section(alchemical items- the gilded carafe or the main ingredient) any item like i said it can get better if u have a high mercantile skill lol

-Ares- 12/04/2007 23:21

Does anyone know where i can sell items in the Market District?

jammy 08/04/2007 11:46

thnc for your help i really needed it

noob 02/04/2007 23:05

thx for the help man

Da Jewish Emo. 31/03/2007 21:26


yo 17/03/2007 19:39

thanks alot for this man

whore 06/02/2007 23:39

boobs or tities boobs or tities

Sonar 30/12/2006 10:12

nice. ty

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rite bak atcha

uuiu 30/06/2006 21:34


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