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Shivering Isles (SI)

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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1 Door to Cyrodiil - Shivering Isles (SI) - Maps - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1 Door to Cyrodiil

19 Fetid Grove

37 Deepwallow

2 Gardens of Flash and Bone

20 Split

38 The Howling Halls

3 Passwall

21 Puddlejump Camp

39 Flooded Camp

4 Xeddefen

22 Knifepoint Hollow

40 Hill of Suicides

5 Hardscrabble Camp

23 Camp Hopeful

41 Knotty Bramsle

6 Blackroot Lair

24 Dunroot Burow

42 Xavara

7 Xaselm

25 Cann

43 Fellmoor

8 Xaselm Secret Entrance

26 Brellach

44 Blood Island Camp

9 Longtooth Camp

27 Highcross

45 Swampgas Hole

10 Knotbone Chamber

28 Frenzied Camp

46 Inlet Camp

11 Aichan

29 Ebrocca

47 Rotten Den

12 Wretched Camp

30 Breakneck Camp

48 Xedilian

13 Dire Warren

31 Fain

49 Backwash Camp

14 Camp Talltrees

32 Bliss

50 Vitharn

15 Cylarne

33 New Sheoth Palace

51 Xiditte

16 Hale

34 Crucible

52 Lost Time Camp

17 Milchar

35 New Sheoth Graveyard

53 Corpserot Passage

18 Dreamwalk Camp

36 Runoff Camp

54 Pinnacle Rock

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Comments and responses

wild_67stang 09/01/2013 08:38

Once you load shivering isles, you won't get a quest message like other dlc so just go out into Nibon Bay and you'll find a new small island with a head on it. That's the entry into SI.

tyty011 20/12/2011 01:10

k so i hv the oblivion game that came with bioshock. on the oblivion disk it said that i could do both shivering isles and knights of the nine. however i can not seem to get shivering isles to work. it said to wait a day in the game and i did that like 4 ro 5 times already and i havent recieved any message saying where to go or anything.

BLACKOUT origin 09/04/2011 05:35

Okay, 1 question: how do I get the "special key" to unlock the various chests throughout the shivering isles?

boardunit 08/11/2009 16:17

hey, ( im dutch so my english is not very good) i have oblivon game of the year for the ps3, i had finisht Shivering Isles, but wen im changes the language and later changes it back al the data of Shivering Isles are gone and from then i must do every mision over of it. al the items i got from there i stil have but al the blessings and spells ar gone to can some 1 help explane or have/has anybody the same problem mvg boardunit ps: if i go to the strange door there is a Golden Saint Aurgazel in front of the door if i speak whit her ,the game says " I HAVE NO GREETING"

Solen 30/10/2009 02:11

I am having a problem dropping items. I can drag them out of my invetory but when i let go of the mouse button the item just hangs up in my virtual hand until I spacebar it back into my invetory. Please help. I know I am doing something wrong.

Magi420 28/10/2009 00:22

Can you enchant Arrows?

Supergnash 20/10/2009 16:12

dodge ram man: bosmer you nearly got it. Closing the oblivion gates helps with a later quest were a great gate appears.This is the allies for bruma/ defending bruma quest. you close other gates and get help from the cities to defend bruma against a great gate. You have to close that gate(which is hard) and then you can just ignore the oblivion gates after that. Although if you see one go in and have a go because you can get sigil stones for enchanting stuff( very handy).

bosmer 14/10/2009 00:44

dodge ram man, as you go through the main plot, there will come a time that a major oblivion gate will open outside every major city. you will need to close each of these to eventually become the champion of cyrodiil. all the other smaller gates don't have to be closed, they will close when you finish with all the major gates. you can close them for some extra xp and items, though. i just closed the big ones cause i'm lazy.

HELL_YH 01/06/2009 13:48

yh when i go to the fence fathis ules to sell my stolen goods he just says "our business is done" so i can't fence and unlock the next quest and theres no other fences availible. little help?

Haskils Sheogorath 06/05/2009 01:01

Congrats. You are a Vampire!

UndeadTank 05/05/2009 22:03

Can you become a Vampire at all ? i did some quests/ missions whatever you want to call them were i had to kill some vampires and its been about 2 days or more game time and every time i go out in the sunlight i die

Haskils Sheogorath 03/05/2009 15:19

You have to shut the ones outside of cities (Or castle areas) ,those other ones in the wilderness are optional ones.

dodge ram man 29/03/2009 18:28

ok i know this might sound really stupid but i havent gottin that far into the game, but i've closed the first oblivian im finding all these other gates, am i supposed to close these other gates, or am i going to have to shut them in the main plot line?

r3nr3n 06/02/2009 20:23

okay i just got oblivion goty edition but when i dled the installations i dont c any diffrences any one help? its for x360

nikinikiman 29/01/2009 12:32

i cant get my si to download on pc it sucks i got disc 1 and 2 and si is sopossed to be on disc 2 and it wont load

Mr. Progamer 28/01/2009 21:37


ShakenMike 28/01/2009 03:47

I can't get shivering isles to work.

killers 23/01/2009 12:45

Hi, can someone email me the key bindings for this game to so that I can add a template for this game to my software called Keystroke! a voice recognition software for gamers by Killers Software at

Planktonamore 21/01/2009 03:40

hey does anyone no where i can find matrix ore?if you no where you can contact me here or my email or my youtube account:HateTheFallen209 THANKS.

Samaya Mathias 20/01/2009 20:17

is the story line different for ps3 on shivering isles? and how do i get the golden saints armour? it would look so good on my character !

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