Game GuidesPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Game Guide & Walkthrough
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Game Guide & Walkthrough

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Game Guide & Walkthrough

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Jacek "Stranger" Halas

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Welcome to the unofficial game guide to the

Welcome to the unofficial game guide to the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds' End". This guide consists mainly of a very detailed walkthrough of the singleplayer campaign of the game. You will find out almost everything about the main twelve missions. Obviously, you'll know what exactly has to be done in order to fulfill main goals. This will allow you to reach the end of each mission. Additionally, I've also described all sub-missions. You won't have to complete them in order to succeed, however I'd strongly recommend doing that. Most of these missions aren't too difficult (or complicated) and you'll be able to earn some precious rewards for finishing them. Some of these missions have been described along with the main goals, mostly when you're going to have to find someone/something (e.g. four prisoner cells in the first mission of the game) or when you'll participate in one of the mini-games (e.g. The Jackanism which appears from time to time). As for the rest of the goals, check the first part of the description of a mission if you want to find out more about the available subquests. I'm sure that you won't have any problems finding these descriptions. The second part of my game guide contains a detailed list of all available Achievements. I'm sure that you're familiar with these types of bonuses. For example, you will be able to unlock new playable characters. This will also enable to use them to repeat some of the previously completed missions. You can also check the achievements on your own, by choosing the Treasure Cove from the main menu of the game (you would have to click on various different types of bonuses). I guess I should also remind you about the necessity of saving your game progress. Sadly, you won't be allowed to do this during the course of the game, so don't forget to choose YES once you've successfully completed one of the missions. This also includes the secondary challenges which can be found in the main menu of the game. As for the missions, I've focused most of my attention on reaching new areas and exploring the surroundings. It's going to be very important if you plan on finding some of the hidden objects (including the crab pendants). I hope that you'll find my guide to be helpful and I'm sure that you won't have any major problems reaching the end. Have fun playing the game!


Helpful hints:

- First of all, you can't forget about the possibility of destroying nearby crates, barrels or vases. I'm sure that you won't have any problems finding these objects or spotting them once you've reached a new area of the map. I will describe in the main part of the guide where you can find the most important objects. Most of them will contain gold pouches and you're going to need to collect gold in order to fulfill one of the secondary goals.

- Combat is a very important aspect of this game. While fighting a group of enemy soldiers, always try to score nice combo hits. Additionally, during most of the missions this is going to be required to fulfill one of the subquests. The most important thing here is to maintain a combo. As a result, you won't be allowed to take too much time between the hits (usually it has to be less than two seconds). Choose your targets carefully, especially if you see that one of the thugs is trying to block your attack. You will also have to avoid counterattacks, because they will interrupt your combo and you would have to start from the beginning.

- You should be using the block function quite frequently, especially if you're fighting minibosses or stronger characters. Once an opponent has made his move, try and perform a successful counterattack. Most of these actions will end with a hit. If you lost too much health, use the chicken wings to replenish your health meter.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End



Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Eurocom Entertainment

  • publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

  • platform: PS2, PSP, DS, XBOX360, PS3, NINTENDO Wii

  • rated: 12+ (Teen)

Piracy. Smuggling. Buried Treasure. What’s not to love about Captain Jack Sparrow?

Live and die by the sword! Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is inspired by the events, environments and characters of both the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest films. Players must demonstrate their bravery and swordsmanship as they encounter all manner of crazed pirates and cursed creatures in treacherous, exotic locations. Play as Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann to prevent Jack's dark past from catching up with him.

Enjoy sword-assisted acrobatics, adaptive combat and classical dueling in unique gameplay. Experience the Pirates of the Caribbean world in never-before-seen detail, going beyond the films' events and storylines to introduce new locations, an extended story, legendary pirates and a unique ending.

Special Features:
- Notoriety - Jack's fame as a pirate increases as he strikes fear and admiration into the hearts of his pirate brethren
- Control Captain Jack Sparrow – Take advantage of situations as Jack would, playing to his unique character, wit and guile
- Intelligent swordplay – Adaptive swashbuckling with intense dueling and acrobatic interaction requiring flamboyant creativity
- Multiple character controls – Simultaneous multiple character control for focused attacks
- Interactive surroundings – Real physics and dynamics enliven both armed and unarmed combat
- Unlockables – Special moves, secret characters, inventory items, weapons and secret locations
- Next Gen Sophistication – Beautiful high definition graphics complement cinematic action and refined combat controls

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