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In this lovely neighborhood you'll have to eliminate Vinnie Sinitra, a snitch who is under witness protection program - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In this lovely neighborhood you'll have to eliminate Vinnie Sinitra, a snitch who is under witness protection program. The area is crawling with agents, so you'll have to be careful.

1 - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Approach the catering van and use the sedative on the donuts in there (ha ha - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Approach the catering van and use the sedative on the donuts in there (ha ha!). The waiter will take them to the second van, which turns out to be secret agents' comm central. When they're fast asleep, enter their car and take the suit from one of them. You now have access to the whole map.

2 - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Go to the back of the house to see the victim's wife taking a bath - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Go to the back of the house to see the victim's wife taking a bath. She has a microfilm in her necklace, and you're here to get it back. When she leaves the pool, follow her and sedate her near the sauna (no one should see that naturally). Take the microfilm (a shame you can't wear her clothes, huh) and place the body inside the sauna.

* - Vinnie's TV - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

* - Vinnie's TV.

You now have to take care of Vinnie - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You now have to take care of Vinnie. Leave the house and mess up with the power box near the entrance. Go to the TV Room, marked above. Vinnie will send his personal bodyguard to see what's wrong with the TV, and you'll be with him alone. That's your chance - kill him quickly and leave the house. Change back to your original clothes and scram.

3 - A New Life - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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Comments and responses

Silent_Assasin 18/07/2011 03:07

Walk onto the dirveway, use the sedative on the doughnuts, walk to the Van and drop the doughnuts when the FBI agents start talking to you, they will be unconscious. Take a suit and enter the house through the front door, if the wife Is near the inside pool just push her off the small stairs into it, being knocked out and in the water will kill her but will count as an accident without any negative impact to your rating or damage control deduction. After that take the microfilm and wait for Vinnie Sinistra to walk upstairs he will walk into a small room you can easily fiberwire him, it will take almost a full 4 and a half minuets before the agents realize something is wrong, Again if they find his body there wont be negative impact do to that being the mark, Go back to the van and out your suit back on and take the pistols if you havent collected them yet and make a clean getaway with a silent assassin rating. Notes: -Vinnie carries a Bull .480 you can pick this up after killing him to collect it for your hideout. -If you attempt to go through the backyard you will be caught on film and the dog will bite you mercilessly and alert the agents if close by. -If using the poolboy/clown outfit stand near the wife outside for a bit near the pool, She will invite you inside and allow you to bypass the guards as long as you are near her, she will take a drink and fall asleep, you can take the microfilm at that point. -The trash truck can hide up to I believe 3 bodies before being over used. -One of the FBI agents will sniff Vinnie's daughter's underwear, you can knock him out by getting the bottle of ether from the house across the street and pouring it on them. -If you take the baseball bat in Vinnie's room and kill EVERYONE in the neighborhood with it, when you escape you will have a "Slugger" easter-egg rating

Kingorlando 16/05/2011 00:58

I once made the guy who has the dounuts choke on a weinner

ds23600070 23/09/2009 17:06

first,go to the catering van and sedate the donuts when no one is looking.take the donuts and run towards the van that reads:Lauritz and co..behind it u will find the option of:put down donuts,do so,47 will automatically knock the door,the FBI agent will come and take them ,stand near the entrance of the van so that the door does not close as you can see them passing out,enter the van steal the video tape and grab their clothes,head to the entrance of the house and walk straight tot he double doors and turn right,walk straight and turn right to find a room,check the map,there will be sinistras wife inside, u have to be quick in sedating her and grabbing her necklace.walk up the stairs,u might see an FBI guard standing there,if he is standing there,wait,he will go into a room,follow him in stealth mode,when he smells the panties bring out your silver baller,use him as a shield,take him to the bathroom and knock him out.check the map,Sinistra and an FBI will be coming,wait for sinsitra to enter his room,sneak up behind the FBI guard,using him as a human shield,enter the room where u took out the last agent and knock him out.when sinistra is about to go down the stairs,sneak behind him and push him,it will count as an accident,head back to the van grab your suit and exit.

cabral 15/06/2009 04:59

You can also get some interesting weapons in this level. If you walk into the garage of the pet clinic right across the street and pick the lock to the door you will be able to get tranquilizer darts and a bottle of ether which can be used to sedate people. Use the tranquilizer darts with the air gun, which is in the neighbor's tree house.

devilruler 17/02/2008 11:12

This a the easiest lvl in this game. First approach the FBI van, enter it then close the door. A FBI will tell u to leave, just smash his head and the other guy behind him, take the FbI clothes. Note, u don;t want to leave any witnesses, take a hege cutter and kill them while the FBI are fainted. Now approach the food van, put a mine inside a catering tray and carry the tray to the targe, place the tray in front of the target and detonate from a safe distance. TARGET KILLED. For the lady just take oil and rig the barbacue thing, the woman will touch it and light herself up, killing her. take the necklace. MISSION COMPlETED

MadMacStew 11/02/2008 13:26

If you have the Walther rifle, a very clean way to hit Vinnie is to enter the surveillance van after the guards have been sedated, use the phone to redial the witness, and immediately dash out and up to the front of the big house beside the van. Unpack your rifle and you'll be in time to nail Vinnie as he answers the phone. Immediately pack up your rifle again, and no one will have seen you take the shot (that's why you need the short dash to the house doorway). It's then a simple job to drop the rifle case in the van, grab the video tape, and enter the house wearing an FBI suit from the van. Go out to the garage, collect the lighter fluid, rig the barbecue and fry the wife (gruesome charred corpse image!). Grab the microfilm from her BBQ'd neck and stroll casually back to the van for your suit and rifle, then escape. Cool, quiet and no witnesses.

MadMacStew 03/01/2008 12:36

If you want to check out your speed and reflexes - and don't mind a Psycopath rating on this section - this is one of the hits where it's possible to take out *everyone*, given that you've brought enough ammunition. Easiest with a fully specced Walther rifle, but more 'up close and personal' with fully upgraded Silverballers. Alternatively, rigging the BBQ and taking Vinnie with a single shot from a max-silenced Silverballer will guarantee you a SA rating.

Artful Dodger 16/12/2007 09:22

Well, I still think my method is better. Similar at first:sedate the doughnuts. But after that, just pick them up, and go into the FBI van. The guy will say "no"and stiff arm, but you just go in a lil, then just drop the doughnuts. they will still be eaten, and you don't have to wait. Then, when they start staggering, go in, and close the door. take the fbi suit, call the witness, take the video tape, and take both pistols. (won't need em, but if you have them there's less of a chance of gettin caught". Then, go inside, and head towards the pool. turn right pass the sauna, and you will see a shed with a door. When the patroling FBi dude isn't watching, pick the lock, and take the lighter fluid on the right. Then, go out, and rig the barbecue (right past the pool). Then, hop in the pool, and have a cig. break. The wife will eventually come out, and she will light the barbecue..and light herself on fire. After about 10 seconds of running around, she gets the smart idea to jump into the pool. Take the microfilm (won't get caught doin that, or riggin bbq),and head back in the house. That's an accident, so + score. When inside the house, check your map. If vinnie is downstairs watchin tv, great! if not, wait for him to go downstairs (unless you're on rookie for the first time, in which case you go in, close the door, and sedate poison him.),and then go into his room (first on the right.) Turn left into that little alcove, and play the waiting game. If you're on normal or harder, get ur syringe poison ready, and then the minute the door closes and he isn't looking at you (and he's looking at the piano) sneak over (do it quickly, he leaves soon), and sedate him. If you want, drag his body into that alcove. If,by bad luck, he sees you and pulls out his pistol(it's really good, i'd get it, but pales in comparison to silverballers.), even if you have the syringe equipped, go up to him and then click the button you'd normally do to attack him (changes on every console -.-),and you should grab his gun, elbow him in the eye, then have a 2 second grace period while he whines about his eye. don't waste this. shoot him in the face, twice. then go back into that corner, and crouch. (if you sedated him and he didn't catch you, just walk out leisurely. I like to save near the exit, then grab my m4, and kill everyone, then load the previous game. just cause it's fun.) eventually, the fbi agent gets him into a body bag, and you can just walk out after the fbi agent left the room. Walk out to your leisure. I shot him in the head once with the gun when i let him catch me, and i still got silent assassin. But if you shoot him like 5 times, i'd say you're gonna get hitman for the noise factor. Anyway, send me a msg @ if you thought this was helpful.

Dark Magic 11/12/2007 14:33

I dont know why, but I cant sufocate anyone! The Silverballer power is taking me! A Shot on the back of the head is allways much more fun!

dIeGuIxD 25/11/2007 04:58

lol, the baseball bat one should be pretty hard dude... i'll try it anyway n ill post a comment again

falcon43 16/10/2007 00:23

if you happen to break into the house (which is really hard to do) and you have ether, hide in the daughters room (its the pink one) and youll see an fbi agent sniff some panties on the desk. when he leaves put some ether on the panties and wait for him to sniif them again. helll be knocked cold and youll have an fbi agent suit.

falcon43 16/10/2007 00:20

you can get 2 special ranks on this level. 1 is the slugger rank. the other is russian hare. to get the slugger rank kill everyone in the level with the baseball bat which can be found in the garage of vinnies house. to get russian hare, take your w2000 sniper to the level and go into the treehouse. start sniping the fbi agents. DONT kill any civilians with the sniper just fbi. kill all fbi with sniper to get russian hare rank.

shap47 17/04/2007 16:16

if you want the ammos for the air rifle it is on the right side of the fbi van. there is a door but its locked so get an garbage man disguse or an fbi so you could lock pick the door in the opened gargare door and get a bottle of ether and darts. have fun with the rifle and remember to put it in the ICA drop box so it could be in your hideout! ;)

Helper 09/04/2007 12:54

ammo 4air rifle is in the back of vets ( folow the dustbin man and go trough the window

bobrobs 08/04/2007 20:35

where is the ammo for thw air rifle??

pepi 06/04/2007 21:55

well , i'm seeing this a bit too late ... i killed everybody in this mission - civil people , vinnie , his wife , all the agents , the funnny guy , the dog , the camera , and i was wondering , where is this f*ckin' microfilm .. 10x guys!!

Hawk 19/03/2007 00:54

the only level im going to get cash to upgrade my weapons. did not get a freaking silent assasin yet! im try using this guide's methon.

GOOD IDEA 47  18/03/2007 15:56

I am going to try that today

47 16/03/2007 02:25

Hmm, alternative....... sedate the FBI agents in the van with the doughnuts... leave rifle case and suit in the van... enter the esate, find the girl, while shes walkingout of the pool room, sedate her... stash her body in the steam room near the indoor pool... grab the micro film... leave and enter the vetanrians garage across the road (grab the rifle case on the way)... snipe back on the house, when the target is at the window watchin TV... (careful, you need to have him aimed for a few seconeds, otherwise you'll miss at this range)... Grab your suit from the van, and leave the level... I finished with no noise, or violence ratings on Professinal difficulty

MrPsychoPathic 13/03/2007 23:56

Sorry I forgot to mention this is the BEST level to get a lot of free cash in by doing the save before escape trick =)

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