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There are a lot of trainers in Gothic 3 (because there is a lot of skills of course). I'm not going to list trainers teaching skills on first or second level - you can meet them almost in every town. I'm going to list only the masters (and not all of them - for example there are more than ten sword masters) and characters teaching you the rare skills.


Paladin - Rhobar (after choosing Innos).

Regeneration - Rhobar (after choosing Innos); Kan the leader of the Orcs in Faring

Master two weapon fighter - Ugrasal from Ishtar

Large weapon III - Hogar from the Wolf Clan (after duel); Ugolf from the Hammer Clan (after doing quest for him).

Orc Hunter - Hogar from the Wolf Clan (after duel).

Crossbow Master - Anog from Silden and Marik from Montera.


Bow master -Falk from Silden, Candela from Okara and Bogir from the Wolf Clan

Orc Hunter -Chris from Vengard outdoor, Armon from Cape Dun and Candela from Okar.


Dark Mage - Tizgar from Bakaresh.

Water Mage - Saturas from Mora Sul ruins, Vatras from Lago.

Mana Regeneration - Karrypto from Vengard, Saturas from Al Shedim, Sigmor from Bakaresh.

Learn quickly - Water Mages: Cronos, Merdarion, Saturas, Vatras, Riordian, and also Delazar from Ishtar.

Staff Fighting III - Ateras from Bakaresh, Shakyor from Lago.


Impossible pickpocketing - Peer from farm near Trelis.

Impossible Lockpicking - Lares from Geldern.

Knockdown - Lares from Geldern.

Murder - Ugrasal from Ishtar.


Prew Poison - Aldo from Bakaresh, Delazar from Ishtar, Eusebio from Ben Erai and Rasul from Lago.

Poison Weapons - Aldo, Delazar, Eusebio, Rasul and Esiel from Cape Dun.

Poison Arrows - Aldo, Delazar, Eusebio and Rasul.


Acrobatics -Pavel from Silden, Harek from Cape Dun (if you escorted him to Jens)

Endurance of the Wolf -Pavel from Silden and Torn the druid.

Weakness resistance - Renwik from Geldern.

Poison resistance - Peratur from Geldern.

Heat resistance - Sanuyem from Mora Sul ruins, Tufail from Braga.

Cold resistance - Bogir from the Wolf Clan, Lars from Silden (when you set him free).

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Solun 23/03/2013 23:02

Great list, just what I needed. Thanks

Archdemon199 21/03/2012 16:27

Hi guys, I'm new here and I was wondering that does the Magic Staves skill actually work cause it doesn't show any kind of 'shield' when I parry with it. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks in advance!

6Hell6Spawn6 05/01/2012 22:45

Yeah, So guys Who the hell teach's Sharp Arrows???? I bough the recipe and i can't find no know who teaches that damn skill. !!! HEal!PPP.

Ralfus 24/03/2011 02:20

Hi again!... Sebastian from Reddock teach the "Lear Faster" skill too. (this time i'm sure XD)

Ralfus 24/03/2011 02:10

i must say that i'm really sorry... but i was wrong with the Shaman of Sildern... (i don't know why) i've just remembered like this... and it's wrong... just it... and... the stone portal... amm... i've finished the game and... well i know now what's that portal for... but, by the way... the six druid's stone is still missing for me...

Ralfus 13/03/2011 22:24

Hey there! :D i'm just registered and i've come to anwere a question that i've seen all over the conversation (i've read it all xD dam you really have a discussion here :D). Well, that's the tip: The "Brew Poison" skill is learned from Grompel (the shaman in Sildern), after you gain audience with the Orc Leader (the one who seems to be an old warlord in the war o something like that :P), then Grompel acceed to share his "shaman magic knowledge" with you (it's just ancient knowledge, so don't think there is a secret magic or whatever). And also he teach you some alchemy, there is where our dam searched skill: "Brew Poison" is. I hope it's help you all, and.. sorry if i'm a little bit difficult to understand, i'm haven't find out where is someone who can teach me the skill "master english speaker" LOL (that's would be awesome! hahaha :D). Oh! I almost forgot, if you just try to learn this skill in any other alchemist (because it's apears that they also want to teach you anyways)... you'll fall in the cursed bug again and... say goodbye to the "brew poison" skill forever after. Amm.... that's all. I just have one.. no, two questions after all.... 1s What's can we do with the "Stone Portal" that's right between Sildern and Geldern, into the forest (where we do 2 quest for Geldern, one is the Gold Mine that Ivan (the unholy mercenary) plundered, and the other quest it's the mine overuned by wolves) well i really don't know how to describe the path to get there... but.. just have a look and it's right behind your eyes. It's look like a forest path and all the path it's garnished with stones (like doors but just the vertical sides.. mm... zyou know what i mean? :S i hope you do). Well, and in the end of the path we get to a suposed mountain "endway" with really big rocks... but, if you see as well, there is a little.. a tinny diferent stone in the bottom part. Then you go near this rock/stone and you will read (like when you see the name of the door's temples in the dessert) "Stone Portal".. and when you click at it, the "nameless hero" say.. "not yet", 2s There seems to be six druid's stones in all the wolrd. I'm just missing one, i have the: Ripperbeast , Shadowbeast, Wolf, Snapper and Lion.. I think that the one that i'm missing is the sonte of the "Wild Boar" (?) that's right? and... where i can find it?... And also, i have the idea that this six stones are needed for the "Stone Portal" that i'm talking about in the first question. Well, i'm really sorry for my "blabling"... hehe..

Bardulf 26/02/2011 17:29

For people who are disapointed in the fact that they are unable to get certain skills because of the path choices they made such as Paladin, Master of two Blades, ect. I have a bit of helpfull information. Master of two Blades can be gained be equipting a Master Sword. There are two ways to get this. I recomend forging it, so you get the +10 damage from a self-forged weapon. The plan cost 20000 gold coins from blacksmiths in Varant, I find Enzo, the blacksmith in Ben Sala has the plan more often than the others. A master sword has a base stat of 105 damage, making it have a damage of 125 when self-forged and sharpened, a truly formitable weapon. To forge it, you need a magic ore blank and two katanas. One katana is recieved from Angar upon beating him in the arena of Mora Sul, the other is found in a Heavy Chest (Weapon Chest). The other way to get the Master Blade, is to loot it from a Heavy Chest. However you dont get the self-forged bonus, and I find it is easier to make it. The master blade is a magic ore weapon, and requires magic ore forging to make. This is odd, because the Rune Blade, a pure magic ore weapon, has the same base damage, and is shorter, but also gives defensive stats. Save your pure ore blanks for the Sword of the Ancestors, which has a higher base damage and is longer. (If you dont know, pure ore blanks are a reward from "Liberate Nordmar!", but they can also be found from Solid Metal Chests, its rare, so quick save and quick load infront of them until you get it. The third pure ore weapon, is Power of the Ancestors, the two handed version of Sword of the ancestors, but this requires two pure ore blanks to get. All three pure ore weapon blueprints can be found in Heavy Chests.) As for the paladin skill, if you missed your chance with Rhobar, you can still get it. One of the most powerfull, if not THE most powerfull weapon in the game is the Wrath of Innos. This is found in the last Heavy Chest you open (#48). It is a two-handed weapon, requiring large weapon 3 skill, and a strength somewhere around 350. The base damage is around 160, sharpened to 170. The weapon is blessed when you find it, and when you wield the blade, you gain the paladin skill. Happy hunting!

Mongo1 09/02/2011 21:48

Assuming you mean teach you the murder thief skill, that would be Urgasal in Ishatar, and he's the only one which is why peaceful access to Ishtar is important. He is also dual sword master trainer (again only one).

andrei28 09/02/2011 11:24

Who teaches you to become an assassin?

Mongo1 09/11/2010 21:22

if you bought the recipe then you have the skill, though I dun remember that one. You learn sharpen blade from any blacksmith trainer, and then can sharpen blade quarrels but dun need recipe except to make them. So I guess I am confused.

Maq_A 08/11/2010 23:20

Who can teach u to make sharp arrows? Can someone tell me plz? I find numerous people who sold the recipe, but no one can teach me that.

badeball 09/09/2010 03:44

haha, no, chico :) it actually means 'beach ball' in norwegian. uh... i was bored and the nick i wanted was already taken. LOL

Mongo1 07/09/2010 21:28

Glad to help BTW is that Badeball as in 'badeball bin bedy bedy gud to me' LOL

badeball 06/09/2010 17:05

Cheers, Mongo! Will put some more LP into hunting skill. I have the silent death bow (115 I think) and I kill boars, deer, lurkers, jackals, regular grey wolves and regular goblins with one arrow from quite a distance. Ice wolves and black goblins - that's another story.. I have a few spells I use as well, and it is way too easy to start using fire ball all the time. I kill most orc warriors and elite warriors with 2 hits even from quite a distance, (scouts with 1), mine crawlers, sand crawlers and shadowbeasts with 1, gargoyles, sabertooth tigers and others with 2. Quick tapping the left mouse button you can even easily kill a black troll because it cant move forward while being constantly hit. Takes me about 5-6 hits (I do have around 500 mana though). The target lock ability is absolutely lovely (and funny, like when the fire ball follows a foe around the corner), but it does make the game very easy. You get lazy. I prefer atleast having to aim with the bow. And believe me, when ending up in close combat situations I sure wish I'd spent more time honing my melee skills! (using the controls and mouse I mean, I have master swordfighter and master heavy weapon (?) in the game, but that doesnt help if you've gone around firing off magic spells from afar all the time). Anyways. Wandering around Varant now with a demon I summoned. Want to see how long he stays before he vapourises or whatever they might do when the "magic" runs out. But his constant demon mumbling is driving me nuts so I might just kill him off before I find out ;) LOL. I wonder if the game makers had fun and put in some actual words in there. Sometimes I think I can recognize a word or two. Would be fun if that's the case! Sorry for derailing into off topic'ness, son of eager helpfulness. Again thanks!

Mongo1 06/09/2010 11:19

Answer First part is a definite yes on damage and accuracy, the distance not sure, think the bow determines range. Second part don't think so, strength determines damage for melee weapons for sure, but don't think it has any effect on ranged weapons.

badeball 05/09/2010 19:22

I have master skill with regular bow, and often use it to pick off foes or creatures from a distance. My question is: I know that increasing Hunting skill affects what bows I can use, but does it also affect: 1. Hit damage? 2. Hit distance? 3. Hit accuracy? Does Strength affect hit damage when using a regular bow? Thnx in advance!

Mauro3 03/09/2010 03:06

wlll it turns out that there are shrines outside the cities that grant you hp for money.but thanks anyway

Mauro3 02/09/2010 22:42

well ok.then why is that my guy is level 11 and he still has the same 200 health points i started with.

Mongo1 02/09/2010 22:16

Shirt answer is NO! It goes up each time you level, and there are potions that plus it up, some you will find, and you can make them with the right ingredients and skill.

Mauro3 02/09/2010 18:32

hey,maybe this is a stupid question but,zyou can level up your health or is it always 200? if you can please tell me how.thanks.

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