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Gothic 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Gothic 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Gothic 3 Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Andrzej "Rylak" Rylski

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Welcome to my guide dedicated to the one of the most expected games - Gothic III. At the beginning I have to point that it's not a guide in the classical meaning. The hugeness of Gothic world and a very large number of quests do not let me to prepare a solution guiding players step by step. That's why I decided only to list all possible quests without going into details. I only give you information who offers the quest and where it must be solved. Naturally, if it's possible, I try to give some tips making your game easier.

At the beginning you should learn some clues that help you to understand my tips and game's rules.

  1. All quests listed in the guide are divided in a few groups (one group for one town). The main quests (a few of them are solved for almost a whole game) can be found at the end of the guide.
  2. It's impossible to do all quests during one game. Some of them are not accessible when you choose a fraction you want to cooperate with (then the opposite fractions are not going to work with you). It's very likely that you will not find some characters, because the world is so big that it's so easy to miss some people. And unfortunately there are a lot of bugs that will not let you to talk to some characters (when you should) or you will be ignored even if you have the item needed by NPC.
  3. It's normal in Gothic III that you can solve a quest even before you get it. For example, when wandering through the wasteland you kill the group of wolves, and then you receive a message that you solved a quest "Wolf hunting with XXX". After that, when meeting a proper NPC you get experience points for nothing! It's quite good system but sometimes it may cause problems: a NPC may not talk to you despite he should give you another quest. There are a lot of problems caused by inadequate order of dialogue and you can't mend it.
  4. There are a few strange quests in the guide. I call them strange cause they can be solved but you never find a person that gives that mission. I believe these are quests that were to be included in the game but they were forgotten during the process of Gothic 3 creation.
  5. Generally it's your choice which way to go, which towns to visit and which quests to solve first, but you have to be aware that there are a few quests having a time limit - they must be done in a few days or even hours. In the further part of this solution I give the best way (the quickest one) of finishing the game. Actually there are three possible ways, one for each main fraction: Rebels, Orcs and Hashishin.
  6. Save your game very often, even before every fight (at least at the beginning of the game. In Gothic III each fight can be the last one. Even the weakest monster can kill you with a set of blows, and such situation happens very often. I don't know if it's a kind of combo or maybe a bug of the game, but it's certain that you will die more than once in such way: after being hit with first blow, you are constantly beaten until death. And you have no chance to defeat yourself. Do not underestimate any enemy, even looking not nasty. You don't have to face a Troll or an Ogre to be defeated, even ordinary boar or a wolf can kill you in a few seconds.
  7. When fighting do not hesitate to run away to the safe place. Almost during the whole game you are fighting with large groups of enemies, so there is no shame in retreating to the place where you can heal yourself and prepare for the next opponent. Frankly speaking it's the only effective way when you have to liberate a city (then you have to face more than one hundred warriors).
  8. Bows and crossbows are very effective weapons (the first ones are quicker and the second ones do more damage). After mastering using bows (and special bonuses), you will be able to kill your enemies before they reach you.
  9. You're not the only one using distance weapon - beware of enemies armed with bows and crossbows. When enemies surround you and there are also bowmen, you will be lost. Bowmen should be your first targets if you want to survive the battle. Magicians and shamans are even more dangerous enemies. Orc or Goblin shamans can cast fireballs extremely quickly, they can also freeze you for a moment. If they are supported by warriors then, you have no chance. Try to use a bow or a crossbow to kill magicians before you attack warriors.
  10. Be careful when fighting in a tight and crowded chamber. It's one of Gothic's bugs that terrain objects are stopping you. It seems quite normal but you quickly change your mind when you will be held somehow for a few seconds by a... wall or you will not be able to run through a small stone or a branch. It's really frustrating. Every time when your opponent attacks you in a tight chamber try to escape to more spacious terrain.
  11. You may carry non-limited number of items so take with you everything you find. Everything can be sold, and you will never have too much money (you will be speeding even tens of thousands of gold pieces).
  12. Take with you all flowers, roots, minerals, skins, tooth etc. There is a large number of quests obliging you to bring a few dozens of particular item. Because of that you have to learn a lot of useful skill, so that you could skin animals, mine ore and gold etc.
  13. Before you start completing quests in a particular town try to clear the surrounding terrain from bandits and beasts. There are a lot of quests connected with escorting an NPC to some place. It's not so easy as it seems because your companions behave very silly - they usually run just through the group of wild beasts. It's your job to bring them alive to the right place and it's very difficult (very often impossible) to rescue an NPC surrounded by hungry wolves or mighty rhinos. You will avoid a lot of troubles if you spare some time for killing beasts before completing quests.
  14. During your missions you will meet a few characters that can join you. Some of them can assist you until being dismissed; some of them only want your help for completing particular quest. Unfortunately, additional warrior in a party is not help at all, usually it's a trouble only. Except problem described above, you will have other worries. Very often, your companions ask you for killing a group of enemies, and in such cases you must do anything to stay alive. And it means that you have no time to take care for your companion, so he probably dies. This is the best way to accomplish such quests: agree when you're asked for help, then bring your friend close to the enemy's camp and told him to wait for a signal. Then kill all your enemies yourself and go back to your companion who's waiting for you - talk to him and get experience points.
  15. Remember about teaching your character different skills. In Gothic III you shouldn't concentrate only on creating ideal warrior or magician. You will not achieve a success if you can't open locks, mine an ore, lie, skin animals etc. Always think twice before using skill points. I don't mean you should create the jack of all trades - this way you will not be master in any skill - but it's not a good idea to spare skill points on fighting or magic skills only. The best way is to choose a class (magician, warrior, ranger) and completing it with other useful skills (forging weapons, stealing and lying, preparing potions etc.).
  16. Remember to use helpful items and places you can find all over the world. This way you can create items (use camp - fires, cauldrons, alchemist's workshops, anvils, whetstones etc.), or gain new attribute's points (magician's books, stone tables, round stones). Learning this way you can save a lot of skill points; making items you save money, not mentioning other benefits (for example: weapon forged by yourself makes greater damage).
  17. Talking to other characters always try to check all possibilities. Very often you can get a quest only if you exactly question an NPC. Be inquisitive, and be brave when being offended (there is a few quest connected with beating a character offending you).
  18. Be aware that if you attack a member of particular group, the rest of his companions will help him. You may be also attacked when closing to the group with a sword in your hand, (if you disdain a warning). The situation may change when you reach a high level of reputation in a particular town. Then you may beat (and sometime even kill) an NPC without a threat of being punished.
  19. There are a few fractions in Gothic 3, you may work for. In the further part of the game you will have to decide which side you are definitely supporting, but until this moment you may work for everyone. Regularly check your reputation level: when it exceeds 50 points troubles appear. For example, having more than 50 points of reputation with Rebels, you may still talk to Orcs, but their leaders order to kill you without hesitation.
  20. It's a good idea to print a map of Gothic world and signing there all useful locations (caves, mines, hideouts of NPC etc.). Very often you have to come back to places you visited earlier and it may not be easy to find them again.
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Gothic 3



Gothic 3

Gothic 3 Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Piranha Bytes

  • publisher: Aspyr Media / Jowood

  • platform: PC

  • rated: PEGI: 16+ / ESRB: Teen

A Nameless Hero Becomes a Legend.

In the first two parts of Gothic, you fought along a hard way from being a prisoner to becoming the hero of Khorinis, the strategically important mining island. Now the time has come for you and your friends to discover and fight across the mainland of Myrtana.
The situation is desperate: The orcs have beaten King Rhobar's troops and are ruling the most important parts of Myrtana, enslaving the human population. Only the tricky inhabitants of the south and the wild barbarians of the icy north are holding against the orcish domination.
And there are rebels, lurking around in the shadows of Myrtana's forests and trying to fight a hit & run guerilla war. It's your choice if you want to join them or the orcs - but whatever you do, the destiny of Myrtana will depend on you!
- A totally new graphics engine creates the most realistic and fascinating in-game world possible: Myrtana awakens!
- Huge living and breathing environment reacting to the actions of the player and creating endless choices of interacting with the world and its population
- New fluid action-packed combat system with spectacular fighting styles, including 2-swords-fighting
- No linear levels - The Player defines the pace in which he advances through the game. Every action has ramifications for the world at large
- Countless side quests to choose from
- One of the best AI's ever provides hundreds of characters with realistic behavior reacting to your words and actions
- More than 50 different kinds of monsters and animals, together with countless humanoid friends & foes, contribute to a living world
- A totally class-free character development system gives you the chance to create the char of your dreams with the abilities of your choice!

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fridelain 12/03/2016 08:24

In order to solve memory problems: Make sure to close all programs before starting the game. There is software like Killprocess which will do this for you at the press of a key combination. Use "FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52". This software frees unused RAM and compresses the one in use. Set up a key combination and use it every so often. This will sliw down the game for a bit, so make sure to do it before combats and such, not during them. I was able to run it on 1 GB of RAM with this, I can not recomend it enought. Using teleportation stones before using FreeRAM XP seems to make it work even better. You should still save and restart the game every now and then, particularly when travelling. Take it as an oportunity to go to the bathroom.

nakitah 28/02/2016 09:56

how do you kill the orcs...killed the orcs on the farm each time I'm in the area

Paladin16 25/09/2014 10:30

Anybody know how to fix Smart heap library : Out of Memory? It's really annoying man, i just can play for only half hour and the smartheap problem start again does the newest patch fix that problem? maybe Mongo1 know the answer :)

szeos 04/09/2012 18:44 hey guys where i can download client?

LH-TheGodfather 13/05/2012 01:28

Nice Game. Good the guide of gamepressure. ----------------------------------------------------------- It's my LH-Gothic 3 guide - cn: ----------------------------------------------------------------- My Guide PDF Download

NatteFrost 08/02/2012 20:36

Hmm. I guess gothic ended with G3 :D Even tough I dont expect much of forgotten Gods and G4 I will still play them to get the story because gothic my favorite rpg series :P

Mongo1 03/02/2012 17:25

Well, yes and no, I still drop by once in a while and check for new replies, thus the response. I tried Arcana, G4 but encountered a bug that was a game killer, only quest left to do, and I could not get past a game crash. I restarted with a fresh program load, but haven't gotten back to that point yet. Not even close, and my dedication to playing it through is empty. I did finish the prequel to G4, Forgotten Gods, it was not impressive. G4 is impressive graphically, but the story line is awful. Obviously the new development team had no background in the prior games, except at the very highest level. I am not sure if I will ever progress to see if I can get past the prior point. In any event I do not recommend it.

NatteFrost 02/02/2012 16:21

Still active Mongo?:D Have you finished the whole series of games now?:> Will be playing gothic 3 again since last time I stopped playing close end game :/

Cadumal 02/03/2011 21:21

Usually I secure the path just like you advised, but lately I don`t have the patience anymore. Besides, in some areas there are packs of monsters that travel long distances , for instance some of the jackal packs in Varrant, wolves in Myrtana near Vengard, and buffalos in northern Myrtana. This makes securing the perimeter a difficult task.

Mongo1 01/03/2011 21:48

Good advice, never tried that, but it must have worked for you. What I did was to preclear the area. Procedure: save, take quest, follow NPC, make note of problem areas, then reload and clear the path taken, the NPC takes the same route, so always worked for me, only precaution is that for some quests you must leave at least one of the target prey to complete quest, so word to wise don't get too aggressive on the preclear. But if only one or two left, you should be able to kill them before they can kill him.

Cadumal 28/02/2011 14:40

Hello Mongo1, thanks for all the advices you have given on this page -- they saved my a$$ more than a couple of times :) I have a little advice of my own: when you have to follow someone to a specific location there are usually a lot of monsters on the road. In these situations the thing that usually happens is that your companion attacks the monsters, he dies and you fail the quest. Best thing to do in these circumstances is this: When you see a group of monsters attack your companion. Don`t kill him, just knock him unconscious! The monsters will loose interest in him, instead they will come after you. So as long as your companion is laying on the ground, he`s safe ;) Just make sure to kill the monsters before he gets up.

System84 21/02/2011 20:32

Great to hear this Mongo. I already bought Arcania on PC and waiting for it on PS3 as well. I aven't started FG... Guess will try and finish this first before hitting Arcania. Thanx for your wonderful job dude... G3 is a complete different game with your advises. Peace!!!

Mongo1 16/02/2011 13:52

Not sure I tried it without patches, but it is definately playable with them. One of the main things that the patches remove is the G3 quest items, that are just lying around, but you can't pick them up, which makes it difficult in some places to pick up the things you actually need in FG. I always try to patch games to most current rev. I had no problem with gameplay, my complaint is with the fact that there are no (or few) independent quests. IOW, you have to complete a quest to get another, and the next one isn't always obvious. Non-linear gameplay combined with mostly linear quests makes the game a bit tedious and mundane. It needs a lot more independent quests to make it truly enjoyable. Now, I am far along enough in Arcania that my initial impresson was wrong, the game is very impressive, but is designed to be played on a high end PC with NVIDIA GPU. It's playable on lesser equipment, but the graphics that are so great on the recommended system are not so great in low quality mode. And there is a link to G3 FG, but not what I thought it would be. Not only are you a new hero, but the bad guy is King Rhobar III (the former nameless one). And there is a new game guide here for Arcaniathis post has been modified by its author [2011-02-16 14:53:07]

System84 16/02/2011 08:03

Hey Mongo, nice to hear you have finished Forsaken Gods. I heard some reviews, most of em say its unplayable especialy with the bugs? How did you find it? is it manageable? do we need patches??

Mongo1 04/02/2011 20:49

Finished it: won't give it away but did not like the ending which leads me to believe I am not going to care for Arcania.

TrueLoveAlexa 03/02/2011 11:23

de unde il downloadez :P:X ziketzi'mi sh mie :((

Mongo1 31/01/2011 11:12

unstuck and moving along again

Mongo1 23/01/2011 11:30

Well, I started Forsaken Gods, and have yet to see a guide for it. I don't much care for it but will try to finish it. I can answer some questions, but am now stuck myself. The game play is fine, it is non-linear, but the quests are. And since there really are relatively few of them, that doesn't work well. Like right now I have but the one quest to work, but can't find the people, only told they have disappeared (Thorus and his lackey). Been wandering about with no success, although I have found new stuff to explore/pillage. But until an official guide is posted somewhere, I can answer questions up to the point where I am stuck.

Skugger1 22/12/2010 07:46

Thanks for the tip. I guess I thought the mouse keys were for attack and block only. Now I can enjoy the game more.

Mongo1 20/12/2010 19:20

left mouse click works

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