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1 - Map of the World - Maps - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This is a map of the world you will explore. You can find here all main locations where you can get and solve quests. I did not mark other locations: caves, hunter's huts, hideouts etc. because there are to many of them. Moreover, it's very hard to find a particular location even if it's marked on the map. In the following parts of the solution I add more maps showing places where you can find all important items and characters.

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Comments and responses

Mongo1 03/04/2011 16:09

I recently completed FG and started Arcania, haven't played the olders for quite some time. Started Arcania but if you check my post there you will see it was a total wipeout for me. So not likely I will be proceding. I do not participate in any social engineering sites, maybe because of my age ( I am a really old guy), but just doesn't appeal to me. Glad to answer any questions on this forum, if I can help. Still very active as stated earlier on PWI, Dreamweaver server; main role name is Jethro_Tull (there's a clue as to how old I am LOL), a level 98 barb, but I have a bunch of alts (all with musician related names) there also.

instr 02/04/2011 23:55

Mongo1, do you still play Gothic 1/2/3(Forsaken Gods?) If so, do you also have a Steam account user? If you do have one, is it possible for me to add you? Want to add you because it would have been great if I could just ask you a simple question frome time to time. You seem like a wise man, which know alot about different games (such as the games I am/have been playing. OT: Sorry for brining up an old thread.

Mongo1 19/11/2010 21:13

Yes but only sparingly, most PC time is spent in Perfect World on Dreamweaver server. Been there for almost two years now.

sreta85 19/11/2010 14:05

Mongo1 how is going?do u play fg?

sreta85 16/11/2010 12:53

yes,but that is not written on the map, and Wolf clan is marked differently.ok,If your map is such, then I will not have problems later.tnx very much,I will play now as you said.

Mongo1 16/11/2010 12:09

Yes, but you said no Nordmar or Varant, and both are there. Did I miss something?

sreta85 15/11/2010 22:19

ok,tnx.I installed pathch,and it is better sound,voices... did you saw how my map look like is your map like mine at the beginning?

Mongo1 15/11/2010 21:16

Yes I do, you will see much better performance and gothic 3 quest items are gone, u know all that stuff that u couldn't pick up. BTW with a few exceptions all the chests can be looted with people present in room. Save b4 trying tho cause a few are offended lol. To kill cows quest u have to be able to kill with one blow. The Silden and Geldern tele stones are lying on rocks just outside the gates of each town. I got one for Gotha but dun remember where, how or even when. Haven't found the one for Trelis yet or Cape Dun. I suggest you do quests in sequence given, so story is revealed in proper sequence, rather than rushing around. But then that's just me. this post has been modified by its author [2010-11-15 22:24:38]

sreta85 14/11/2010 21:51

before this,I play FG but I didnt I solved task.I just went to the whole map and solved other task and collected everything,then I come back to Silden and start with the task.and when I came to that I must find Lee,he isnt there,and he path to him wasnt revealed.Now I start from the begining.If I instal that patch,I will must star again?do you recommend to instal patch?

Mongo1 14/11/2010 21:37

You get the quest to bring Inog to Anog after you gain Anog's trust - 5 letters of recommendation, then you have to do a list of stuff b4 Inog will go with you. I got past that then loaded patch 1.08 (latest I know of) which makes you start over, so I am almost back to where I was b4 installing patch. I had completed everything and taken Inog to Anog b4, still working Inog's list now. Someone is in Venguard or Faring, maybe that's where Lee is. But why do you need to see him Forsaken gods is pretty much back to the old linear stuff of the original game, unlike G3. When and if it is time to see Lee, the path to him will be revealed.

sreta85 14/11/2010 17:59

this is my map.

sreta85 14/11/2010 15:59

I cant remember dialog with Anog in which he said obout Lee.yesterday I start from the I must bring Inog to Anog.have you that patch?

sreta85 14/11/2010 15:51

no,because I dont know what should install.ion the map I have just Myrtana,Others is marked as closed.for example,the roads for wolfs klan is blocked by rocks,and I cant go forward.

Mongo1 14/11/2010 10:47

just started FG, so I can't say for sure but I thought the begining dialog with Anog said Lee was in Nordmar which along with Varant is on my map, but I haven't gone there yet, been to Silden, Geldern, Trelis and Gotha, that's all so far. Have u installed latest patch?this post has been modified by its author [2010-11-14 11:49:01]

sreta85 13/11/2010 03:15

hallo.Can anyone help me please?I play forsaken gods,and map is different from these in the picture.I have just Myrtana on the map.Is it normal for start,or something is not fine.I like this game,but I cant find Lee,and I do not know what to do.

Mongo1 05/09/2010 12:02

Ah, I see the forum has been spammed again. When will they learn, they will never get business that way.

Mongo1 27/08/2010 21:12

My guess is the cave where the one group of nomads are holed up. That's the only thing I know of in that vicinity.

Zerodud 27/08/2010 19:34

umm whats that braga outdoor

Mongo1 19/04/2010 21:22

have it installed on my laptop, but no haven't played it yet. Still hooked in Perfect World (RPGMMO), been over a year now.

Hawk.eye 19/04/2010 19:27

Mongo1 Have you ever played Forsaken Gods?

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