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Find out who the prisoner is!

This quest appears when you start to check the locked house in Lago, or you start asking the citizens of Lago. All of them know something about the prisoner but Mamuk is the only one who can really help you. Do a quest for him (described later) and he tells you anything you need.


  • Experience points: 1000

Sibur's fuzzy dreams

Sibur gives this quest. You have to bring him five ice wolf pelts (it can be found in Nordmar). In exchange he gives you the plans you can bring to Hatlod from Silden (described earlier).


  • Experience points: 1500
  • Reputation: Lago +15
  • Attributes: Alchemy +1

The stone of the lion

Shakyor the owner of the stone gives this quest. To get a stone you have to do a quest for Shakyor (you have to talk with all the Nomad's leader pointed by Shakyor), or just kill Shakyor (this way you finish another quest).


  • Experience points: 1500

Bloody bloodflies

Rasul gives this quest.

Rasul orders you to destroy the group of bloodflies invading his swampweed farm - Lago - Varant - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Rasul orders you to destroy the group of bloodflies invading his swampweed farm. You have to go to the trees near the shore (on the hill) - you can find the bloodflies there. Kill all of them (but ten is enough) and go back to Rasul.


  • Experience points 1500
  • Reputation: Lago +15

Escort Vatras safely to Hurit

Vatras gives this quest, when you set him free from Lago. You have to escort him to Hurit (you met him while looking for Sugut). Vatras cannot get killed.


  • Experience points: 1000
  • Reputation: Nomads +3

Liberate Lago

It's another quest connected with liberation of the city. This time Shakyor, Vatras and Rasul participate in this quest but it's up to you to do the job.

There are not many defenders in Lago, so it's quite easy task - Lago - Varant - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There are not many defenders in Lago, so it's quite easy task.


  • Experience points: 2500
  • Reputation: Nomads +5

Bounty hunting: Shakyor, the desert lion

It's another part of task given by Campa.

You can find Shakyor near Lago (he is not hiding) - Lago - Varant - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You can find Shakyor near Lago (he is not hiding). You have to kill him and his lion. This way you also can get the lion stone.


  • Experience points: 2000
  • Reputation: Hashishin +4
  • Reputation: Lago +25

Lurker trophies

Mamuk gives this quest when you ask him who is the prisoner of Lago. You must bring him ten lurker skins and ten lurker claws. You can find lurkers in the same place you found the bloodflies. There are a lot of the lurkers. But remember to bring Mamuk the whole needed number at once.


  • Experience points: 1000
  • Reputation: Lago +15

Fight against Grubuz

It's a duel in the arena in Lago. Talk to Fabio if you want to duel (do it because you can get quest item this way).

Grubuz is an Orc stationing in Lago - Lago - Varant - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Grubuz is an Orc stationing in Lago. He agrees to duel without any problems.


  • Experience points: 1500
  • Reputation: Lago +20
  • Attributes: Strength +1

Fight against Mamuk

It's a first duel in the arena in Lago.

Mamuk is a drugged Hashishin - Lago - Varant - Gothic 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Mamuk is a drugged Hashishin. You have some problems with making him to duel. Just tell him that you are going to beat him anyway - then he agrees.


  • Experience points: 1000
  • Reputation: Lago +10
  • Attributes: Strength +1
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Comments and responses

Mongo1 23/11/2011 19:59

Srry was away and did not check forum while gone, but seems you really don't need help. I would suggest that you wait until you have quest to kill Zuben first, but think it doesn't really matter. The only consequence is that if you do not enter Ishtar peacefully, the only trainer of a few skills is located there. Don't need skills to complete, but they certainly help the cause.

Likesner 15/11/2011 15:03

Update 2: Doesnt matter, i already decided and liberated whole Varant except of Ishtar and now i am gonna kill Zuben and liberate Myrtana!!

Likesner 13/11/2011 21:01

Update: I also have a save file before the liberation of Braga, should I load it? Which is better, liberate Braga or Lago? I mean, in Lago theres Vatras and he gives you some quest and so on...

Likesner 13/11/2011 19:33

So, i completed all Braga, Ben Erai, Bakaresh and Lago quests, including the liberation of Braga and Lago. Now i'm in Mora Sul and i have done many quests there and in Al Shedim too. Gonzales and certainly any other hashishin leader alive says "I am no longer prepared to take the risk, blah blah.." and attacks me. It pisses me off and although i have old save right before liberation of Lago, i dont want to play such a part of the game again. I want to choose the path of Innos and my question is: Is there a major problem with hashishin leaders attacking me or is it possible to complete the game for Innos for me? It wouldnt matter so much if it would mean that only some side quests couldnt be done but i want to complete the game. Fucking hashishin!! No one warned me of that!! Please respond soon.

Mongo1 21/08/2011 16:29

Well, as stated many times in many threads, you only get one Varant (Hashishin) liberation w/o immediate violence in all others when you talk to their leaders. You get two among the orc towns. The Hashishin figure it out one town sooner. The game allows you total freedom to do things in any order, but choices have consequences; though the game has bugs which have mostly been fixed by patches, that aspect of the game is NOT a bug and thus can't be fixed except by starting over.

0011011100 20/08/2011 18:15

Well, having liberated Lago and Braga I think the other Hashishin leaders speak to me without any problems except for the dark mage in the temple of Bakaresh who tells me it's too late now or something like that and attacks me and I've reached level 64 so I don't want to start over now... Do you know what could be wrong? Oh, and also I've almost liberated all of the orc cities only Montera, Silden, Faring and Geldern left and beating up the rebels in the free cities and looting their weapons selling them off afterwards is a very nice and easy way to gather money and it's fun too!

Mongo1 25/06/2011 11:32

Facing Lago from outside the town, look up on the hill on your left; thus he is just NW of the town.

emonemo22 25/06/2011 08:40

yo mongo1 since you seem to know alot about this game can you tell me exactly where to find shakyor in lago plz i cant find him anywhere?!!!

Mongo1 10/01/2011 11:45

Sorry wasn't intending to be demeaning; just that there are plenty of quests in Myrtana that require you to use that move as well to complete, thus my initial response assumed you knew that. Then after seeing this one it dawned on me that maybe not. I try to be as helpful as I can but sometimes there is a communication issue. I never fault anyone for not knowing english, fault is with me for it being my only known language. I admire those who know multiple languages, and try to understand though they may not completely master them. So sorry if that came off poorly, and wish you happy hunting.

Razzzvanel 10/01/2011 10:55

Actually i didnt XD. I've just found out the game (late 2010 ;o) and played it at a friend's place, not at home. So, he got to Varant, not me. He just needed my help since his english knowledge is merely inexistent. That being said, you cant blame me because I dont know how gameplay and combat works >D. Ty for your answer anyway.

Mongo1 06/01/2011 21:37

Oh you have to do the coup d'tat move to kill someone thought you knew that. Easiest is to shoot them with arrow, but you can do with weap by holding right mouse button and clicking on left. Nameless one will swirl sword and stab person on ground. Lot of places you have to do the killing move. Surprised you got to varant without knowing that.

Razzzvanel 05/01/2011 22:17

same thing which i confront with during my attempt of killing Lukar... Shakyor permanently reviving after murdering him. Any suggestions?

hashishinfear 22/03/2010 14:23

I liberate two citys in Varant and the hashishin attacked me after that.Then i liberate all towns(And Ishtar) All hashishin are dead hahahahahahaha

Mongo1 23/11/2009 21:11

Yeah, it is not required to complete the game. So why did u not complete his quest to get the plans? Not a difficult one at all.

The Redneck 23/11/2009 05:04

I liberated Lagos and killed the pothead. I thought I would just be able to steal his plans off his body, but apparently he doesn't have them, and they're nowhere in his home. is ther ea way to get them, or can I just not perform the quest for the ship plans?

Mongo1 11/03/2009 01:15

did you choose end?

greuceanus 05/03/2009 13:56

I have a problem with the emaciated slave - after bringing him to the Lago tunnel I can't make him to work... All the dialog options I have are "wait here", "give potion" and "end". All the other slaves are already in the tunnel and working... Don't know what to do - is really annoying to get the message "Emaciated slave is waiting" every time I use a teleport rune and I do not want to kill him :) Any ideas what I did wrong?

Mongo1 26/08/2008 21:18

I am almost positive that the Hashishin limit is one, after the second the leader of any other town will order an attack when you near him, and from then on all hashishin will attack on sight. So the short answer is no, but you can save and try it for yourself.

Vatras 26/08/2008 20:41

Hey Mongo I Liberated Braga and I'm wondering if I liberate Lago will I just get a stern warning or will the Hashishin Attack me

Mongo1 11/08/2008 21:27

It is not a bug, choices have consequences, and the choice you made to become a sworn enemy of the orcs is going to impact how the orcs in Varant interact with you, why would you expect it to be any different? I would make the Orc chase me away from the town and then engage him, but it still won't let you complete the arena quest in Lago, and since the Hashishin are in cahoots with the orcs, you may have trouble in a few other towns as well. You made the decision to free all of Myrtanna before exploring the other regions, now you must live with the consequences. Don't blame the developers for this one, they programmed it to allow you the freedom to do as you please, but then you also have to live with the consequences of your actions. And don't say you weren't warned, you may have chosen to not listen to the dialog, but advice was given on how to proceed. You may want to restart and this time visit each town, complete all the non-faction deciding quests in each, and then when down to just the decider quests proceed as you desire. In many cases, you will have to go from town to town to gain or coplete different quests, but that's why there are the teleporters.

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