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Sentinel Island - M3.3 Battle Tower Interior

Sentinel Island - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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1 - Sentinel Island - M3.3 Battle Tower Interior - Sentinel Island - Divinity II: Ego Draconis - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1. Hidden passage

2. Explosive charges

3. Elijah

4. Buried passage

5. Buried passage

6. Sassan

7. Erlking

8. Grimm (level 0)

9. Razakel

M3 Sentinel Island

K3 Key to chest S3

K4 Key to door D4

K5 Key to chest S5

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Comments and responses

jhony88 30/11/2011 06:16

bTTLE tOWER buggg?!! Please help me! When i enter battle tower interior every bandit is just standing still they dont attack me, and i cant talk to the guy in the cell. I think it is a bug or maybe i just missed something i dont know. help pls!

Mabuu 28/03/2011 15:24

for those who could not find the 1st secret passage, go to the back of the cell (1), there is a button on the left side in the center of the wood. (translate from google) ty all.

ER_Ouz 12/02/2011 16:13

Ok, took me a long while to figure this one out- And I can see I'm not the only one, so let me share what I learnt: The confusing thing about this dungeon is the part where you get to the elevator. The lift will allow you to go between 5 levels (not 4!). These are the levels: -1: Basement 0: Ground 1: Cellar (makes no sense, I know) 2: 2nd Floor 3: 3rd Floor (Catacombs) You start at ground level. On the map levels -1 (basement) and level 2 overlap, so that's a big source of confusion.

Inkdbeauty 26/01/2011 22:44

don't know if this will help anyone but the k5 key is auctually one level above the library where you see Erlking. the maps overlap took me a few to figure it out :) hopefully this helps someone

godzillaz 30/12/2010 19:16

Where i foun K4 For Open D4 in 1stFlour

godzillaz 30/12/2010 19:15

Wheree K4 for Open S4 on the elevator..

emax 29/12/2010 06:07

ok I am having a hell of a time as a dragon. Do I have shot all the towers down before I return to a fighter. someone please help. emax

Healyman5000 28/12/2010 19:32

How the hell do I get to S5!?! There is a wall around it and that erkling is being of no use to me, please help me!!!

emax 28/12/2010 17:04

ok, I can not get the explosive charges because the door will not open when I push the button. can someone help?

bullet182 21/11/2010 17:41

I have same problem as the below guy, there is a barrier in the way of getting to the battle tower and i cant get through, any help would help lol

Army5th Spc Forces 08/08/2010 18:12

How come I can't get through the door leading into the battle tower? and I can't find that damn book in my inventory any more. The one used to kill Amadiusas.

f8al contact 12/07/2010 05:13

Here is a fun fact not mentioned in this walk through. In the elevator section on the 3rd floor is a U shaped hallway... every wonder if there was a secret passage in the middle? Well there is!!! On both sides of the U shape portion of the map there is a single candle. Light them both and the passage opens. Inside a single chest.

Andrew7282 28/04/2010 18:51

i duno if it was a defect in the game or what..but first time i fought liaken i got butt kicked..then 2nd time i waited til every one was aroun me and used my level 1 fire wall and killed every one jst like that ...and liaken was way up on his thrown....hmmm took me bout 10 seconds to kill every one...

Stranger 11/03/2010 20:57

You'll probably have to use earlier savegames or autosaves. :( Remember guys that in RPG games it's important to create your own savegames and to store a lot of them from different areas of the game, because a lot of RPG's have nasty bugs. This is probably one of them.

judavid1215 06/03/2010 20:22

I have the same problem... I auto save before get into laiken's room, unfortunately i died, when i tried to load i was in the entry of the battle tower and the door was lock.... Please help i don't know what to do

whisper803 12/02/2010 15:27

Hey, I was fighting Laiken and died. It auto saved before I went into his room, and now I cannot get back in because the room is locked. When I died they started me back at the main entrance. How would I get back in. the room where I first met Lazarek or whatever his name is, its locked. Please help.

gavman 06/02/2010 03:26

hey wher do i find k5 cuz on ur game map it doesnt show on the game plz help me?

diceemup 04/02/2010 22:34

correction next to top floor.

diceemup 04/02/2010 22:33

on the top floor, if you light the candle it will reveal a hidden chamber.

Sloobo 29/12/2009 08:33

hey i can't see key 4 :S damned :SS where is he?? :S

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