Game GuidesDivinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough
Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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This guide to Divinity II: Ego Draconis contains a complete description of the path which awaits all those who dare to become a Dragon Knight - Introduction - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This guide to Divinity II: Ego Draconis contains a complete description of the path which awaits all those who dare to become a Dragon Knight. There's a description of the story and side missions and a list of achievements. Each location you will visit is shown on a map. The whole guide is built in a clear and uncomplicated way, so you shouldn't have any problems with using it.

Artur "Arxel" Justynski

Translated to English by Jakub "cilgan" Lasota

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough (1/161) next page

Divinity II: Ego Draconis



Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Larian Studios

  • publisher: dtp AG / Anaconda

  • platform: PC, XBOX360

  • rated: 12+

Fight fire with fire.

Re-enter the world of the Dragon-Lords with the sequel to the award winning fantasy RPG, Divine Divinity. Use your wits as a human or strike high above the land as you battle your way through the world of Rivellon to discover the true meaning of being a Dragon Lord. Train your skills, ready your sword, and conjure your minions. The epic saga continues and the fate of Rivellon rests in your hands.

Use your ability to fight as both, human or dragon to your tactical advantage.
Dynamically unfolding storyline depending on your choices and skills.
Individual skilling and developing of both sides of your personality, the man and the dragon
Collect and customize weapons, items and armour for human and dragon.
Discover and upgrade player skills through the Skill Trainer.

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Comments and responses

mythtrip 04/10/2015 13:12

ARXEL, What an excellent guide, thanks!!! Let me ask: how can you do this? Do you get paid? The game would be almost unplayable without this guide, it would be nearly impossible to figure out most of the quests. Thanks again, this guide makes Divintiy 2 a great great RPG!!!

LORD-SAVAGE 18/08/2013 09:28

Anyone no where cave in broken vally is to get idem for hall of echo and were is staute is to use the 3 amulet i found?

LORD-SAVAGE 17/08/2013 09:24

Cant beat guys in quarry to get key to mine secret opening any advise?

mermaid_hanon 14/08/2013 14:19

At first, I could not figure out how to beat Amduisius, so I started fighting my way through Orobas Fords. In the waterfall cave I found the chicken run/chicken rune, where on the table is a book that gives you a dragon skill point. not sure if it was that or the fact I was level 19 when I went back to fight Amdusius, but I read the book before I went back to fight Amdusius and he could not cause me even 1 point of hit damage. I hope this helps.

Tealcwife 03/09/2012 02:54

My husband just got this game and seems to be enjoying it. Thanks!

dgob 14/08/2012 18:56

just checking to see if anyones still playig or starting to play this. i have recently started have made it all the way to the battle tower on my own no helpcomputer or otherwise..this is for 360...knew nothing of the game by the time battle tower came i was absolutely blown away with this if anyone wants to chat about this game cool hook it up.....very first forum i belong to dont know if im doing this right...guess i just keep checking back in....i have a gametag and email that can come later i think.....thanks

jhony88 01/12/2011 18:22

is not a bug....u have to make some quest. u have another mine after cascade. cya

Mahealani 28/11/2011 21:26

I've made it to Orobas Fjords but there seems to be a see through barrier making it impossible to get past the dark cave on one side and the depleted ore mine on the other. Tried flying over it in dragon form but no go, and the one teleporter I can access only gives me the option to go back to Sentinel Island. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

john1944 29/10/2011 23:05

I upgraded my Enchantment platform 2nd time(Wesson) only for the sake of getting extra skill point and completing the side quest(and getting some xps). Other than that I don't think upgrading of Enchantment platform(1st and 2nd time) provided any real benefit (so sad). I don't need to reduce amount of gems or ores for enchantment as my runners are fully upgraded with best possible weapons and armors, they bring anything i ask in no time and in good amount.

scorows 18/10/2011 21:09

their is no ultimate creature in the bone barrow. what's up??? am i missing something.

scorows 18/10/2011 18:18

would like to know if anyone has found the key to get to Arthur Gremory in the Imp lair. Have killed all the Imps but no bags with a key. Am I screwed or what.

fable 3 14/10/2011 01:00

is there a game save a can have i have the difficulty setting low and i still cant get through maxos temple :|

Ardea01 26/05/2011 12:22

Sorry for the double post, but it is completely different from the previous one. I would like to ask whether you will make a walkthrough for the Falmes of Vengeance or not? And if not, could you use a walkthrough by me? I'm going to translate the game (with one of my friend) and I intend to make a walkthrough in Hungarian. But if you wish, I'll be able to translate it into English. Please answer me here, or send me an e-mail if you decide!

Ardea01 26/05/2011 12:18

Lucifer_YW: no, it doesn't matter. :) You could have also bought a new house with a great sight - that is a gravestone in the cemetery beside the Broken Valley chapel. ;) darkelfxxx: you can destroy the barriers if you use all three teleporters to all three hidden places. There are levers which turn out the barriers' generators. Use this walkthrough at Orobas fjords/Sinister Cavern.

darkelf59xxx 25/05/2011 03:46

How do u destroy the Teleporters in Barnabus cave.I have used Dragon form and no luck and my sword does no damage.Thanks in advance

Lucifer_YW 20/04/2011 14:38

How can I get my own warehouse after paying 500? When I crossing the bridge in M2, someone come and ask me for a house (Is that a warehouse?) but I don't know when I can actually get it...I choose to buy the Folo's house...Is that any problem? Thanks

jacktycoma 03/04/2011 04:39

oh, also, it's important to take your time in difficult battles, and slowly draw the enemies out a few at a time, attack from as far away as you can becuase this way some of the enemies won't notice you at all

jacktycoma 03/04/2011 04:33

Id like to point out that the bow is most definately not usless later in the game. I found it absolutely essenstial for beating the ground portion of the flying fortress maps, even at level 32 with fully. you can dodge any attack, and if your reflexes are good enough you can avoid almost all damage by using a combination of shoot-strafe-shoot to avoid incoming projectiles and jumping and rolling to avoid melee attackers. I also suggest investing in summon demon in addition to keeping your creature summoned if you use this technique as they will keep most of the heat off of you. if you can also get your HP regeneration as high as possible I suggest it, Because if it's high enough you will almost never have to heal

Tonjam 30/03/2011 05:14

This is good but some quest is not able to fine ...............

Stranger 28/03/2011 12:39

Trinity_Divine™ --> Unfortunately trainers are only available for PC games. All you can do on a console is to lower the difficulty setting in the game options (as far as I know DA:O is already much easier than the PC version).

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