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Broken Valley - Secrets

Broken Valley - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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Mind reading

Merchant Lamotte M2.1(3) will lower his prices!

Arnold M2.1(4), you will get to know about the belt, which he left in the barracks.

Derk M2.1(6) he will lower his prices. He will also mention about a key to his cellar, which you can find in the stable, next to Tim's tavern M2.1(7).

Winthrop M2.1(10), he will guide you to his weapon, which he lost near Jackson's farm.

Linda - the miller's daughter M2.1(10), you will get to know about the pouch lost in the chapel M2.2.

Upton M2.1(10), she will guide you to a key in a pot, thanks to which you will open the cellar in the water mill. There you will meet the alchemist Abanayabar M2.3(1). After the conversation you will be able to prepare potions from the plants found in the game.

Abanayabar M2.3(1), will give you the password to the storehouse M2(2.13), "Illuminatus".

Furmank Locke M2.1(12), you will get to know that the password is "Gold, more Gold!". Once you say it, you will gain access to a couple of items.

Tim M2.1(7), not only will the merchant lower his prices, but he will also reveal a pouch hidden between some plants in the chapel 2.2!

Locke M2.1(7), will lower his prices!

David M2.1(7), you will get to know that he's at loggerheads with Richard. If you decide to stay silent, you will receive Champion Gloves and 1 additional option (you can't promise to say nothing right at the start, first you have to frighten the boy a little). While after reporting the case to Richard the boy will run away and you will be left with just one option, minus the gloves.

Brave Sir Robin M2.1(7), you will learn that "Rats" is the password to the warehouse.

Dana M2.1(14), she will tell you about the key to the cellar, which her husband is keeping high in one of the beams in the house. You will find Jackson's Diary there.

Quincy M2.1(13) in return you will receive an additional stats point.

Naberius M2.6(1), you will learn his warehouse password.

Arben Ghost M2.2(1), you will learn about the shield lost in one of Orobas caves, into which a dragon flew.

Toshan M2(2), you will receive an additional stats point.

Lord Lovis M2(2), the chest by his throne will open.

Christopher M2(4), you will receive an additional stats point and will learn about his favourite rum.

Tagos M2.9(2), you will receive an additional stats point.

ZixZax M2(6), you will receive two skill points!

The Librarian M2.11(2), in return you will learn a new alphabet. Read the book on the pedestal, which you will find on the lower level and you will receive two stats points.

Amdusias M2.11(4), he will give away the password the chest with his armour, which you will find in the room nearby the ghosts M2.11(5).

Dreavan M2(9), you will get the password to his cellar M2(2.14).

Filip / Jenae M2(10), you will get an additional stats point.


To get to the chest M2.7(S1) you have to press the button on one of the walls. The key M2.7(K1) to the chest in on the table.

Encounter Bellegar in each of the marked places M2(7) and kill the monsters he will summon. Afterwards head to the spot in which you were to meet with Rhode M2(1), you will once more have to face all the monsters and will receive a big amount of gold as a reward.

Collect all four parchments M2(P) and take it to ZixZax M2(6). Once he reads them, you will learn the password to the special teleports.

Pick up the three Dragon Crystal (two on the sides of Maxos Temple entrance, one right next to the teleport to the temple) and afterwards place them in the statue near ZixZax M2(6). A chest will appear.

Once Sosostra M2(8) tells you your future, head down the stream where you will see a white rabbit - follow it until you reach a treasure. Return to the fortune teller once more, this time you will have to face a soldier standing on the bridge on the south of the region. The last prophecy will fulfill once you become a dragon.

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Comments and responses

Inkdbeauty 03/11/2011 07:16

nevermind i found it by the Broken Valley New Miner's Dig entrance :)

Inkdbeauty 03/11/2011 07:15

ok i seem to have found all the red/orange switches thoughout the map, i got a cut sceen where a chest shows up. anyone have any idea where it is? ty!

mwikslater 23/07/2011 12:51

exactly how and where do i save Williams??

Elayne Cousland 01/05/2011 09:41

So I've been searching for Winthrop's weapon, he says he had it goin to Jackson farm but it slipped from his hands before he got there. Where exactly is the weapon? N if it's in the most obvious spot I'm gonna die lol cause I've been searchin almost everywhere. Thank you

Takaedo 05/03/2011 18:41

Seems they forgot to say that if you read Talan's mind before her death, you will be able to find her sword on the path to the left of the mountains when going to Maxos' Temple

Phoenix Lord 07/01/2011 16:44

The killer bunny turns up when you've killed a certain number of rabbits, not sure how many and it's a real pain if you're not a higher level, I wasn't so i just let my demon deal with it while I jumped around.

Phoenix Lord 07/01/2011 16:42

You get Needleman's password after Damian destroys Broken Valley, then when you go back in your dragon form you van find him sitting on top of Lovis' tower without the stupid hat thing, read his mind and you'll find out the pass word, btw don't go though the portal next to his storage unless you're ready to deal with Stone's Flying Fortress.

BigMamaUnicorn 06/12/2010 21:11

nvm i figured it out

BigMamaUnicorn 05/12/2010 09:02

How do you get Profesor Needlemans password? I have tried everything!

[ see image ]catze 21/11/2010 22:08

Just between the "Robin's Storage" and the bridge south of it, i killed 2 bunnies, and a red "Killer Bunny" showed up, level 22, drops nice loot.

dragonking0526 09/11/2010 22:56

thats after to you get and read the strange vol. III

dragonking0526 09/11/2010 18:01

there is also a skill book located in the black boar behind the fire place

HalDanGhor 17/10/2010 15:08

Naberius Storage can be reached well before you get the 4 parchments to use the special teleporters. Once Talana dies and you fly as a dragon for the very first time like in a dream, you'll be able to jump higher. So, west from the Secret Passage Altar (which is west from Hjalmar Boss), you can jump on the rocks and reach the Naberius Storage. I am playing the game for the first time, put it at the hardest difficulty level, and my arrows were not too efficient against the 3 level 13 Monsters there since I was only level 7, but I noticed that they would always drop items. Good items for my level in any case.

matt741 06/10/2010 23:44

Can anyone tell me where the secret entrance to the mine that williams in the quarry office gives you the key to is?thanks whoever can help its much apppreciated.

Trashby 06/09/2010 07:08

**EDIT** I meant the chapel shrine. Heh.

Trashby 06/09/2010 06:12

In the Secret Dungeon to the left of the Temple Shrine, you can find a book in the room at the end on top of a table that talks about the elven customs that were maintained in the cave. Then, if you walk to the front of the throne in the room and wait for a while, a cutscene triggers and a jewelry box with some stuff appears in front of you.

Le'Bron 21/08/2010 08:13

where is robin's warehouse?

Mustafa1236 02/07/2010 09:44

When you go to Sosotra third time... the prophecy will will fulfill when you meet Bellegar, when you´re going to Maxos Temple... He will understand that you want to fly and then he teleports you to the Needlman´s Storage.... But Who Knows THE PASSWORD.... Who Can Help ??? And when you come to Sosotra for the fourth time she will get scared of Damian ... and you will get another achievement....

Stanley1021 11/06/2010 04:57

about Dana M2.1(14), she will tell you about the key to the cellar, which her husband is keeping high in one of the beams in the house. You will find Jackson’s Diary there. How do I get the key on the beam ? I saw the key, but I couldn't reach it. Is there any way to hit the key off the beam or some floating magic ? I tried to jump and pick the key however it didn't work.

[ see image ]Mikejszy 04/06/2010 21:06

Ok I found out another quest :) It's about south, east and west talismans which U can find in derelict tunnels. All U need to do after U get them all it's stand in front of statue(I marked it on the map) And then first use the talisman of west then east and lastly south. U will get 190xp and in front of the statue will appear a small box :)

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