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Farglow - Secrets

Farglow - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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Mind reading

Edmund M1(2), you will learn about the chest which you can find right next to one of the cottages. The key can be found on the training square right next to the goblins camp. Head to Sonja to unlock the passage and begin the training M1(7). In the chest you will find a vial that will increase your intelligence and a scroll that will increase your defence.

Afterwards take the skill book from the top of the mountain. Thanks to it you will increase your lockpicking skill. Open the chest by the magic teacher, Alberic M1(5). Inside you will find a weapon.

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Comments and responses

joliekiller 21/02/2012 06:59

I've started this game 3 times and each time i open the chest of edmund i only find random stuff not the scroll and vial you talk about. Could it be because i play the dk sage game?

rayjfpr2 27/11/2011 13:10

I have loaded this game onto my computer and can launch it either directly from my computer or after I insert the game disk. Although the game seems to run and save well, it appears that I have a problem. I cannot interact with any of the books or keys that I should be able to pick up, I don,t even get the yellow interaction pointer when I am next to them. I keep trying to use the E button with no effect. Is there something special I need to do in order to pick up these items, or is it a glitch that requires a patch or do I have to run the programm via the disk all the time. Any help and assistance would be appreciated as you can understand I can't really start playing the game until I solve this problem.

debididit 31/05/2011 02:12

Somehow, I neglected to mindread Edmund! Found the key! One must learn....

debididit 30/05/2011 23:01

I am new to this game, but fascinated. Thank you CelesteJak. I found the book in the arena. But no key! I have hunted high and low. On an earlier try at the game, I did find it, but it isn't there now. I also did not find a weapon in the chest by the wizard, but a potion. Interesting.

fable 3 15/05/2011 21:40

now that i seen there are more things to do here im restarting manly because i lost my save with rewriting glitch -_-

Archipelago81 24/12/2010 06:07

I got several keys but just don't know to use em coz I got no clues......btw instead of giving map picture better giving the scene clue........that's all Gracias

Piotr 08/07/2010 20:20

To find Edmund's key... First find the chest near the tree. After you can find the key near the fire in goblins camp.

[ see image ]BigMamaUnicorn 22/04/2010 03:56

To find Edmund's key... I mind read him and even got to the skill book at the goblin camp. I've looked at online pics where it said the key is "Here" The key is on a rock sitting around the fire in the goblin camp! this post has been modified by its author [2010-04-22 04:57:35]

Ethera 19/04/2010 00:39

to apply the skill points if you click on them it gives you an explanation only but you must go to the picture of the skill and click the arrow next to it :) Took me a while to work that out too haha,(ps I am an oldgirl)

edheral 01/04/2010 19:38

HELP!!!! Looked guides, manual, internet, cannot find anywhere on how to apply skill points. Have 10 worthless skill points at this point.

#1oldguy 15/03/2010 00:05

You have to jump up the crevice in the rock formation and then climb up. You've got to do it in the exact right place.

lostinlife 20/02/2010 14:52

I can't find Edmund's key... I mind read him and even got to the skill book at the goblin camp. I've looked at online pics where it said the key is "Here" 2 things please... Where is the key...specifically? And if I'm having this much trouble at the start of the game should I just give it up or is it worth pressing on and gets better? Thank you for your help.

grandmajean 28/01/2010 18:19

I am in the tower where the four statues, with the pressure pads, are keeping the gate shut. What order am I to use, or is that why I can't get in the gate downstairs? Thank You so very much

Laulipop 16/01/2010 16:48

Hi, Im stuck onthe quest 'looking for lovis' when i get to the part where i am at the gate at lovis's tower next to the shrine but i dont know how to get through because the gate is locked, when i try to look for it, i get killed by the skeletons, im almost lvl 7 but there are too many of them to fight and i really want to finally move on, can you help me?? xxx

Matherodin 20/12/2009 20:11

The Skilbook itself won't unlock the lockpicking. It just gives you a skillpoint for you to spend. The writer of this guide chose to use it to upgrade the lockpicking skill.

CelesteJak 17/12/2009 23:10

If you are in the goblin arena, Aleksa, there are some high rocks on the right side of the screen (right side when facing INTO the arena..the other side is the river). It will take some jumping around but the book is on the top of the second highest rock in that group. You have to jump to it from the arena side and you need to hop around a bit, but you will see it on the top of the flattish rock. If you are by the fire you are on the wrong side...go around to the side where the arena entrance is.

CelesteJak 17/12/2009 23:07

I restarted four times and at no time did the skill book update my lockpick skill. Yes, I did "consume" it as you are supposed to and it said it had updated my lockpick skill but my skill remained at zero and I was unable to open the box next to the wizard.

Tormentosa 21/11/2009 12:49

You can get diferent lots if you load the game,chest contents are diferent each time,but not always!

Raydric 20/11/2009 13:49

Hi, i'm playing on hard difficulty and when opening Alberic's chest it only gave me 5 gold coins and no weapon. Are the chest spawns random?

RemusKristo 13/11/2009 12:03

Oh ok guys, thanks a lot ^_^ Anyway, i don't wanna start it again now, i just finished quests in Maxos Temple, and i teleported to Sentinel island.

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