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Cure the sick town

1 - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The quest You have to complete to take over all the cities - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The quest You have to complete to take over all the cities. The people living here are diseased and a green smoke is coming off of them. Your task is to heal them. To do so, use 'manipulation' and quickly wave the hand over them, until the smoke disappears. There is quite a lot of sick people, and everyone has to be cured at the same time. If not, the disease will come back. Do this as fast as You can, not wasting Your strength on something else, since You really have to be fast to heal everyone.

Reward: 40 000 tribute

Nut Oil

2 - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
This quest is available if You completed the 'Nut Oil' quest from land four - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This quest is available if You completed the 'Nut Oil' quest from land four. To complete this quest, You have to light up three stacks of wood and hay on the hills. You have explosive barrels to Your disposition, which You have to throw with a certain strength. The barrel is quite light, so dont overuse Your strength (plus the number of missiles is limited). If You're not lucky with throwing, do this quest after conquering the entire land, You'll only have to carry the barrels onto the stacks.

Reward: 40 000 tribute

Guide the archaeologists to the ruin

3 - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The silver scroll activating this quest is located on a small island - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The silver scroll activating this quest is located on a small island. You have to help the archaeologists find the ruin. By using manipulation, uncover the signs on the ground, which contain valuable directions. On the picture above, I pointed out their locations and the order at which to uncover them. At the end, remove the boulders from the entrance to the ruins.

Reward: 40 000 tribute

Solve the riddle of the seven samurai

4 - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
In this quest You have to collect seven samurai statues which are scattered all over the land - LAND SIX - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In this quest You have to collect seven samurai statues which are scattered all over the land. On the picture above, I pointed out their locations (blue dots). After collecting all of them, place them on the proper pedestals.

Reward: 40 000 tribute and 7 samurai

Change of heart

Quest in which You have to change from evil to good, or from good to evil. I don't advise You to complete this quest since it's better to stay at whatever side You already are. Your up to date indicator can be checked at the 'town hall' by moving the hand onto the bowl with fire/water.

Reward: 5 000 tribute

Segregate men and women into separate towns

Quest in which You have to isolate men from women in different cities.

Reward: 10 000 tribute

Build a Wonder

Very obvious quest. If You can already build this building, build it. If not, buy it from the tools bar.

Reward: 100 000 tribute

Take over 3 towns by impressiveness

Also a very obvious quest, mainly intended for the good god, although evil can also allow itself to take over three cities (because You only need that much to complete this quest).

Reward: 20 000 tribute

Win 3 creature fights (creature)

The enemy's creature is going to roam about in the land (tiger). Take Your creature to him and win three fights (for the god of evil and a soldier creature, this isn't too hard).

Reward: 8 000 tribute

Only attack at night (war)

This quest is very obvious and very easy to fail. Remember at the beginning, when the enemy's platoons are going to come to attack You, change the time of the day to night. Later, do all the military moves in the cover of night.

Reward: 5 000 tribute

Use Shield Miracle to protect people (city)

If you simply use the shield miracle on the people, the quest will not be completed. To complete the quest, use the shield miracle while being attacked by the enemy.

Reward: 3 000 tribute

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Comments and responses

mIRK 26/11/2011 01:48

@Anita Blake: At the start of that land, buy the "ore refiner", 1.) Build a road heading towards at the back to where the trees are, where 2 small towns are. As you extend the road towards the many trees build a "villa" w/c costs less wood to build. Do it repeatedly until your disciples can access those trees and fill up your warehouse. Make as much villas until you conquer other towns and get their ore. (if you get their ore it will be +48% because of the refiner) 2.) Now build ampitheatres and baths. I hope you bought that on the previous land. You should have 500k+ tribute on the previous land. 3.) If you build the altar put it away from impt bldgs or houses because when the japs execute the hurricane wonder it may strike the altar first and buildings around it. 4.) After you conquer all the towns except the last one which should have at least 7,000 impressiveness to go, just build ampitheatres and you will win the land.

Anita Blake 13/11/2011 10:21

Hi! I've got a serious problem with the ore! I'm in the good faction and can't build nearly nothing right now! What do i do? Even my creature when i tell him to build looks at me like saying... "hey! Miracles? Me?? -.-" That should be you sis!" Heeeellpp!!

homerk 13/06/2011 03:52

sorry i mean Nitendo Master BlaBla: it goes away after bit

homerk 13/06/2011 03:51

BlaBla : to do the MONKS TEST you need to use your hand and make it a fist and then Scrub quickly around the FIRST block then he will move on to the next repeat

Lolligator 12/03/2011 16:10

@67: I cannot agree about the siren miracle. In my opinion, it's great if you are evil (or neutral, whatever you are, as long as you use armies). If a village or capital has tons or armies and men in it, use it at the border and they'll all be converted. They will be part of the town where the wonder is in. Now drag a recruition tent to the nearest spot in your influence they pass by. In the first Jap land, I gained an army of about 500 men, and destroyed all their platoons (though they quickly made new armies, they were easily overwhelmed by my armies, and their red colour soon disappeared under the giant wave of green). Next to that: you get to see a shiny naked woman, which is another bonus.

67 29/06/2009 17:05

does the word "quarantine" mean anything to you? how about "pennicillin"?

67 26/06/2009 02:49

im annoyed because i've beaten the game three times running, have 2,000,000+ tribute, and nothing new is happening. wat the crap is this sandbox mode that people talk about?! (as an aside, doing the archaeologist quest gives you temporary influence on that island. you should use this a) to take the rocks for defense and b) to take the trees for wood (and the solitary tree wont go in ur storehouse, it just hangs in midair lol).)this post has been modified by its author [2009-06-26 03:52:45]

endijs75 04/01/2009 13:03

Hey i cant find one samuray its purple were are hi??this post has been modified by its author [2009-01-04 14:03:49]

jawakopoko 15/08/2007 15:33

for the samurai put them left to right in this order: Violet, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red also you can merge your samurai with a regular platoon to make a larger stronger platoon of 100+(if you want that many) of the strongest ranked soldiers in the land also works with the undead in the 4th land

nordan016 23/02/2007 17:56

on witch pedestral should each of the swven samurais stand?? thx

Miller 25/01/2007 20:36

There is a computer glitch with the 7 samurai. Once you have completed the quest and you have the 7 samurai you can create an army of samurai fighters. To do this, kill off one of your samurai warriors, then drop a villager on the banner. You can expand them to army of 100 or more. This is a glitch and does not work on eveybody. Im not sure what patch / update stops this. But its cool to check it out.

miller 25/01/2007 20:32

You dont need a creautre pen! I do not know what level requires you to have one. but your creature will still respawn even if you dont have a pen. this happened to me in land 8, i was too busy building other things. even though i did not have a pen, he still respawned after dying.

Artemis Entreri 24/01/2007 20:45

To number 30. the colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet the colors of the rainbow duh. Roy G Biv

To (31. Creature), How to bring Creature back 19/01/2007 04:09

To make sure your creature comes back after dying, be sure you have already built a Creature Pen. I threw the water miracle at him once after hed died after a battle. In 20sec I tried the Leash & he'd re-spawned and came galloping back from his pen.

Bradders 22/11/2006 20:04

In land 5 i did some (not majorly) evil things like build armies and smash down walls and buildings. I completed it and in level 6 i still have 27.6% evil!! I can't get it to be nice any please??

Hassan 20/11/2006 09:54

How to be a good god i did everything still 61%

blabla 02/11/2006 23:23

how can i dispel a shield miracle? please anybody

nintendo master 28/10/2006 10:36

ive completed black and white three times man but i can't complete dah monk test or take dah aztec city by impressiveness

Simple Gameplay 05/09/2006 10:56

Another way to complete the nut oil mission is to simply set the pyres alight before you start the mission with teh fireball miracle and then just sit back and watch the cut-scenes

shifty 11/08/2006 20:10

on the sick town quest, you can capture the town with your army (be carfull to not get your men sick because they will die) then once its captured you can pick up all the people in you hand and shake them and they will get cured really fast.

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