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Black and White 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Black and White 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Black and White 2 Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Lukasz "Crash" Kendryna

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Time to start playing in the colorful lands, somewhere - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Time to start playing in the colorful lands, somewhere... no one knows where. Thanks to Your godly abilities, lead the Greek people to victory over the brutal Aztecs. Holding them with a strong hand, or by helping when they're in need, You'll receive the glory due to You, which You'll use to defeat all Your enemies. Of course, there had to be a creature, Your earthly envoy, who with some help, or no help, will help You in all that faith throws against You - in battles and building the cities.

This guide contains a detailed description of all nine lands, along with details about the quest from the silver scrolls (and others). Furthermore, I threw in a handful of valuable advises.

Lukasz "Crash" Kendryna

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Black & White 2



Black and White 2

Black and White 2 Video Game

  • genre: Real-Time Strategy

  • developer: Lionhead Studios

  • publisher: Electronic Arts

  • platform: PC CD/DVD

  • rated: T - Teen

Will you be an evil or benevolent deity? That's the choice players must make upon returning to a warring land in Black & White 2. Like its wildly successful predecessor, Black & White, the sequel is all about moral choices.

The land, however, has transformed itself. The inhabitants of this breathtaking 3D world have lost their innocence. They're technically savvy and they believe in one god. They are also looking for converts from other tribes.
As players enter this warring world will they make tribes coexist peacefully, encouraging villages and towns to grow into metropolises, or prompt them to inflict their will upon others by creating and commanding large armies that seek to dominate and conquer?
Creatures in the game have grown too. They can learn strategies, master new abilities and skills, lead armies into battle and be a player's ultimate unit.
The world is more highly developed now with new weapons and technology. Every choice a player makes will have an impact. Each action and inaction prompts obvious changes to buildings, flora and/or fauna all morphing to reflect the player's personality.
Black & White 2 includes other new elements, such as improved graphics and Miracle effects such as rivers of fire and earthquakes that yield mass destruction. The game also includes weather systems that impact gameplay; players will see the impact of a drought that scorches the arid plains of Egypt or the effect of a heavy snowfall on the Norse Mountains. Players can also tap new resources and disciples by creating ties with the Japanese or dueling the Aztecs. Players will also have the ability to construct new buildings including armories and a harbor, and explore new islands each with their own culture and climate.
- Ability to wage war or secure peace New Epic Miracles including Earthquake, which rips the world apart, and volcanoes, which rise out of the ground creating rivers of lava.
- The game environment changes based on the player's personality.
- Multiple trainable creatures including the Ape, Cow, & Lion; and the five tribes Of Aztec, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese and Norse.
- Weapons and technology that players can create including archers, swordsmen, siege weapons and walls which the player can paint down in any design they wish. Controllable armies
- Ability to create settlements that as well as including housing, crops, and impressive buildings, also includes structures based on your alignment, like fountains and beautiful gardens if you're Good, or stocks and guillotines if you are Evil.
- Multiple tools with which players can teach creatures new tricks, including: sticks, whips, feathers or tools the player creates.
- Weather systems such as: rain, snow, mists and fog.
- Journey through 10 lands homing each of the 5 tribes.

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Comments and responses

67 08/07/2009 17:38

once again, sorry, but u should also be able to have more than one kind of mine (e.g. silver, gold, copper, etc.). also, the amount of tribute u receive from defeating an enemy should depend on how long it takes u. there should also be natural tunnels (between ore mines for instance), and when u make an altar larger, it should make the miralces more powerful, but it will also have more miracle slots. unless a miracle is displayed on an altar, u shouldn't be able to use it (in the same way that if your storehouses are full, your villagers want to build a new one, if there isn't enough space for miracles, your people should want to build a new altar). as an aside, i found an easter island head in battle of the gods (in the norselands). does someone know anything about it?

67 22/06/2009 22:38

sorry, i also forgot that u should be able to import resources and other $h!t from previous lands, and that u should be able to return to your capital to make improvements.

67 22/06/2009 22:33

oh and i forgot to mention that they should also have more than one kind of amphitheater (e.g. circular, naval battles, gladiators, gymnastics).

67 22/06/2009 22:12

they should have more than 2 kinds of soldiers, u should be allowed to make bridges, tunnels, and caverns, u should be able to have ships and make buildings bigger by dragging away from the starting point. the impressiveness and cost (and effectiveness) should increase w/ size (wonders included). they should keep the miracle system from b&w 1 (capturing them w/ a town) and the creature. u should also be allowed to customize your own buildings and put them on the tribute list (and be able to name your streets w/ signposts). once you beat a civilization you should get to keep their creature, and either bring it with u or leave it there. finally, if u lose, u should be pushed back to the previous land, but fighting the enemy that beat u. u should get to keep ur town(s), armies, and everything else, whereas they would start with nothing.

killers 23/01/2009 12:59

Hi, can someone email me the key bindings for this game to so that I can add a template for this game to my software called Keystroke! a voice recognition software for gamers by Killers Software at Thank You

fifagiggs 09/07/2008 15:03

Great game For great games

Quil 13/03/2007 21:37

I havent played black & white for about a year. I was going to install it today but i cant find my game code to intall. Dose this mean ill have to buy a new game of black & white? Im sure it dose, but is there a different way?

Miller 10/01/2007 20:11

This is a killer guide, and best of all its free. Afterall there isn't much to this game at all. I also have a few comments about this game. Number -1, it should've been more, way more. The military units should've been amped up like in Rome Total War or more comprehensive and interactive. This game would've been more enganging if they had better creatures, with different features and benefits you can acutally apply. Everyone of these creatures in this game act the same way. Very dissapointing! The quests are idiotic and boring, some are interesting, a few of the quests (like the Nut Oil) get redudant. There should be a bigger map you move around on like Guild Wars or WorldCraft. Honestly do that put out games you can complete in a week? Because thats how long it takes to finish this game if you put in 2 hours a day. To me this game was cool for about the first hour, then it became SIMMs City with annoying voices. There should've been mini games where you could extra tribute aside from the quests and unlock special miracles or other creatures. Why have one when you can have two! Think about it your creature getting it on with another creature and making babies! A little army of creatures! And why isnt there more contrast between the buidling types of good and evil. there should be a whole new tool bar for evil gods, new style temple, new type of granery (the kind that runs on sacrifices). Whatever happended to the creativity that drived the first Black & White? Bottom Line, I hope there is a three! Because this game has the potential to become more, way way more.

wakeyham  22/12/2006 18:25

wats the game code for the 1st game

the guy who wants to know  13/11/2006 23:43

its not that hard to be good one i tried to be evil but it turned out i was good i mean what the f%$#

???? 12/10/2006 20:51

why come people dont like to be good? its hard but better than killin people

fire attack 06/09/2006 04:14

iev been playing the game but every time use the fire miricale i can only use it in my green ring am i doing somthing wrong

the wolf 26/08/2006 21:24

i dont really focus on good or evil i just do what i want to do and build what i want t build/ and mostly train my creature evil and good. =]

War Lion 31/05/2006 22:04

If anyone has just brought the game, before starting go to "", which has a device which allows you to get the tiger, even without the collector's edition.

galdo trouchky 31/05/2006 16:42

This game is so disappointing: i finished it in about 3 days, and i think the gameplay did not improve at all from the first one. Plus, it's too easy to be evil: anytime i try to help my villagers by placing resources where needed, i get an evil bonus!

War Lion 28/05/2006 17:57

If you are one of those rare people who wants to be a good god (Like me) then don't try to win using war- that'll make you very evil indeed. But don't use impressiveness either, because that takes too long. What I do is use my creature, armies, miricles or Epics to trash their city and split it wide open. Then, they have to come to me. Sure, this is evil, but it doesn't give you as much evil points as capturing towns.

Gothic 05/04/2006 16:36

I am off of the Fable The Lost Chapters Guide

Thorn 05/03/2006 13:14

This site should have forums though they're really useful.

Thorn 05/03/2006 12:58

Thanks very much for the guide. i was goign to start making one myslef but now i wont bother as this one is so good Thanks

Stormfather 21/02/2006 20:27

You mean the "make fist" skill?? Hold down the action button, and move it up and down a few times. Eventually, it'll become a fist, and you can use it as long as you hold the button.....

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