Game GuidesArt of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer Game Guide & Walkthrough
Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer  Game Guide & Walkthrough

Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer Game Guide & Walkthrough

Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Katarzyna "Kayleigh" Michalowska

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FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet is working on the case of the Puppeteer, a serial killer operating in the US between August and December 2007 - Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer - Game Guide and Walkthrough

FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet is working on the case of the Puppeteer, a serial killer operating in the US between August and December 2007. All of his victims were styled in such a way that they resembled puppets. He left his greeting card on every body he left behind - a puppet dressed in an outfit from the French revolution period. When it seems that the Puppeteer has finished his killing spree, a similar murder occurs in Paris. Nicole travels to France to check whether the murder was committed by the Puppeteer or if someone is copying the psychopath's habits...

In the second part of her adventures (just as in the first one) Nicole has at her disposal a system of hints: a magnifying glass near the bottom right corner of the screen shows all active objects and entrances/exits from the location you are in. You can also get some hints if you try to leave the room or ride away in your current vehicle too early.

The mouse cursor shows us exactly what actions can you perform - look at the object (small eye on the right side of the cursor) or use/collect it (hand on the left side, signaling a left click). The items you pick up go to your inventory (they're marked red throughout the walkthrough). Right clicking on them will zoom in and, in some cases, additional information. Left click will allow you to pick them up, open or disassemble, allowing to extract things hidden within.

This time Nicole has a camera at her disposal - she uses it quite often, at least in the first chapters of the game. The cellphone she has on the other hand, is completely useless.

Miss agent has also a notebook in which she records all of the dialogs, descriptions of each day of her adventures and the files for of the US Puppeteer cases (which occurred months before the story takes place) along with the murderer's profile.

All of the accessories along with the inventory are available at the bottom of the screen.

Double clicking the left mouse button forces Nicole to run. A single click forwards the dialog, and Esc button allows you to cut the cut-scenes short. In order to zoom out of the inventory item you need to press any button near the zoomed object.

Which of the mysterious men Nicole meets in her travels throughout Europe is the psychopath killer? Jack Dupree, Louis Carnot or Marc Taine? or maybe neither of them...?

Katarzyna "Kayleigh" Michalowska

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Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer



Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer

Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: CITY interactive

  • publisher: CITY interactive

  • platform: PC

  • rated: PEGI: 16+ / ESRB: Rating Pending

A series of mysterious, cruel murders is committed in the United States. A similar crime is committed in Paris. Every time the murderer leaves behind a mysterious figurine wearing 18th century clothing.
The case is assigned to Nicole Bonnet, a young but experienced FBI agent. She will have to face new challenges and solve another dark mystery, which will take her to two continents: from France and Spain to exotic Cuba.
Conduct an investigation which calls for courage, commitment and logical thinking. Learn what connect the seemingly unconnected victims. Uncover the motives of the sinister killer. Stop him, before he strikes again!
Art of Murder 2 is a point and click adventure game - a sequel to a popular game well liked by all gamers. Interesting plot and characters, fine dialogues and complicated puzzles ensure that game is the best in its class!

- Intriguing plot full of unexpeced twists.
- Meticulously prepared locations, created by some of the best artists.
- Detailed, three-dimensional characters.
- A dark, thrilling atmosphere, being a mixture of interesting plot, attractive graphics and a soundtrack created especially for the game.
- A journey through dark corners of New Orleans, the streets and alleys of Paris and Marseilles, Spanish Pyrenees and hot Havana.

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Comments and responses

Ms detective 10/09/2011 04:03

Add the pencil that you got from the police and combine it with the stabler and paper that you find in the desk. When the finger print is darken,use the tape to pick up the finger print and tape it on a white would the print is more visible.

lenia 16/06/2011 10:55

I had the same problem, you may think the finger print is complete b/c once collected it looks like its on a sheet of paper but its not the tape is slightly yellow, so combine the finger print on the slightly yellow paper with regular paper and you do not have to put the book in a plastic evidence bag

ubead 15/12/2009 18:00

nothing bro just double click (left click) ahw will run... u got my point just double click and she will run with tube and mark with pen on the tube ... confirm me if u clear or still hv prob and also tell me bye. ubead

srinu 12/12/2009 13:46

plz heip me how to complete the level :-workshop ,antique shop,fountain,store.=how to go to the fountain with the air filled tube in time,and finish that step. and inthe game walkthrough i saw nichole will run hou do she will run tell me.

ubead 10/12/2009 16:35

hey guys finaly i got how to pass through the gate and how to give evidence to cop... nothing just restart the misson and remember u hv 6 photo thrught the camera and right click to chair & miror & piano... take the the evidence and just click to cop automticly she will handed over the evidence to cop..if still hv any problem mail me at

ubead 10/12/2009 15:39

hey buddy pls reply who completed the 1st lavel..i mean who reached the hotel....pls reply wee need ur help

ubead 10/12/2009 15:36

hey buddy pls pls pls pls help ih done evrything at last when i hv to exit she not going out from the door..she just saying mayb the insaptr missd smthing i shld reexmine the room...wht should i do ..hw to give evidence to cop or how i,ll go out side the door... pls reply here or mail me

rabsier 08/11/2009 01:04

I guess I am not alone in trying to solve the slider puzzle, I am completely stuck. I have been trying a long time, can some one help me please.

InstantlyInfected 04/10/2009 15:33

i have the exact same problem. stuck on first level, i only have five photos though. i dont know how to get the x mark in the journal book and i know im supposed to use the tape to get the fingerprint but when i click it on the print she sez she needs that another solution crap. ive clicked it so many times, i am just frustrated. is there a certain way im suposed to put the tape on the print or look at the mark? ?

hotbud33 06/09/2009 17:39

hey just got out of the frist seen i've restated and replayed and i fainly got it after u take the finger print u have too put it on a sheet of paper make sure u have 6 photos and everything is baged you don't have too put the guess book in a bag just take a pic of it hoped that helped ya'll

hotbump 25/08/2009 23:19

i am short of one plastic cover help me to bag the list book how to do that how to get the dammmmm plastic cover mail me

Breezy19 03/08/2009 14:22

Ok When you get to the wall and throw over the anchor I never get over the wall. I keep having to go back and refill the film canaster with water and asprin so the bell will ring. even though the guy is gone i cant get over the wall what do i do??? HELP ME PLEASE

hereiam 28/07/2009 10:24

I am having rouble saving my games-every time I go to play I have to start again- getting close to giving up.

shawnschik 27/07/2009 23:02

I am stuck and cant hand the cop the evidence i have done everything there is and even started over i see others having the same problem but dont see any solutions what do i do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I am eager to gat to next level please email me with a solution at thanks this post has been modified by its author [2009-07-28 00:14:37]

nicky91 21/06/2009 22:54

to toenail: how did u get the finger prints on the window copied into d sheet of paper........

sct 26/05/2009 01:30

I ahve gotten to the coin machine in the photo shop, but the game freezes after about 4-5 coins. I can't get to the end of the game to collect my winnings. Any suggestions? I'm at a stand-still.

seannie 21/05/2009 21:04

Hey Elena55 Try the following and see if it works. I restarted a new game and i was still managed to get the facial sample from danseuse. 1. Nicole Bonnett arrives at the Ballet Rehearing Room. She has a "Camera with a flash" and "Business Card with telephone number" in her inventory. 2. Move cursor to Inspector and Left Click On The Inspector. Click On "Welcome" which appears at the bottom of the screen . Go through the conversation. 3. Next, "Nicole's Mission". 4. Next, "Details of the crime". 5. Then, "The Murderer". 6. Followed by "A Request" 7. Finally, "End Of Conversation" 8. Inspector leaves. 9. Left Click "Camera with a flash" in the inventory. 10. Move cursor to Danseuse and Left Click Again On Danseuse. Nicole will snap 2 pictures of the dead danseuse. 11. Mobile phone rings and Nicole goes through the conversation with her FBI Boss. 12. Move to the table located on the furthest left. There are 2 Drawers which can be opened. 13. First Open The Drawer in the middle and get following items , "Sheets Of Paper" , "Heavy Paper Stapler" , Tape" , "Plastic Sleeves For Documents". 14. You will notice a Blue "Hidden Button" on the right hand side of the drawer (After removing the Plastic Sleeves For Documents". Click On The "Hidden Button". (This will unblock the other Drawer which was locked) 15.Open the right drawer. 16. You will spot an opened book which is labelled " A List Of People Renting The Room" 17. Use Camera on "A List Of People Renting The Room" 18. You will have 3 Pictures Taken By Now. 19. Get The Following Items From The Drawer "Old Box Of Matches", "Pipe Tool" , "Cotton Wool" and " A List Of People Renting The Room". 20. Close the drawer and move to danseuse. 21. Left Click On "Old Box Of Matches" , move cursor to "Cotton Wool" 22. Left Click On "Cotton Wool" (This Will Combine "Old Box Of Matches" & "Cotton Wool") 23. As a result, you will get a new item, "Swab Of COtton Wool Made Of a Match" 24. Inspect Danseuse and get a close up of Danseuse. 25. Left Click On "Swab Of Cotton Wool Made Of a Match" , move cursor to her mouth area and Left Click again. 26. You will get a new item , labelled as "Dirty Swab Of Cotton Wool" If you get messages like "Trial and Error, they say" , "Nicole, Think !" , "This Wont Work" , "We need an alternative solution" , "These items do not match" , "No can do" , Look At Your Inventory again and check carefully at the Swab Of Cotton Again. The name of the cotton swab should be changed now to "Dirty Swab Of Cotton Wool" If you have "Dirty Swab Of Cotton Wool" In Your Inventory , (instead of "Swab of Cotton Wool Made Of A Match) , it means you have successfully collected the sample.

elena55 19/05/2009 02:53

good morning i just started playing this game and i love but i ihave a problem...i can t take a sample of the body s face, i made this swab of cotton but when i try to use it a messaga appears which says thin can not be done please help me

sunshine30ca72 15/05/2009 21:54

All you have to do is click the finger print on the tape then click the paper. I haven't played in weeks now because I have gotten frustrated, the game freezes on me now.

ibi 11/05/2009 09:41

hi please send me the guide how to put the finger prints on the sheet of paper. please please

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